Reviews for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Quenched Torch
Gyeig chapter 10 . 3h
You're going through these character moments very rapidly. Kind of like you're just throwing them out there instead of building onto them.
Gyeig chapter 8 . 8h
Always fun seeing move learning happen in real time. 'tis a fun character development.

I must say that you do an excellent job generating interest for a character that is literally unable to talk.
Neirdae chapter 53 . 11/25
Finally caught up.
This is a very cute and cool story. The feral twist is unique and new out of the fics I've read.
I like the characters. They've all got different motivations, backstories, and personalities.
Gyeig chapter 3 . 11/23
So far, so good. I'm not a big fan of putting floor numbers in, or anything else that seems 'gamey' for the lack of a better term, but it's balanced out nicely by the more human aspects.
lonelyboi69 chapter 53 . 10/30
Y'know, the best part about being too busy to read is that feeling you get when you come back and find your favorite fic got two more amazing chapters that answer a lot of questions.
Kopalat chapter 53 . 10/11
You should be proud of this story! It really is wonderful, I love Beck, I love Rye, and I love Mavy.
Each and every chapter is a treat to read and I’m glad I was able to find your writing!
Pokealec1963 chapter 53 . 10/8
Wow. I am glad that you’ve kept writing this. It truly is a great story and now I’m beginning to finally understand why it’s called quenched torch! Honestly, I have really been enjoying this and I can’t wait for the next chapters! Thank you and I’ll be sure to stick around to see this through!
Team Ion chapter 53 . 10/3
Chapter 53
We fall, we fall, we fall so far~

Ooh, no authors note? A serious time is upon us.

By the way, who names their team Team Fraternity? That's hilarious.

The dog.

I like that they can joke about his maiming.

Oh, silence. That's...unideal.

Oh fuck. Oh thank. For a moment I feared a genuine massacre. You don't see still bodies...

Oh dear, is Arcanine?

Their instincts are damn finely honed to immediately bolt into a tent like that. Heroes indeed.

And I do like that they hid rather than stand and fought. They may have saved the world, but they are far from unstoppable nd they dont know what's going on.

Please let big dog be okay.

Palkia is a bit of a dick.

It's a pretty damning choice to give a mortal, Palkia. Just, oh choose who lives and who dies, play god, I don't care what the outcome is either way. Tata~

Mavy touched Palkia. He's gonna brag about that to the girls.

They keep referring to needing Arcanine and that's making mE NeRVOuS SUD!

Footy-steps? Stippy stips. Who dares to transgress upon them here and now.

I'm nervous. I don't know entirely why, but I am.

Not their finest, but pretty impressive.

Oh he's alive. Phew. I feel significantly better now!

Plenty of friendly friends.

Uh oh.

Ah. Good timing Xatu. Excellent indeed.
Crunching metal into paper with your mind is a scary way to show his strength. Just like overpowering fricken Arcanine and showing why he's called, not to his face, ol' femur breaker.

They will listen. Because Xatu is there.

Jeez, that's a lot!

Mavy's daddy, awwwkward~

You and I heard the Director's orders? Is he speaking to Linoone or...?

A chance vs certainty. A noble goal in a way, even if it risks all, is the risk not worth it if the outcome would happen anyway, just slower? Hmm. Moral questions! He's quite the philosopher.

He has tried. How long has he been around?

Poor Xatu. They really are sympathetic nihilists.

A moment of backstory for Xatu too, I love it! He had a family once...well of course, but still.

Oh interesting. Giratina ensuring they would be born/hatched regardless of time interesting point to make here.

And something of Tyranitar, my word. We are learning so much!

Ambition. Yess~~

Oh you used Arceus-Zygarde for AZ's name! Awesome!

A mention of so many interesting figures too. Silph is a great mention.

No harm. Just a little choking. Didn't know you were kinky, Xatu.

He does have a point. His physical ways to make it are not as welcome, but he does.

Immediate mental violation. You continue to do so well, Xatu. So well. Hearing him 'try' to be gentle and even expressing some confusion is great though!

Xatu is snapping. Oh dear.

Oh he's snapping because Beck feels like he lost everything (which he did).

A single...memory?



I...must...continue reading.

Beck, worst time to think of that.

And they fight. Which is a bad idea. A natural one, but a poor choice.

Oh, poor Mavy.

Linoone, this is going to get you killed!

It'd be a real bitter moment if his feral nature stopped that from working. Hahaha.

I'm not surprised he's been out for so long, considering he just got mind blasted.

His heart? What did Xatu DO to him?

Damn, Xatu. Damn.

Arcanine knew Xatu? Oh my GAH!

He's fucking hUMAN ! ?!

Arcanine is a bit short with Arden there.

I wonder if Beck is going to mention to Mavy what his father did.


Sorry. Screaming a little bit still.

Oh dear, the Director is upset. That's...unusual.
The fact that the Director stuttered is...very damn interesting.

Common-it. Oh my. But If Xatu. He. Then. But...AHHHH!

Okay, there's an explanation there. BUT AHH!

I should really stop screaming.

Roll credits, he said Quenched Torch :P pffftahhaha. Oh I'm laughing a little hysterically now.

The deliver of the eulogy. A way with words he has. Poor Xatu.

At least Archeops is still nice. His name is Renim...PFFFT oh my- SUD!

Hahahahahahaha. I remember that joke from years back! My gosh. That's. Amazing.

Oh dear, more hysterical laughter. Tearing up a bit now.

A diary entry from Arden? Hmmm.

A...choice of words there, Arden.
Poor guy though. He's done and gone through so much.

Too many answers perhaps.

Arden has the orb. Yeah he's a bit more IN THIS then they realise, isn't he Arcanine?

I can't help but revisit the silly theory that Arcanine is the director. He said he tried to guide him, Xatu killed the other Guildmaster but only injured him, he's not telling Arden stuff, it's all...hmm. Suspicious.

A sweet, sad, moment there. But also happy. Still friends.



Is that Xatu's name? Or, perhaps more likely, that's his child?

An incredible chapter. Truly...just amazing.
TheChargingRhino chapter 53 . 10/3
Hello title drop
Esrin chapter 52 . 9/15
Mavy: "So will you fix him? I think you said something about taking 'full responsibility'?"
Palkia: "He's fine. He hasn't died at all. Why are you mortals so needy?"
Beck: The thousand yard stare of a Frankensteinian abomination, crafted from the corpse of a feral and a human soul plucked from the abyss, unmoored by personal memory, rendered irrational by feral influence, and bereft of the ability to communicate in a world where his very appearance marks him as a reviled monster.
Palkia: "Besides, look how unbiased he is! I'm sure he'll make a good choice this way."

I didn't see a justification for why Palkia set any of this up at all. He seems to have no personal investment in it and just decided near whimsically to pick a random human and give them a chance to undo the Ruin. It all feels very arbitrary, so I choose to believe he got bored of waiting for space to heal and has done this as the deific equivalent of flipping a coin to decide if you have to do chores. Heads: you do the laundry, Tails: causality is unwound and the laundry is no longer dirty. I suppose there's a case to be made that, since the Phoenix Pals understand the nexus, getting this all out of the way before they can interfere during an actual crisis is a good idea.

This really does change a lot of things though. There's not so much a crisis for Beck to resolve as a choice for him to make. It puts the guild in the interesting position of having a guy that they may have bullied into a bitter, semi-depressive state who at some point may have to choose between them and everything he knew and loved pre-Ruin including his entire species, some of whose remains tactlessly hang in the guildmaster's office as an archeological trophy. They can either follow through with Palkia's plan and hope for the best or play keep-away with the orbs and Beck until the Phoenix Clan is defeated, which seems unlikely. Killing Beck is probably the only way to keep him from being snatched at any time by a teleporting Xatu. It's funny how drastically it changes the situation when they won't need to trust him to save the world, but rather to trust him not to destroy it, so to speak.

On the flip side, I don't imagine Beck will have a hard time making a decision. It's not really possible to be friends with people who he would consider erasing from existence, and it's not a tough choice to choose a reality you know over a vague one you don't. The complicating factors here are his lost memories, which are sort of a Pandora's box now. It's sensible to think anything in his memories would push him towards undoing the Ruin, so if he feels strongly about a decision not to do so then he'll want to avoid recovering them to save himself the heartache and potential change in priorities. The Phoenix Phalanx of course would have a huge interest in restoring his memories assuming they have to rely on convincing him.

Looking forward to seeing how the new conflicts develop.
LegendaryPhoenix01 chapter 52 . 8/31
Oh my god. This is honestly the best work of fiction I've read for a very long while.

I can't really describe it with words how much I love this peice now... but.

Keep doing what you're doing, and I feel like this has the potential to be the next Silver Resistance or something.
LegendaryPhoenix01 chapter 47 . 8/31
ooh my god. this is epic. a bit hard to follow, but still very very good.
LegendaryPhoenix01 chapter 47 . 8/31
OOOOHHH MY GOD. I know I haven't really reached the end of this thing, but... whatever it is. It is going to be god tier. It does get a small amount hard to follow at times, but I'm just enamored with this so far.
Team Ion chapter 52 . 8/29
Chapter 52

Down, downer, even downer~

Aww, Mavy. Always knew you cared.

Rye's nervous thinking plays well for once. He has their escape planned.

Heh. Cute. Very cute.
In Mavy's head: "Three bros, hudding around a campstone. Two feet apart because they're not gay."

Naww, that's really sweet though. Especially considering how strained their early relationship was. Ah, the boys have come so far!

Rye is truly the best nervous, shy, partner pokemon. Because he still IS those things, but he's brave anyway. That's what bravery is, being afraid but doing it anyway.

I hope no one dies in the next few moments. That would be a little uncouth of you.

Hehahahahha. Well, Beck can just not look at his paws and there will be no feral in sight!

Eaagh. Ghost-types!

Kehehehehehe. Rye sassing back is ALWAYS a pleasure.

I bet that wall needs to go DOWN.

Jeez he knocked it down himself? Good work Beck!

Oh. Oh dear. He knocked the WHOLE THING down.

An Arcanine POV!

Goggles? That's adorable. Everything looks better with those.

Stood still for only a moment, huh? Sounds like...someone.

Sp-Spa...*Spatial Rift*?

What in the world is going on!?

Striaton became Impetus Town? Wow. Wooooow.

What is this place? A peering into another world? It's spatial, so it can't be time...

Cold steel ball...hmmmm.

This is really weird. Good weird.

The place is just...abandoned.

Oh. Okay. Oh.

Ohohohohhohohohhohoh. Oh my god, my actual nightmare. The skeleton has stood up.

Oh my, he's evolving again! And resisting it again.

Yeah, stand and fight this nightmare!

Is this a test, a warning, or is the dungeon just trying to eat them?

Oooh that's clever quick thinking!

If this was the real place they'd have some real explaining to do. Maybe with some words as fast as they've thought.

Still, I absolutely LOVED that show of teamwork. Mavy's pin Missile is quite the move.

Pffft. Mavy is not quite done with their bullshit, he's just as bad.

Haaahaha. A mon with words, this Beck. That was not so great for them. Bad, even some may say. Oh, sorry, bahd.

Ooooh something is there. Palkia, then?

Wow. WOW. Palkia? Fucking Palkia? Honest-to-Arceus is right.

Hahahah. They just immediately bow, Beck stares.

Palkia...that I didn't expect though! Awesome!

Hah. Brave, Mavy. Very brave. He'll be telling girls he touched Palkia in no time.

Palkia is a Water-type, I just thought.

Palkia is saying a lot that isn't saying much! Oh my gosh, the implications!

Answers. At long last.

Ouch. Purely an accident, but at least it wasn't an intentional thing to do.

But I guess overwriting a feral is...better than taking over the body of someone else who died? That has its own tragicness.

Ah, poor Palkia. The plight of those who are bequeathed for aid.

Oooh interesting. Interuppted, something could interuppt the actions of even someone like Palkia?

Psychic power...Xatu? Or the Director only?

Only Palkia's hadn't been found. Ah! You know, that's a clever hint in retrospect that Palkia was the Big Important one here. The other two had already been retrieved, only some dud or- I mean Palkia's orb had not been found. Why Palkia? I can see the subtle hint there now.

The. Oh. OH!

The damn Entralink! I never would have thought of that! But Unova! Of course! I even saw a theory that the orbs were related to that once!

Ah yes, paradoxes. The annihilation of a timeline for a new one.

Pfft. Palkia is fun.

Yeah, Palkia just told them their god doesn't know something and is useless on that matter. A bit of a crisis there.

Coronet is where they are...

Damn, though. Xatu was taking on fucking Palkia's projection, able to sense and act around it. That's...scary, really.

Ah yes.
Palkia: "I don't really care either way. You get to choose if this world lives or the human world does. Have fun!"

So, this was the result of Team Galactic? A weakness in the Red Chain that allowed the wrath of the Creation Trio to rip their plans asunder? I think.

Really though. Wow. WOW! We finally know! I like Palkia. Explains itself quite well.
And this is just horrifying! Poor Beck!

Interesting that Palkia suggests opening the link as per the leagues desires and simply making his choice. Xatu is not just going to let him make the other choice, though.

So very interesting though. Yeah, had the league had Beck from the start, smack him with plenty of that indoctrination juice, and find the orbs could have been devastating. Do all the higher ups of the league realise what would actually happen though? Do they all even know? Rye and Mavy could figure it out in moments, so it's not like that's hard to do.

Xatu though, his...methods leave something to be desired if he's going to try and convince Beck to do what they want. Still, though. What was the Ruin? I'm guessing, now, it was Team Galactic's attempt to make their new world, there was some sort of chink in the Red Chain, or that chink was Giratina intervening, and they quickly edited Cyrus' reality before it was completely late, taking out humanity out of...vengeance? No. I'm not so sure about that, as Palkia really doesn't seem to care which side happens.

No paradox is going to affect it.

Hmm, it's all very, very, interesting.

In before Xatu is Cyrus. Or...ooh, the Director? Could it be possible he's Cyrus? He's so damn mysterious and knows so damn much? I had the brief thought he could be Mewtwo from the mention of psychic power interfering with Palkia, and Mewtwo made more immediate sense than Xatu being able to affect something like that. But, well, we haven't really seen Xatu's capabilities. And we might be seeing them very soon if Arcanine survives what may be a fight against him.

So much has been revealed, yet so many questions still lurk! I love it.

...Poor Beck. Got the feral body out of pure cosmic bad luck. And that could even have been reversed, the feral parts at least. Dick move Palkia, just like your body.

It mentioned other legends as well...why do we see nothing of them? Palkia said its power, as have others, been seriously reduced. So much yet to know, question, and explore.

Beck has quite the pressure on him now. Rye and Mavy are, obviously, on the "Don't kill our entire timeline." Which Beck too seemed on board with. However...oh however that pressure now rests on his shoulders.

...I wonder why Beck seems to be the leagues only human? A human and pokemon soul in tandem? Is this why the feral'ness was kept? That destroying it destroyed that aspect? Or is Arden, assuming he was, too pokemon now in behaviour that the human side is no longer balanced? The pressure of being a feral, something that simply cannot be simply ignored, vs the mind of a human. Yeah, I can see the seesaw now, actually.

So many thoughts~

Always fantastic, Sud. Always.
TheChargingRhino chapter 52 . 8/28
Oh hi plot
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