Reviews for Twelfth Use Of Dragon's Blood
Zyzychyn chapter 1 . 6/1/2003
Wow, that was awesome. I thought it was really quite original and very clever. :) I'd read more of your work... except there's, like, NOTHING THERE! You should write more D/Hr!
Croft chapter 1 . 6/1/2003
Ah, this is one of those feel-good-ficlets. There aren't nearly enough of those around. Very sweet and very funny, and I absolutely adore the non-conversation - the one that would've been friendly had it actually taken place. Which it of course didn't. No sir.

It works great as a stand-alone, but I think there are several of us (readers) who would love to read more.
Tam Lynne chapter 1 . 5/18/2003
Malfoy reads Terry Pratchett . . . who'd have thought it? Nobody can argue with his taste, at least ;-). Nice work!
kojie chapter 1 . 5/16/2003
you're a freakin genius!
Li-chan chapter 1 . 5/16/2003
(clapping) Oh that was great! It was so funny, and I love how you wrote their conversation! I'm sad that it was so short, but it ended so perfectly there. I hope to read more of your writings

P.S. I tried sending this review before, and it wasn't working-Just in case you get more than one of my reviews...and if you don't then good!
Tandy chapter 1 . 5/16/2003
Oh, wow! I'm impressed! This was great really really great!

Eri chapter 1 . 5/16/2003
I absoulutely love this! It's so perfect... I"m not sure whether to tell you to continue it or not, but I"m leaning towards no. It's great the way it is!

offspring-the-kids-aint-a chapter 1 . 5/16/2003
Damn, but is it GOOD! You've GOTTA develope this fic! I mean, really! PLEASE DO!
Sam-453 chapter 1 . 5/16/2003
Aw! This is getting annoying. After reading the books i hated Malfoy, but now ive read several fanfics with him in and everyone makes him out so sweet! Wow, i have been reformed into a malfoy lover...
Jims chapter 1 . 5/16/2003
Very clever! :)
thiefofblueness chapter 1 . 11/27/2004
Hehehe...I LOVE THIS FIC! it's so awesome! definitely one of the best and funniest one-shots i've ever read!
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