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Team Ion chapter 50 . 5/29/2021
Chapter 50

50 Smackerinos~

Bye Westgrove, you cesspool of depravity that wouldn't even let Mavy get laid.

Have your back, maybe your spine after they're done with it.

Macintosh the Mudsdale.

Oh my word! Arcanine is...definitely a reason for being an ancient guildmaster.

A Sun Stone? Oooooh.

Them popular boys with the big dog upstairs.

Arcanine is a clever old boy. He's been around enough to put certain sticks into place.

A massive legendary...Groudon? No...why? I think I was thinking Regigigas before. I'll go with that.

A dungeon, of course.

I wonder what causes dungeons?

Full moon! Water power! I wonder if full moon powers up Fairy-types as well?

Much to do, much to fear.

No time to wait, Beck. Time is money and I believe you're broke.

So it begins...that's creepy.

Caves of Being sounds like a place you'd find a legendary pokemon in the games.

Three lakes!? The guardians?

Team Fraternity eh? I wonder who they are.

What does Arcanine suspect here?

Probably the dungeon twisting it. Probably.

Feral-less dungeons are creepy.
Oh? Mad feral is different from a hatched feral? Also, Arden said "Born"...interesting.

(Unless, of course, you take the route where not ALL pokemon come from eggs)

Yeah, deep pits of dread are never particularly happy signs.

I do love the sun stone thing for Grass-types. Really clever. I may steal that.

A...thing? Oh boy.

A porygon!? Oh my...that's less scary than I feared but all the more interesting.

This has been a dungeon for a long time...or it woke it something up.

Feral human-created creature. That's an unsettling combo.

Poor Rye.

It'll only get better from here, right?

Poor guys. They've been a team for like a month and now tossed into a, like, endgame dungeon or something. Good thing they have backup.

Something off here in particular?

Pfffffft. Sad little otter legs is a fantastic sentence I am blessed to see.

Oh dear.

Here's where things begin to get F U N.

Did Beck one-shot that thing, or did he give it a nick as May cleaned it out?

Krookodile's a lady? Watch out then, Rye apparently likes crocs.

Or maybe that wouldn't matter either way?

Hah. Mavy probably has a nasty Tackle.

Mavy doesn't...even...know that?

Such sass.

Wow. A full-on fight for a former hero, Arden is no joke but neither is horrific poison like that.

Why is that nincada attacking it?

Eww. Fair, but eww. Just exploding it from the inside.

A little insight on Arden. Ah, coping mechanisms.

Aww, poor little thing. It better come back as a feral ninjask and sentient shedinja for revenge for that.

Callous but fair. Still, come back for revenge as two little bug.

Maybe not for revenge then? Since May has a heart, Arden too seems bothered by that display.

Haah. Yes, issues indeed. I like that she didn't even try to defend Pike though, that's funny.

Fellow feral...

Quite the sobering thought.

Six strange, who knows what more is awaiting them? Thinking in third person a little there, I wonder if there was a feral oshawott before Beck, that his mind got rammed into? Hmmm.

50 Chapters...I guess this calls for a celebration!

And by celebration, I mean in-depth review.

Where are we now with plot, world, and characters?

Let's start with the world.

When was the last time I did a bigger review like this? 40, or was it even earlier?


Sun Minor is the most hostile of the worlds lands. Don't think I missed that in this chapter. That's interesting, that's really quite curious. Why? What happened HERE to make it such?

We get bits and pieces and this and that. The shanty town Westgrove-on-Sea is a neat little addition to it all. A city, or at least compared to where they came. And not even the biggest place on the continent! It makes sense that they are still, relatively, small compared to a human city. With so many varying sizes, needs, and risks, pokemon settlements probably do have a relative cap on how big they can grow.

Overall, the world continues to grow more faceted, I like that, but I can't think of any huge things that I haven't already mentioned...

Okay, plotses-thingies!

Quenched Torch has always had its relaxed pacing. 50 Chapters for a month and a half, so it seems longer than it is in a way. We get our bites and nibbles until moments like this, like the femur-snapping incident, like the stadium, where we get a flour bag in our faces.

I love these moments as it feels like the story builds to them, a heightened moment before relaxing again. The other side of it, however, is keeping the stuff in between interesting and engaging. Thankfully, you've done that. With bits of Pike's attack, Mavy's issues, and Rye and Beck fumbling their way through life, it does keep things going.

So, the Phoenix League are gearing up for something? And what is waiting for Beck here? I think it's Regigigas for reasons I cannot quite determine...although with what this dungeon is shaping up to be, Mewtwo was a thought...

Beck's little oshawott legs better be ready to run.

I'll talk more about my thoughts of where things go from here later.

The Characters!

Mavy has really come into his own. It's really interesting to have a member of a team who is so...Mavy like.

I'm not really sure how to explain it, but he brings a fresh perspective onto things with his scepticism, single-mindedness, and small town hick sort of personality. He's the last thing you'd expect and he joined the team basically because Beck and Rye just couldn't say no.

He's neat. I like the gross little fuzzball.

Rye is growing more and more confident, and I look forward to some more of his perspective and introspective things about his love of everything crocodilian :P but in more seriousness, I love that he's the Leader of the team and is pushing himself to stand as the leader, alongside Arden and Krookodile in this chapter even.

And Beck. Poor Beck. He's been here nearly two months but you can already see the situation wearing on him. He's a little rock in the river being battered by rapid water, trying to smooth him over to suit the river no matter what he wants.
Weird analogy that's not really even that accurate.

I think the power-up from the full moon is genius, just throwing that out there.
But Beck...Beck...Beck. This chapter reminded me of that flickering of ideas I've had previously about him possibly having overwritten a previously-feral oshawott. Because...why else would he have such physical trouble talking? He's showed some feral traits before as well. I do have to wonder if that creature is still there, or just the tendencies of it are still there...

I wonder if Beck is going to lose it. Well, that's almost a given actually, considering how he's treated. But will it be a feral rampage, or a human rampage?

Because feral would be bad enough, but a human may decide that if the world will treat him as shit, he'll join the others who are treated as shit...Xatu is basically the only character that has even vaguely offered him another way, answers and support. If it hadn't been for Xatu 'making an example' of those two beforehand, I wonder if anything would stop Beck from just joining up? Rye, probably, is the thing stopping him from doing that, but they've had issues with trust and their relationship before.

I think that's about it for characters from me. Arcanine is best boi, and Xatu has been his mysterious, threatening, self as usual. I like them. I wonder who'd win in a fight? Xatu already beat one guildmaster, who had a double-type-advantage over him...

Alrighty then. Theory time.

Where does the story go from here? Well. The Phoenix League are about to do something and Beck is likely going to be talking to something interesting. If they do it right, they may be able to plant the idea that they are the better way here, leading to the next 'paced writing' between this and the next big moment being Beck grappling with the idea of leaving Team Reach for the Phoenix League. Could be deliciously dramatic, he's already mostly mute so it's not like him not talking much would catch many mon's notice.

I think this legendary at the end is either Regigigas or Mewtwo. Why? Both have connections with humanity. Regigigas is more of a maybe connection, but if humans built the elemental regi's, maybe they made it too? And Mewtwo is human made, the first human-made and the last kind of deal?

Mewtwo feels like the more obvious choice, besides not being very big but it's a powerful psychic and could definitely give off that look, but I kinda like the idea of Regigigas more, haha.

Otherwise...? Hmm. Mavy's got something building, with his father being in the league. I feel like Rye is the only one who doesn't, besides the league wanting Beck, but if Beck DOES end of going for them, then that'd be something now wouldn't it? Or they have Dill. Lol. Imagine if the league saved Dill? (I know it's impossible since Rye saw him die, but still).

And what is Arcanine in all of this? Where does Tyranitar and Kyurem mix in with the current events? IF Arden/Pike was human, then what? But if they WEREN'T, then whatever was problematic back then could still exist in some shape or form. Even if not, who wants to guess that some of those guys back then escaped and are in the Phoenix League now?

I do wonder though. If Arden/Pike ARE human, why aren't the league after one of them too? Is it just because no one actually knows that, besides Arcanine and the rest of their team...or is there something specific about Beck?

This so-called last human. I feel like the league had a role in getting him summoned, as they KNEW he was around, just not where or what. But if they did summon him...then are they really the bad guys? That's the thing I find most enthralling. I can't be entirely certain that the Phoenix League ARE the bad guys. Xatu is terrifying, but...I know that he truly believes in his mission. Is this a situation where there are no villains, just protagonist and antagonist? Or is there something...else?

That's 50 chapters down. To 50 more!
lonelyboi69 chapter 50 . 5/29/2021
Yeah... it's 3 AM and I wanted to read this new chapter before going to bed. Rn I'm too lazy/tired to write a positive review so take this funny space man instead.
qwertyxurill chapter 30 . 5/9/2021
I can't help but wonder why Beck doesn't get the bright idea to feign being a mute around people he doesn't know. They wouldn't know any better and he can comprehend speech just fine.
Team Ion chapter 49 . 4/27/2021
Chapter 49
A day in the life of dignatious scum~

Not a good day?

Hah, Beck is salty about vague and unhelpful hints from a vague and unhelpful entity. Follow what light?

Pffft. What an accent on those perrserker's.

Not just food, not food at all.

Hmm, the TM. Pike is...well. I bet he'll use it eventually and the move will save them. I mean, Ice Beam IS super effective on a xatu...

Team Reach is showing their stuff! Very nice, quite emboldening!

For a Fire-type, Arden can sling som ones there.
No homo.

Ah, Lycanroc. Swell.

At least she's gone.

Love May getting a bit sassy there, she normally seems like the more reserved one, hah, but we know she isn't!

Short and dramatic. Very Arcanine.

I wonder if he hesitated because WATER?

Sounds like a Galarian location that.

Pahahahahahah. Arden too is a Fire-type and thus in his nightmare.

Pirate songs. Glorious.

Hah, poor Mavy. Finally bathing too, the feral thing Beck is.

Pffffffthahahaha. Ah dear I don't know which guess is funnier there.

Gather up all of the crew, it's time to ship out Bink's brew~

Mavy zigzagging is always a nice little feature.

Poor Beck. Is just left behind as they tell his story.

Hah. Didn't *immediately* kill him. Already it's working out!

Seeing this is really interesting. A human who has no real inherent understanding of this bizarre power. The fact that he can sense the Ice-type energy within him is really quite interesting. Very...very interesting. Lovely worldbuilding!

Turns out Pike did try and make up for what he'd done.

Hahaha. Rye is still a nervous nelly, Mavy has some good ideas. Maybe Pike isn't JUST a piece of shit after all!?

How nice.

Pffft. Arcanine's positive cheer mixed with what he said brought a real laugh from me there.

Poor Wailord, swimming into that mess. Must be paid well.

They didn't die and fall into the ocean. Arden 0, May 1.

Letting the innocent guild loose on a harbour town? Good gracious.

So many mon's, Mavy cannot fathom with his Hicksville County Brain.

Hmm, he has a genuine reason to fear that?

Team who?

Hm. Rye's getting a taste of the racism? Bad feels all around in this place.

Hah! Treecko-crawling. Another little species thing I love to see.
Don't let Mavy be on his own here. He might go looking for a common trade in port towns like this...

Hah. And he's already beginning.

Heh, grate dugtrio. If that's a reference to Explorers that's clever.

Good show Beck!

Roast Archen? Don't tell me a jolteon is selling that?

Ruins of Drift City? They're near Driftveil aren't they!?

Hahahha. Yes, a shit-tongue indeed.

Ah dear, there's always those willing to prey on empathy.

Cabbages? Pfffhahahahaha.

Rye is being kinda badass!

Good support there Mavy. Morally and physically.

Eww. Hope the pollution doesn't destroy the seed.

Niiice. Ice Beam for the finish with Rye even using Dragon Breath! Damn, they actually are getting kinda good, aren't they?

Where indeed...?

Hahahaha. Mavy, always eager. I'm sure he has ideas on what he could buy for that in this place...

What a nice Arcanine! How...suspicious. No, I shouldn't be suspicious of every kindly character I see! What a nice one.

Heeeheehee. Such a nice moment.
Beck needs to wash off though.

Another interesting bit of world building. One that makes even more sense and is cool to boot!

Ooooh. This is the picture you got, isn't it?

Otto...oh, poor Arden. But we rise to Tyranitar and I'm reminded of what I was talking about on the discord the other day. Is everything that happened then really over?
Know how Beck feels, but not through 'exact' situation. Pretty specific, no one experiences the 'exact' situation others do. He does seem to be leading away from the idea he was human as well, but the preciseness of that make me still wonder otherwise.

Alakazam could...Arden has experience? Masochistic enough. More very specific things here. But yes, entirely understandable to not want your entire life laid bare to someone who could very possibly remember every detail of it better than even you could.

Just fine.

What does he know about Unova? Hmm.

Book of horrors. Heh.

Want the human human stuff to just...go away? Ah, back to raising my belief that he WAS human, he just prefers to act as if he never was.

Arden seems...quite informed with that description. Everyone you knew, you 'really' okay with that? Sounds like he's talking from experience.

A compliment from Arden? And, yet again, another very interestingly worded thing. IF he were the last representative of humans. Well, he seems the kind to be carrying a lot of shame and guilt and difficulty over maybe being RELIEVED that he isn't. That Beck is. But the kid doesn't deserve that. Ah, very interesting stuff.

(Or maybe you're leading up to reveal that PIKE is the real human and Arden just is talking from experience since Pike has been whinging about it for 15 years. I don't believe that's the case but DAMN what a twist that'd be ;P)

Heh. Cute.

Beck will think that towards Xatu and thus Arden will get his neck snapped for putting him up to it.

Incident? Was Noibat...? Related to them...?

Perhaps just AN incident of any raised the police presence? A signal, oh boy.

The Director!? Oooooooh. Something truly big is being prepared!

A fantastic chapter all around.
Team Ion chapter 48 . 3/27/2021
Chapter 48

Living a life downtown~

Ah, so a crazy Drowzee to start their day. Swell.

Hmm, Pike really did a number on that place. Goes to show how strong he is.

Staying in THAT base? Pike isn't there is he?

A boat!?

Hah, Rye is a bit too eager to see what he's doing there. Mavy's nice though.

Clever Ice-types.

Wow that's a big one. GALAHAD, eh?

Hm? They know her. Interesting. Ohh, hahahaha. An inspector. Greaat.

Hmm, a self-important pokemon. Descendent of one of the humans?

Heh, May's account is funny though.

I wonder if she needs those glasses, or if they are just for show?

Hmm, so where is Pike then?

Hah, Mavy is still snarky, he just picks his moments.

Some of that evidence is coming down on your heads...

Yeah, of all the places to stay. WITH the team of the attacker would leave one a little tense.

I was thinking about Arcanine and Arden talking about Arden's little slip-up a little while ago. Can't imagine he was happy.

Pfffft. Beck dancing, I wish to see that.

Oh good grief, they MISSED it? Hahahaha. These three.

I bet they'll see her a lot more than they want. Hmm, what's Arden getting choked up for?

Hm. Rye's got that backbone that he sometimes has. Very nice to see. He didn't break even with Arden's glare.

Ooof. I can only shudder with what that might actually do to a Fire-type.

Oshawott is a neat one to be.

Oooh, countdowns. How spooky!

Hm. Interesting that he doesn't really remember what humans look like.

Pffft. Jigglypuffed is a term for that? That's an amazing reference, hahahahahaha.

Heheheheeheh. Oh Mavy.

He's not going to talk to Arcanine with that on his face is he? The dog would probably find it funny though.

Hmm, Arcanine has so much to carry on himself. What knowledge does he desire so much, I wonder?

I wonder how old that skeleton really is...

Heh, Beck got his revenge there.

Ah. Pike.

Hmm, a teeny bit on Pike's issues there. Wild, ferals attacking. Makes a bit more sense.

Still, can't really forgive nearly that easy. He tried to kill him.

They can move back in! Woo. Away from where Pike also is.

Ooof. That's quite the blow to Pike there. Ouch. Deserves it. But still, ouch. Hope they don't need a quick flier in times to come.

Beck's ready to rumble at least.

Oh boy there she is.

Hah. What a bitch. And not just because of lady dog.

Pshahahah. Truly menaces.


Heheehee. I love Beck's sass and people's reactions to it.

Bert is a strong pokémon. Quite the barrage there.

Pffffffft. ASK first, Bert.
That's a hilarious mental image though. Cheap shot after the battle is done.

Heh. Mavy doesn't need to worry about that I think. Glad that it's just jokes and he's genuinely relieved they want him to stay.

Okay, good. For a moment there I thought they had dared to try and ROB Kecleon.

Naww, that's really nice of him. Kecleon too, surprisingly.

It's time to begin.

Oh it's Lycanroc too. Swell.

I wonder what that creature is... some sort of legendary I imagine.

Arcanine's speech gave me some Goosebumps. He's good.

Hahahhaha. That bitch. That made me laugh though. Heheheheeh. Ah dear. That's great. I love bastard characters that are just the worst but clever and snarky.

Pfffff. Arcanine however comes with that return blow. That's a meme too! Arcanine, how are you THIS incredible?

Oh. Oh my. A TM. Quite the gift from the attempted-murder birb.

Ice Beam! Oh wow.

Poor Rye, unable to trust Pike at all now. Fair enough of course.

Rye's motto sounded awesome! I wonder how long he'd been thinking of that though, hahaa, naaww, he lost confidence.

Mavy's is fantastic though.

SHAAAAH. Truly the battle cry of the great. It's a joke, but I could totally see that being their cry. For the joke, until it's not a joke ;P

Team Reach!

Zero days left

Oooh. What's this end part? Doesn't sound like Xatu, perhaps that other presence Xatu continues to notice? Very interesting. Very interesting...
LuxBeacon chapter 48 . 3/25/2021
All caught up once again. Expedition time and the ice beam TM is neat although no one used it yet (however they are supposed to).
LuxBeacon chapter 47 . 3/25/2021
It looks like Beck finally got some much needed soap and an important conversation was had with Arden. Things have gotten chaotic, but at least Arden got all that off his chest.
LuxBeacon chapter 46 . 3/25/2021
It’s been awhile since I last reviewed but it’s me Lux from the TR Discord. Any who I didn’t expect an evolution, but it seems Rye still has reservations. Meanwhile Poe has his own about betraying Beck which is nice. Possible new member?
lonelyboi69 chapter 48 . 3/25/2021
To give you an idea of how much I love this fic, I've been checking my notifs every week to see if this ever got updated, I love the current character dynamic that's been going on, the fact that the MC isn't your average every day regular pokemon transformed human and I love how well the characters interact. Love the content, keep it up!
Sword of the Maelstrom chapter 47 . 3/15/2021
This story is awesome, can't wait for the next chapter! :D
Jusmove chapter 47 . 2/21/2021
Yikes, that was just a terrible sequence of events. That was probably the worst way it could come out that Beck's human, there's no way team Assail isn't gonna try and use that against them now, damn Arden and his hot head. I wonder what made Pike hesitate, maybe he recalled when Beck played Banjo and remembered that the supposed 'feral' in front of him has enough higher thought to do that? Whatever the case, I hope he feels enough guilt from almost killing an innocent kid to change his thinking, at least a little bit.
That dumpster fire of a conversation with Arden and them also made me question what his goal was with that interaction, it even stressed me out a little bit. Little late to bring up that he knows now, but better late than never? Oh well. I'm excited to see what goes down in the Caverns, it feels like things will reach an even higher fever pitch.
CuriousQuinlan chapter 47 . 2/21/2021
well, at least they can pay off the fine now.
Team Ion chapter 47 . 2/21/2021
Chapter 47

These wings they flap with dishonour~

Pike is a little genuinely terrifying. He's not listening. Just... mad.

Ow. Banjo. Good reactions from Beck though. Pike outclasses him in pretty much every regard in battle, and trying to kill him here, but he's not going down. Good oshawott. No feral would be this clever.

Hm. Pike... froze. Guilt? Empathy? Confusion caused by it? Did the banjo knock a screw loose?

Mustie with the good points. Never thought I'd say that.

Pike still trying to defend his racist viewpoint. I guess he's got nothing left now.

Oh. OH MY! Arden just spilled the beans. In front of Assail and Murkrow too!
Good thing Team Reach told Mavy recently about that little thing.

Pffft. Arden and his ways with words.

Assnuggets. Is that what he calls Team Assail too?

Arden required that for years. Good. Now kick him in the ribs, he's vulnerable!

Why indeed...

Arden truly has a way with words. I like how blunt he is, I really like it.

Pffft. Dammit. How dare he swear so badly?

What is wrong with him. Arden's getting yelled at. He's not good at that.

Cyndaquil of Walrein's Guild? Hm?

Hah. Mavy's Ma remains good people.

That is a clever way to teach a Psychic-type. Really clever.


The oak bench almost laughs? Besides a reference, I wonder what that could mean...?

Orb and human. But where is what?

Beans indeed. Spilled all over the floor. Mustie and Gold know, as does a random murkrow. I wonder though... where they around with the way? Assuming Arden is human, and May's reaction... helps with that, then they may know that some real shit is coming and might shape up a bit. I mean, if there were the legendary teams rivals and are still in business, they must be good?

Good times indeed.
lonelyboi69 chapter 47 . 2/21/2021
Notification gang.
I IMMEDIATELY clicked when I saw this pop up in my notifs, can't wait to read this. Keep up the content for this fic dude, it's one of my favs.
Little Lantern chapter 46 . 2/20/2021
Thank you for the story. I enjoyed it and look forward to more.
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