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Guest chapter 19 . 7/12/2020
I really missed seeing your updates on Mondays. No pressure to update though, I just hope you’re doing well. All the best, dear!
Angeley chapter 19 . 5/3/2020
I think that Yunuen has a lot of room for growth and I can't wait to see her grow throughout this story. Hopefully, she can love herself and stop comparing herself to her sister! That scene with her and Jay though. It was so cute, I really do love them together. They are so cute and Jay made her a present! My inner fangirl came out and I think that this was my favourite scene so far between the two.
So Eli just spilled everything to Liath, but for some reason I trust her. I don't feel worried about her telling others or anything, she seems like a pretty trustworthy person.
I was not expecting a POV from Jenn either but I liked it! It was interesting to get to see Jenn's side of things and how she views Eli. She's a great sister.
The fact that the selected all have black dresses in their wardrobe like it was planned makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Were they just expecting a death?
It never occurred to me how involved Lydie was in the rebellion, although she doesn't want to be. I never thought about the fact that she might have been previously transporting weapons. I wonder how much information she will be telling her parents to satisfy them?
Good job Eli. Glad to know that the girls might not all die lol. Poor Ixchel and Yunuen, all this happening on their birthdays. Classic Cali, always wants horror movies. Also, messy bun and oversized sweater a 10/10 Cali outfit.
Oh, there we go. The voicemail. I thought that there wasn't enough mention of Isabelle and ripping out my heart in this chapter. Wth is wrong with the king. Seriously, what is his problem? At least Mel knows that her father is just crazy and doesn't blame Eli. Ha, she called him a jerk! I'm so proud of you Mel.
I already mentioned that I'm a sucker for group dates so I can't wait for the mini-golf next chapter!
Angeley chapter 18 . 5/3/2020
Yay group dates! What can I say, I'm a sucker for balls and group dates. Maybe it's because we get to see how the girls act around Eli and the other selected. Micah, good job, don't put the twins together. The king sucks. Like seriously sucks. What's wrong with Eli's PJs?
The day that never happened scenes really just ripped out my heart and tore it into pieces. I love Isabelle and they're so cute together. Why did she have to die?! Well, I guess if she didn't the selection wouldn't be happening lol. They lived in a house by the beach and Eli even gave up the crown for her in this timeline. MY HEART! Why do you do this to my heart!
Happy birthday to Yunuen and Ixchel! With Eli and Ixchel's conversation, I could definitely tell that she was trying to get some information out of him.
Woah, Kendall's dead? Loved seeing Eli stand up to his dad, but I can't help but be a bit worried about the selected girls. Will some of them face the same fate as Kendall once they get eliminated? The stakes are rising!
jenhen48 chapter 19 . 4/29/2020
Not sure why, but I just don't like Yunuen. Instead of feeling sorry for her I am just annoyed by her constant negativity and comparison. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something to change it! I really like Lydie though and enjoyed her POV this chapter. I'm super curious what her family has been up to and if they've tried to contact her yet. The King is awful but we already knew that. I can't wait for Eli to finally stand up to him.
dreamerdash chapter 19 . 4/29/2020
Jay was being so sweet! It was a sweet gesture that he made the bracelet himself. I wasn't expecting him to be this caring, he's great!

Jenn was such a mature sister. She seemed harsh, but I think that's exactly what Eli needed to hear to get back up. I'm really glad she has his best interest and supporting him.

I was glad to see Eli had a movie time with the girls. I think it helped distracted him and helped him relax even just for a while.

And was the Kings seriously going to punish Mel for no reason, just to make a point to Eli? What kind of a father is he? That was uncalled for!

Btw, I hope you're doing well. Stay safe and healthy!
MissArtsy chapter 19 . 4/28/2020
I feel sorry for Yunuen cause her thoughts always seems so negative and self pitying, but I'm glad to see Jay made her feel better on her birthday celebration. Hopefully she'll be able to stop looking for happiness from other people and start loving herself. I loved seeing Eli able to relax with the movie date. At least he was able to escape the reality for a bit. And I can't believe what the king did to Mel! He's so unfair!
BradiLain chapter 19 . 4/27/2020
The King is so melodramatically mean. Lmao. Like, taking toys away from a child and blaming it on Eli? Even Mel saw right through that. I hope he ends up getting a big ol' chunk of karma eventually.

The Jay and Yuneun moments are always sweet, even though I can't stand her alone. I try so hard to sympathize with her, but my inner bitch just won't let me. Maybe she can find happiness within herself instead of being so bitter about her sister all of the time.

The little movie scene was adorable too. I like seeing all of the girls together; the dynamic between the Selected is always interesting to me. I'd love to see more things like that, more of getting to know all the girlies. Great chapter! Can't wait to see what you bring us next week!
a singular dream chapter 19 . 4/27/2020
nyuu yunuen! I feel so sorry for her smh i wanna hug her. at least she has jay.

and yikes. i rly dont like the king. smh 0/10 parenting
shades111 chapter 19 . 4/27/2020
GOD BLESS MATTHIAS FOR MAKING ELI EAT IVE BEEN WORRIED. Glad he got to get some sleep even though it had consequences imma bout ready to track down the king and run him over with my car but I have a feeling it’s going to get a lot worse. Bless Jenn for being here for him too even though he’s kind of a dick to her he has good reasons. Im curious about Liath and how she found him, they don’t seem to have much chemistry and she doesn’t seem to like him much but still found him good for her! He needs all the friends he can get!

LYDIEEEEE baby this was so perfect and I’m so scared for her as she tries to make up her mind ahhhh I love reading my character! I love the aspect of how they’re not doing enough and how she’s upset about how he’s still completely bending to his dads will. Wondering about how fast he dismissed her though. Also loving the Zenya content she’s so sweet!

Your updates are honestly so inspiring and break up the quarantine hell and I look forward to them so much!
NewKind chapter 19 . 4/27/2020
You know this chapter makes me think, has King William ever debated just getting rid of Eli, it would get him sympathy points with the people and he could start over with Charles. He just seems like the kind of guy that wouldn’t be against having one of his own kids killed for his own gain.
IndianaNovak chapter 19 . 4/27/2020
I’ve been looking forward to today because I finally had the time to catch up. I can’t believe I didn’t get to read the Lennox and Jenn chapter on the day it was put up. It was so nice and seems like a good start for them but this latest chapter makes me realize just how dangerous it is for them with King William around. I love what you’re slowly building up too between Yunuen and Jay it’s adorable. Also, I’m about to throw hands with King William for having little Mel harshly punished.
Sylea chapter 19 . 4/27/2020
This chapter was really interesting! :D
Poor Yunuen, good thing she can count on Jay! They are so cute together! :)
I like that Eli spent some time with the girls, even though the movie brought back some hurtful memories.
I hate Eli's dad, he is being so insensitive, towards Eli as well as Mel.
I wonder who will be in the group date next chapter! :D
CoolFortheSummer chapter 19 . 4/27/2020
I had to be up for some things and was excited to see you update this early in the morning! This chapter was so dark and serious. The acceptable losses line made me gasp like dude that was a living breathing person who got murdered. The fact that all the girls have the same black dress, for this reason, is horrifying and the imagery it creates. I’m not shocked King William uses his kids against each other, I’m more shocked that it's not even more prevalent. I would think King William would have had no problem using the health and safety of someone Eli loves deeply to completely control him. Now it has me thinking about the possibility that King William had his hand in Isabelle's death, he seems to be okay with “acceptable losses” and using Eli’s loved ones to control him. Also, the Yay content in this chapter was top notch and so cute, something handmade and personal is always the better gift.
MissArtsy chapter 18 . 4/21/2020
I'm excited for the dates planned, Eli was fortunate to have friends who can, not only give him emotional support but also help him arrange his schedule. I'm curious to know more about what happened to Kendall. I'm quite proud of Eli for standing up for himself, but I'm worried how his dad's going to react to that.
BradiLain chapter 18 . 4/20/2020
Geeeeez, we got hella dark there. I feel like the rebellion is always ever looming in Selection stories, so it's not that I'm surprised that it happened, but still... At the twins' birthday party? That's so awful. Poor Kendall. I wonder what Eli is going to do. Surely he realizes that he can't just be done with the whole thing. There's so much going on around him, I'm sure it gets exhausting, but it's the job he was born to do.

We didn't see too much of the Selected in this chapter, but I love the drama. The moments with Isabelle that didn't actually happen were so sad. I wonder if they'll contribute to something bigger later, or if they were more of a manifestation of Elijah's thoughts as of late. He's mourning so it wouldn't surprise me.

Great chapter overall, though! It's one of my new Monday routines, to read the next chapter. Haha. Can't wait until next week!
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