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LegendaryPhoenix01 chapter 47 . 8/31/2021
OOOOHHH MY GOD. I know I haven't really reached the end of this thing, but... whatever it is. It is going to be god tier. It does get a small amount hard to follow at times, but I'm just enamored with this so far.
Team Ion chapter 52 . 8/29/2021
Chapter 52

Down, downer, even downer~

Aww, Mavy. Always knew you cared.

Rye's nervous thinking plays well for once. He has their escape planned.

Heh. Cute. Very cute.
In Mavy's head: "Three bros, hudding around a campstone. Two feet apart because they're not gay."

Naww, that's really sweet though. Especially considering how strained their early relationship was. Ah, the boys have come so far!

Rye is truly the best nervous, shy, partner pokemon. Because he still IS those things, but he's brave anyway. That's what bravery is, being afraid but doing it anyway.

I hope no one dies in the next few moments. That would be a little uncouth of you.

Hehahahahha. Well, Beck can just not look at his paws and there will be no feral in sight!

Eaagh. Ghost-types!

Kehehehehehe. Rye sassing back is ALWAYS a pleasure.

I bet that wall needs to go DOWN.

Jeez he knocked it down himself? Good work Beck!

Oh. Oh dear. He knocked the WHOLE THING down.

An Arcanine POV!

Goggles? That's adorable. Everything looks better with those.

Stood still for only a moment, huh? Sounds like...someone.

Sp-Spa...*Spatial Rift*?

What in the world is going on!?

Striaton became Impetus Town? Wow. Wooooow.

What is this place? A peering into another world? It's spatial, so it can't be time...

Cold steel ball...hmmmm.

This is really weird. Good weird.

The place is just...abandoned.

Oh. Okay. Oh.

Ohohohohhohohohhohoh. Oh my god, my actual nightmare. The skeleton has stood up.

Oh my, he's evolving again! And resisting it again.

Yeah, stand and fight this nightmare!

Is this a test, a warning, or is the dungeon just trying to eat them?

Oooh that's clever quick thinking!

If this was the real place they'd have some real explaining to do. Maybe with some words as fast as they've thought.

Still, I absolutely LOVED that show of teamwork. Mavy's pin Missile is quite the move.

Pffft. Mavy is not quite done with their bullshit, he's just as bad.

Haaahaha. A mon with words, this Beck. That was not so great for them. Bad, even some may say. Oh, sorry, bahd.

Ooooh something is there. Palkia, then?

Wow. WOW. Palkia? Fucking Palkia? Honest-to-Arceus is right.

Hahahah. They just immediately bow, Beck stares.

Palkia...that I didn't expect though! Awesome!

Hah. Brave, Mavy. Very brave. He'll be telling girls he touched Palkia in no time.

Palkia is a Water-type, I just thought.

Palkia is saying a lot that isn't saying much! Oh my gosh, the implications!

Answers. At long last.

Ouch. Purely an accident, but at least it wasn't an intentional thing to do.

But I guess overwriting a feral is...better than taking over the body of someone else who died? That has its own tragicness.

Ah, poor Palkia. The plight of those who are bequeathed for aid.

Oooh interesting. Interuppted, something could interuppt the actions of even someone like Palkia?

Psychic power...Xatu? Or the Director only?

Only Palkia's hadn't been found. Ah! You know, that's a clever hint in retrospect that Palkia was the Big Important one here. The other two had already been retrieved, only some dud or- I mean Palkia's orb had not been found. Why Palkia? I can see the subtle hint there now.

The. Oh. OH!

The damn Entralink! I never would have thought of that! But Unova! Of course! I even saw a theory that the orbs were related to that once!

Ah yes, paradoxes. The annihilation of a timeline for a new one.

Pfft. Palkia is fun.

Yeah, Palkia just told them their god doesn't know something and is useless on that matter. A bit of a crisis there.

Coronet is where they are...

Damn, though. Xatu was taking on fucking Palkia's projection, able to sense and act around it. That's...scary, really.

Ah yes.
Palkia: "I don't really care either way. You get to choose if this world lives or the human world does. Have fun!"

So, this was the result of Team Galactic? A weakness in the Red Chain that allowed the wrath of the Creation Trio to rip their plans asunder? I think.

Really though. Wow. WOW! We finally know! I like Palkia. Explains itself quite well.
And this is just horrifying! Poor Beck!

Interesting that Palkia suggests opening the link as per the leagues desires and simply making his choice. Xatu is not just going to let him make the other choice, though.

So very interesting though. Yeah, had the league had Beck from the start, smack him with plenty of that indoctrination juice, and find the orbs could have been devastating. Do all the higher ups of the league realise what would actually happen though? Do they all even know? Rye and Mavy could figure it out in moments, so it's not like that's hard to do.

Xatu though, his...methods leave something to be desired if he's going to try and convince Beck to do what they want. Still, though. What was the Ruin? I'm guessing, now, it was Team Galactic's attempt to make their new world, there was some sort of chink in the Red Chain, or that chink was Giratina intervening, and they quickly edited Cyrus' reality before it was completely late, taking out humanity out of...vengeance? No. I'm not so sure about that, as Palkia really doesn't seem to care which side happens.

No paradox is going to affect it.

Hmm, it's all very, very, interesting.

In before Xatu is Cyrus. Or...ooh, the Director? Could it be possible he's Cyrus? He's so damn mysterious and knows so damn much? I had the brief thought he could be Mewtwo from the mention of psychic power interfering with Palkia, and Mewtwo made more immediate sense than Xatu being able to affect something like that. But, well, we haven't really seen Xatu's capabilities. And we might be seeing them very soon if Arcanine survives what may be a fight against him.

So much has been revealed, yet so many questions still lurk! I love it.

...Poor Beck. Got the feral body out of pure cosmic bad luck. And that could even have been reversed, the feral parts at least. Dick move Palkia, just like your body.

It mentioned other legends as well...why do we see nothing of them? Palkia said its power, as have others, been seriously reduced. So much yet to know, question, and explore.

Beck has quite the pressure on him now. Rye and Mavy are, obviously, on the "Don't kill our entire timeline." Which Beck too seemed on board with. However...oh however that pressure now rests on his shoulders.

...I wonder why Beck seems to be the leagues only human? A human and pokemon soul in tandem? Is this why the feral'ness was kept? That destroying it destroyed that aspect? Or is Arden, assuming he was, too pokemon now in behaviour that the human side is no longer balanced? The pressure of being a feral, something that simply cannot be simply ignored, vs the mind of a human. Yeah, I can see the seesaw now, actually.

So many thoughts~

Always fantastic, Sud. Always.
TheChargingRhino chapter 52 . 8/28/2021
Oh hi plot
Team Ion chapter 51 . 8/26/2021
Chapter 51
Deep down depths~

Bewilder Forest...interesting that there is an anime location called that, but in Sinnoh. However, the japanese name for Lostlorn Forest is Bewilder Forest and that's Unova with a zoroark.

Mavy is a bitch and we love him for it.

I do love every mention of the Book of Horrors.

Pfffft. Shrill screaming zigzagoon.

You know, I really do like that even for a World Saving Team, Team Apex still does experience challenges. Keeps the place feeling dangerous, and alive.

Jeez. What kind of trap was THAT?

Ooh dear.
And OUCH. That would be agonizing.

Oh god. Is he going to cut his arm off?

Fuck. What does he mean get used to this? Has this happened BEFORE?

Oh. Okay. It has happened before. Still, oh my gosh.

Krookodile is a bit on edge I think. But come on, his ARM.

Oh dear. Now it's messing with their eyesight. I'm sure that wasn't nothing.

Hmm. Has the feral spotted a mirror and has comprehension of it?

Existential crisis time!

Pffft. That's horrifying and I love it. Big paw.

Nice. Infinities are mind bending, smart Arden. Even down and arm and blood.

That was trippy. Love it. Dungeon works, but puzzles can be solved!

This is really testing their limits. It's just attacking them now.

Wouldn't protect...what? Ooh. What has Krookodile just uncovered?

Pain. Sheer pain.

Krookodile just doesn't know when to quit. Damn, and we thought Team Assail was bad. This is worse. The kind of...bitter, intentional, prodding of an ancient wound, wrapped up in an 'attempt' of teamwork, of playing nice. At least Team Assail is upfront with their contempt, this kind of stuff tends to be worse.

Yes, a fair fight. Arden probably is right, he'll kill himself to be In The Right though.

Damn, Rye. You go!

Ehh! Rye brought up the right thing! Hah! Knew that was why. Nice. Nice! Go Rye!

There's the Rye we know and love. That dragon blood burns within him yet.

Oh god what is following them! I hate that! It's scary, and creepy, and I'm the one who does that! GO DAMMIT!
(I imagine it's some creepy audino-shaped shadowy mass who's movements sound like the cracking of bones)

You do the trippy mind-spinning really well! Blinding light, suffocating dark, at the same time. What IS this place?

Ah dear. Now the place is splitting reality and Beck is calling for those in the RP. That's...what IS this place?

Ooh, broken text as well! I'm loving this. It reminds me a little of what I'd do ;P

Well they're making the smart decision to leave. I wonder how the other teams are doing?

But is Beck going to do the Not!Smart?

A sign.

That's nice of Mavy. Even after that horror, or perhaps because of it. They all had to hold onto each other to get through that final room. That's a bonding experience.

Someone was following. Tall and bird shaped, perhaps? Or...something else?

This was a really cool chapter! You do the mind bending well, really well.

And I love how the farther they went, the progressively worse it got. I was asking myself. "How is it possibly going to get worse?" But damn that final room is particularly inspired.

*What is following them?*

And the two veterans need to work out what they are going to do now. Oh yes, it's all coming together~
Neirdae chapter 10 . 8/22/2021
Huh. PMD with death and PTSD. Very interesting. Also loving the feral angle here, very unique.
TropicalCyclone chapter 51 . 8/4/2021
keep up the good work! the story has been really good
TheSnapDragon chapter 51 . 7/31/2021
A bit late on this one, but congrats on making it to 50 chapters. I've been keeping up with this fic for around a year now and it's cool to see that you're still going.

Alright, where to begin with this?

I guess I'll start by saying that I ended up taking a lot of inspiration from this fic (intentionally and unintentionally) for my own fic. I'm not sure if you hear that often, but I think it goes to show how solid of a PMD story this fic is. The story itself builds off of what makes PMD fics so fun to read and adds a twist. And another. And another. Every chapter either progresses the story in a way I wasn't expecting or it has some engaging character moments.

And oh man, there are some characters in this fic.

Characters with sooooo much character. I can tell you had a lot of fun writing them. Arden, Beck, Rye, Mavy...they're all great in my opinion.

Anyways, I really liked what you did with these past couple of chapters. Dungeons are weird and should be treated as such. Not to mention how it just kept getting weirder. I love it.

Arden is character that I wanted to touch on and this chapter is one where he shines. He's clearly got quite a bit going on, but I like how it isn't spelled out from the get go. He's a great character and also has some of the best lines.

Rye is another I wanted to mention. Like Arden, he has a very deliberate arc that fleshes him out quite well. This chapter in particular showed off how he has a lot more to him than just being a very nervous, stuttering lad. (I saw that hand holding last chapter by the way. Subtle.)

I don't have a lot more to say other than I'm interested to see where the plot is going now. Maybe this isn't nearing the end, but I can tell that things are starting to come together. Especially considering how this chapter ended.

Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next one.
TropicalCyclone chapter 49 . 7/31/2021
that zelda meme made me die
TheChargingRhino chapter 51 . 7/18/2021
New chapter yay
TheChargingRhino chapter 50 . 7/15/2021
Omfg the Skitty and Wailord thing man, why

Keep it up Sud
TheChargingRhino chapter 42 . 7/15/2021
Anyway here’s Wonderwall.
TheChargingRhino chapter 27 . 7/14/2021
An Oshawott playing Yankee Doodle on a banjo. Amazing.
RedBunnelby chapter 50 . 7/12/2021
I've binged this story for the past few weeks, and even with its length chapter number I can fully recommend this one! A few chapters here and there feel like they could be slapped together but honestly I found the length of each chapter perfect. Each of the main characters are written well and bond naturally. Nothing in their friendships are forced or awkward. But I do question the inclusion of some side characters and their relevance in the story. Arden and May seem to have a lot going on but it's not talked about much in detail even though it seems relevant to how the world has shaped recently. It's almost like there's a story I'm missing (maybe I am) that just isn't made clear in the story so far. Maybe this will be talked about more later, but it seems like a missed opportunity to show a bit more of the world's history and to show why a few characters hold these older heroes in high regard.

Overall, the story is a worthy read and finish. The characters and their growth are new and interesting. They're very well pulled off that had me coming back hoping to see the main character's growth in just simple things like talking and reading. Can't wait for more!
Pokealec1963 chapter 1 . 7/7/2021
Honestly real good
BrickBoi chapter 50 . 6/29/2021
HOLY SHIT DUDE(or girl). I discovered this piece of writing literally just yesterday, and spent the whole of yesterday and today reading until I'm updated. To give you a hint: I didn't regret that decision one bit. This literature is so good so far and I'm having such a blast. Admittedly I have some problems finding out what the fuck Beck is trying to say, but really thats probably more of a me problem honestly. And it definitely doesn't convince me that your writing is any less shit. I'm enjoying the story so far. I'm enjoying the main characters and their developments so far. And I definitely would want to see more. I'm glad I stumbled into this piece of work. And I hope you plan to finish this till the end.
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