Reviews for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Quenched Torch
lonelyboi69 chapter 46 . 2/9/2021
I joined this story super late but goddamn am I loving it! Ya might've just taken the cake for my favorite ongoing fic rn. I love the story and the overarching narrative of this fic and I can't wait to see the next chapter! Kinda sucks that I gotta wait till the next chapter to get that hit of karma tho :p.

Anyways, awesome fic, it's been a blast reading through the 46 chapters (in like 5 days) and I can't wait for the next upload! Keep up the content :).
DemonWolf25 chapter 27 . 2/7/2021
this seems to have a heck of a darker way of looking at things but then again. War isnt nice at all. I was surprised when they told us of the war in X and Y.

And the mystery dungeon games? You look deep enough, there are plenty of dark tones to them.
rycorop chapter 46 . 2/6/2021
Man, Team Assail is doing the wrong things that they think is fair because of what happened to them, but after this, I'm hoping they start heading towards the right path. Or at least, end up in a truce with the others haha! Nice chapter, author!

And I wonder who that bird is...
Team Ion chapter 46 . 2/6/2021
Chapter 46

Triple digits, reviews look good~

Poor Rye, being threatened back. Seems that Arcanine wants to talk to Beck, not that Beck won't tell what he can to Rye later anyway.

Daydreamed too hard he did.

Heh, Mavy's a good egg.

Ooooh, neat. That Alakazam is able to translate a bit, maybe even show what needs to be shown.

Arcanine getting snappy, hoo boy he MUST be stressed.

Gray Proper is such a cool name... I wonder what it's in reference too, something Unova I bet.

Poor Beck. At such a disadvantage compared to all other humans, with the weight of the world beginning to mount.

Beck sees through Arcanine like glass. Arcanine MUST be stressed.

100 Poke... and Mavy owes ten thousand, good lord. They are going to be paying that for a while.

Ah... bother. That's where they met the Murkrow, wasn't it?

Mmm. Poor Mavy. Poor everyone.

Yes. I'm sure it'd be SO NEAT wouldn't it?

Hehhahahahaha. Ah, that's funny. I like the call backs this is causing.
Also, Beck calling out a challenge with the feral tongue, clever.

Mavy has such... interesting things to say. He really does just want to bang before he dies? I mean... at least he has a goal?

All 'drooly' is an interesting way to say that. Sounds like he likes both. So, May and Arden are...?

Pffft. Rye getting flustered enough to slay.

Hah. Yes, they are getting less crazy to him, but still crazy.

Huh-wah? He might... oh my.

Hmmm. Interesting. Link...

Oh dear. That's what you would call Not Ideal.

Weird indeed, why are they so big?

Oof. I forgot about the deadly grass. Clever Beck, very-very clever.

Heheeheh. Zigzagoon for the win.


And he... suppressed it. Huh. He pressed B and cut it. Hm.

Should have wiped it ON Mavy, hah.

You know, I was just thinking about Zangoose thanks to Beck's whole feral battle cry thing. I'm glad to hear from that team again.

Yeah, beat them up. Pay another 10/20 thousand, but it'll be worth it.

Not irrational, I don't think. Not at all. I think he should be careful it seems... odd considering what happened at the end of the last chapter.

You know, I accidentally wrote May instead of Mavy before. Names are close.

Ah. They didn't invite them. Uh oh.

Might sway them indeed.

Heh. Arden's still mad, but you can't really blame him.

Sloppy writer huh? Hmmm. That's an interesting little POINT.

Poe, hah.

I feel like this isn't going to work out exactly as Team Ass wants it too. Which is good.
I hope.

Pfffft. Beck is messy, can't talk, and stinks. May i l. Love it.

Hm. Pike doesn't seem to be able to deal with something.

What's Arden doing here? What's he talking to Mavy in private for?

Ouch. Threatened by one of his idols. That's... that's gotta sting.

Hm. But he used the threat that was 'normal' for him. So, did he mean it or is it just a lucky thing for Rye to be able to calm Mavy down a bit on?

Pffft. Caught them right in the act.

Mustie is going TO FAR with THAT comment. He's just asking for a shanking now.

Well, they're just bitter assholes. They are the kind of people who look at Team Apex and think. "Why was that not me?" Even though I can bet that NO ONE in Team Apex wanted the pressure that forced them to gain that reputation. Pathetic, Team Asshail are.

Oh Poe, please don't have stolen the Dud Orb. Please, please, please.

I fear to ask what the Port Albion story is. May, tear into him. Although... is he really so cautious? Mavy's not in league with them, no, but what if threats come to his father?

Oh good, he decided the orb didn't work and left it. Phew.

I do like that Poe is unsure of his choice of actions. That Beck DID save him.

Ah shit. Arden and May know it wasn't Beck, but Pike has only heard the chaos.

Gold has... sense? How unusual. And... oh boy. Pike... no... you've... oh no.

And Mustie has compassion (or perhaps just enough self preservation to know they are DEAD if Beck dies).

Well then. This isn't going to go well. Pike has freaked out over NOTHING, Team Ass have caused... real bad things that they didn't even intend. No orb was stolen, thankfully. Arden is a jerk, as usual. May remains the one shining beacon of reason, well her and Rye.

I really quite enjoyed this chapter. 100 reviews at last! You deserve it _
Navarchu chapter 20 . 2/3/2021
Chapter 17

Another small scene, but it does make me know that other characters will show up during this chapter, so I’ll be looking forward to meeting up with them. Great!

Oh man, that Reviver Seed really came in handy during this one. I know I said that I wanted them to suffer a bit, but I didn’t mean actual death. Honestly it surprises me that you’re making those seeds actually revive people from the brink of death. Anyway, Rye is, of course, terrified because he’s getting away from all those crocodiles and Beck’s missing, he’s tired, exhausted, everything is going to hell. This is probably the chapter where they suffer the most, so my wish came true… and the other rescue team appear, wait, there’s only one rescue team, Rye’s an explorer. Uh, ignore that. Ayway, they seem really helpful for the moment, because Rye’s not saying that Beck is a feral. I think they’re gonna change their opinion once they do find Beck, but let’s see. Over the course of the chapters, the way you’re handling this racism thing is getting better and better, adding layers and complexity to the topic is a pretty bold move yo rou, I really like that.

Oh for fuck’s sake Beck, don’t just eat a random poisonous apple you found off theg round! Oh yeah, this also came with the reveal that he died because of poison as a human. Now, I really don’t think he did that intentionally back then, so I’ll say he was murdered by someone. Anyway, Sandshrew finds him and actually helps him, which is great to be honest. Yeah. Another nice layer to the topic I mentioned before.

Back to Rye and Shroomish, they seem to be handling each other pretty well, however I think that Shroomish won’t be so nice to Beck, because consider this: she said he’s a moron. So obviously they’re gonna clash. It’s predictable, but not a problem for me. I like everything anyway, so I don’t mind it.

Sandshrew is adorable, dude I love how he’s so excited and friendly. Shroomish says he’s stupid but I beg to differ. This chapter ended with Beck being anxious. I hope they will come out of this dungeon victorious. Well, let’s see how this will go.

Chapter 18

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Team Apex fought KYUREM? HOly shit, they’re more famous than I thought! Well, this is also another big scene, so please bear with me for now. The two teams are working nicely together. Too nicely, I'd say. This is either going horribly wrong or is going great. I’m also impressed that Arden and the others are, or rather, were criminals. This does make me think if Arcanine forgave them, which seems to be the case. He’s an old dog, but is very much a good boy, again, I’d pet him all day long. This should be enough for this part of the chapter, time to go forward, much like them!

Oh, the team is bickering again. You know, Rye does have a point here. Charging into battle isn’t the best thing in the world, and planning is like the real good option here. Now this will cause a rift, maybe? Honestly if it was revealed that the other team was actually the outlaws using disguises I’d believe it, it’s almost like Shroomish wants them to break up. Which, again, I hope it doesn’t happen. Which, apparently, it didn’t, since they actually found the criminals they were looking for. Honestly I really want to see someone getting taken by the dungeon, it’s like Chekov’s gun, you showed it, so you gotta use it… well, maybe later this does happen. Now they’re facing off against the criminals and it’s a good battle once more. I’m glad you’re improving so much, every fight you write feels different than the previous one, as it should, because the characters are constantly changing and improving themselves. It’s a really nice way of thinking about it, if you ask me.

And of course, I can’t forget to talk about the birb mon himself: Xatu. Now, Xatu shows up here for the first time, but like I said, he was foreshadowed before in the story. He’s probably the main villain here, and a challenge to our protagonists. I can empathize with his entire deal and yeah, he’s not exactly in the wrong. I like how he’s already such a complex character when this is the first time we met him. It gives me that sense of “I need more of this” and yeah, I do need more of this. Two chapters left for the review to end. Hopefully you’re enjoying this so far. I know I am enjoying the story.

Chapter 19

Well, I take this chapter will be the one where we get to see the repercussions of the last two. It starts off with them getting back to the captain, and they’re pretty bat up. Understandable, I mean, Rye literally died in that dungeon. There are fates worse than death here, though. Which actually means he… dodged a bullet? I really can’t tell. Well, I’m over analyzing again, aren’t I? Next scene is a go.

Again, Sandshrew is adorable. This is the second time you introduced a side character that made me want to see more of them. You mad genius. I hope one day I can make something like that… Well, this isn’t about me, anyway. This is also another short scene, so we can get more of those interactions I keep talking about. Sandshrew is the star here and I should praise him for being a cute and lovable character!

Now they’re back in town and can properly report to Feraligatr. Good, she uh, she was also another good character, especially because she seems to know about Rye somehow. I really want to see Rye’s backstory, as my favorite character, he’s the one I’m most excited to read about. You really did a great job with him in this story. Good work Sud.

This is great. Seeing,... Mizu! Interacting with Beck was sweet. It seems more and more people are accepting him than before, and I can’t wait to see more of this. I’ll finish this review right here and jump forward to the last one. What a pleasant experience this has been. Truly, a work of art.

Chapter 20

The final hour is here, my last part of the review is here and hopefully you’ve been enjoying this so far. I’ll try to be as direct as I possibly can during this final part, so let’s do this. One… final review!

For starters they actually know that Xatu’s organization is a threat and hopefully they’re gonna work to take it down. I actually like the name, it’s named after a mythical bird, and Xatu’s a bird.. So it fits!

Anyway, Looks like Rye and Mizu will talk things out alone. Great to see that, and a bit bummed that Rye doesn’t want Beck to know what’s up with him. Seriously, I know he has his reasons, but it would be so great if they just… talked. Or, well, if Rye talked, since Beck’s a no go.

Final scene… the League again. I like the aesthetic they have, and granted, Xatu is a very threatening character. It also makes him interesting, because he wants something to do with humans, or really, with Beck. I guess this is the threat that voice and Arcanine were talking about during the first chapters. Great. YOu have the plot set up. I’ll be pleased to read the rest of this.

I suppose my review ends here. Sud, this was a really good story. I’m going to continue this, however, I’m a bit exhausted right now, so I might not make these long, in-depth reviews so soon. Still, thanks for writing this!
Navarchu chapter 16 . 2/3/2021
Chapter 15

So uh, this first scene is actually a lot bigger than I remembered. Well… guess I’ll just have to make this a big paragraph. So obviously this is the “another time” Beck mentioned before, and they’re now heading towards the Brine to get info about this new mission they’re doing. This is interesting, as there’s a lot of water-types, maybe one of them will end up teaching Beck about… Oshawott things. Yes Beck, stop trying to question logic in a world of magical animals, you’re just going to hurt yourself over this. There’s a limit to how well you can explain the impossible, anyway. Phew, now continuing my thoughts about this scene. Treeckos aren’t native to Unova, yes, so Beck is correct. However the captain is quick to remind him about the feral thing, this lad isn’t all that great. At least he isn’t immediately shunning Beck simply for being feral, and instead talks about.. Captain things. I have no clue what starboard means, so I’m rolling with Beck on this one. Okay… this scene where they were flying on his… bill disgusted me a bit, much like it disgusted them. Well, it’s not like they had a choice anyway. This should conclude the first scene, so moving on, again.(I might be repeating myself too much, but it’s almost midnight, so eh)]

They arrived in the town they were going to, so that’s nice that nothing bad happened in the way, and we’re introduced to another character, and yeah, another water-type. Feraligatr! I love that mon to bits and if anything happens to her I’ll kill everyone in this room and them myself… kidding. That only applies to Rye, because he’s best boy. Anyway, this is quite the serene scene, nothing major happened here except meeting up with the officer, so I’ll stop this right here and read chapter 16 now. Somehow I’m working on this a lot faster than I expected. Granted, this fic is just so much fun to read.

Chapter 16

So another big scene at the beginning, great! I get to talk more about this. I’ll first mention the descriptions used in Feraligatr’s house. The Unown part got my attention and I hope it does pay off… somehow, later in the series. For now, though, I’m just enjoying the ride so far. I like this story, yeah. This is fun. Anyway, she knows about the team because of Arcanine and is surprisingly not racist about them. Instead she just asks questions. Which is ironic because I also have a lot of questions, so she’s basically me in this entire scene. Great! I mean she does treat him like a dog, but uh, yeah, not racism is great to see. Beck deserves so much more than what he’s been given. Anyway, Enough about this, this chapter seems to be great so far and I’ll talk more about it.

They actually get a guide to lead them to the dungeon, adn in the process, Beck gets to know a bit more about how he should handle things. Even if the dungeon has Pokémon weak to his and Rye’s types, he needs to learn more. Well, happy that she was able to at least teach him about what NOT to do. It’s a lot better than just not doing anything, really. Well well, time for the dungeon action to begin! Obviously this won’t be easy, and I want to see the team triumph over this obstacle. How they’re gonna do that is unknown to me, for now.

Okay, this one surprised me. She knows Rye? Uh, I wasn’t expecting this, but if it means we get to see more of his backstory I’m all in for this. Please, please pay off, I’m so in love with this that I need answers! Next scene is short, so I’ll talk about it here: the ride was smooth again, great!

Alright, finally some action for the dungeons! And this is simple again, although the sandstorm was a nice little detail. I’m still waiting for this to be like really hard at the end and Idk, make them suffer a bit? I’m not sadistic, it’s just that they need a bit of challenge so that the victory can be sweeter… if that even makes sense for you.

Ah so it did have something harder at the end, where they meet up and have to face Krokoroks. Oh boy, next chapter will be so much more fun. I’ll be reading it right away, but good job with this one.
Navarchu chapter 14 . 2/3/2021
Chapter 13

Okay, the idea of using “Reverse Absorb” is genius and Rye gets more points for thinking of that. Sadly however, he has no experience doing that, so it might have hurt more than helped anyway. On the bright side, they seem to be safe, for now, at least. Again, small scene, small comments. Unlike the previous chapter, I have no fun theory about this one, it’s just a neat interaction.

Uh, I have no clue what the moon beginning to wax means, but sure. I’ll take that, I guess. Well, back to this scene. Another one where we see the two interact. It’s sweet and… oh boy, Dill again. And a new part of Rye’s backstory is revealed! His parents… don’t look like good ones. Oh man, I’m starting to think he was emotionally abused as a child and that’s why he acts like this. Or maybe his parents just straight up abandoned him because he’s “worthless”. Either way, that’s not how you do parenting. Which means I get to hate those guys. At least Rye has a friend now, so it’s not all bad. Well, said enough about it. Time to check out the rest of the chapter.

Hm, it does take a day for them to get somewhere beyond the town. Good, they did succeed on the mission, even more so than usual since they rescued the Murkrow I bet that will give them a nice reputation. I kinda want to say that this Murkrow won’t be important since he doesn’t even have a name, but uh, neither does Arcanine. I assume there’s a reason behind that, since everyone else that’s important(except, maybe, Bert) has a name. We’ll see. Oh yeah, a trainer could be good for Beck, but it’s also ironic, since he’s a human. It’s almost like the roles were reversed in this setting. I liked that.

So everyone knows about Beck saying he’s a human? I might have missed the point where you explained that. Still, the fact they acknowledge it as delusions makes sense. Anyway, this was another good chapter. I’m happy to be giving you this review, this story is great and deserves all the praise it can get.

Chapter 14

I can sense a pattern that the first scenes are getting shorter every new chapter. Don’t really mind it, it just means I have less to talk about. Hm, let’s see about this one. It’s just the duo waking up. Nothing major to talk about here, except that as of right now I’m starving and the breakfast thing might have contributed to that.

Okay! A Raticate! And yeah, news do travel fast. The Serperior river thing was really fun to read, nice to see that they're receiving praise about it. They both deserve it after everything. I really like this Raticate, he seems like a nice dude, even giving more food to Beck. Honestly I’m impressed by how well everyone at the guild seems to be taking the fact that a feral is working there. Well, everyone except that random team a few chapters before. I guess not everyone is a prick in this world(well except maybe Pike, I don’t like him all that much). Oh, and you also handled the food thing. We’re… yeah we’re using the same thing here. They eat the meat that comes from ferals. Now that does make things a bit more morally gray, but hey… this is the Gray Continent! I’ll apologize for this bad joke and move on now.

So I know I said everyone was taking Beck being a feral really well, but uh, people outside the guild aren’t really doing that. Hm, yeah, that’s fair. Not everyone is a prick, yes, but there are people who are. I am a bit bummed that this is not looking well for them, but it’s gonna be alright, I think.

To add on that, Beck has had enough of this. Being insulted all day long isn’t really good for anyone, and honestly I’m glad he snapped. That’s the most violent we’ve seen him so far, and for good reason. Anyone would be pissed off at this if it was an everyday thing. Well, nice scene here. I’m gonna talk about the final scene of this chapter here because it’s also short, so let’s go. A call to adventure, it seems. This time they’re going after criminals. Hm, I think this will be fun, but like Beck said, for another time. Chapter 15 is a go.
Navarchu chapter 12 . 2/3/2021
Chapter 11

Alright. So this first scene here has the actual mission they’re going to do. Kinda weird that it took ten chapters for them to actually go on a mission, but eh, it’s okay for me. Rye seems excited about this, but he needs items in order to not, you know, die out there. And the scene ends right where the next one starts, so I’ll comment on that one right away. Before that though, I would like to say I’m still very much loving your characters. Anyway, let’s go.

Interesting that they say Beck is Rye’s pet. Again, ferals are treated this way, now I’m wondering if pets are an actual thing or if this is just a joke. I might spend a lot of time thinking about random things in the story, but trust me, I’m enjoying it a lot. This new batch of chapters should prove to be cool. Hm, I have no clue what team was calling him names but eh. Anyway, the most important part about this scene is that we actually get to see the town for the first time! You know, it also took quite some time to get there, but it was worth the wait. The town looks so lively and beautiful, although I didn’t see much of the villagers, well, let me say something about the Shiftry, it’s a bit sketchy, but anyway… I know what this is all about. This is foreshadowing to Xatu, isn’t it? Well well well, this is how you do foreshadowing right. Enough to make me question how this will turn out but now that I’m doing this again, yeah, it works.

We interrupt this PMD fic to give you people walking on a road! I’m pretty sure there’s a movie like this, and I would’ve mentioned it, but I can’t remember the name for the life of me. This is another short scene but it’s nice to see they’re uh, chatting to the best of their abilities. I wonder if Beck will be fully capable of speech by the end of the story.

Final scene. First things first, the stars made me want to look at the sky myself, and the timeline of the story is of one week so far. So I guess that little expedition they took went through just one day? Well I thought it would be longer. It’s alright. This is also where Beck remembers more about his human pest, and we get a glimpse about the legends, more importantly Unovan legends. This is foreshadowing again, isn’t it? This is set in the future of Unova, and mentioning those two really makes a lead that this is the case. Well done. Time for me to head towards the next chapter. Good work.

Chapter 12

Hm, yeah, this is the human world. Beck’s going through a lot, really. With that many questions I’m impressed he didn’t burn himself up… well, he did get a headache if that’s worth anything. Now they’re going to the dungeon. The last time we explored a dungeon was riiight at the beginning, so let's see how the main characters developed through these tough times and will conquer this place. Also something I just notice, holy shit. Gray continent. Unova is Black and White. Ha! This is some great wordplay there, Sud. I’m really impressed by this. You’re putting a lot of thought about your world and everything on it.

Now to the actual dungeon part. This floor is actually pretty simple. Just one feral to deal with, and Beck is using his scalchop, something that he never did before(probably because he didn’t do a lot of battling before now). He eventually won the battle, which is great. He now has some experience(not related to game mechanics) and can hopefully hold his own later on. Of course, that took a lot of him and now he’s exhausted. Good grief. Let’s hope this will turn out okay later on.

Interesting that Beck can’t tell the difference between the seeds. I don’t think the games ever explained how they’re different from one another, but maybe Beck can’t do it because he has the body of a feral. That’s my working theory so far. Again, I think about the most random things. I hope it’s not a problem and you’re having a good laugh at just how wrong I am about these theories.

Finally… oh boy, the one thing we have in common. That Murkrow had a moment of sanity, and was nearly lost to the dungeon. I’m glad he’s okay, and that Beck transported them away. Good! A happy ending for this adventure. I liked the battle here as well, and of course, the worldbuilding with the almost-but-not-really feral Murkrow. Good work there.

On the bright side, said Murkrow gave them a Revier Seed. How nice of him. Well, this chapter is done. 13 now!
Navarchu chapter 10 . 2/3/2021
Chapter 9

Ah, this first scene was wonderful. It had the perfect mix of comedy and seriousness, where we got some nice interactions between Bert and Beck, ah, sure, the Water Gun wasn't all that great, but if it wasn’t for it, none of them would even be alive to celebrate another day. And also, a quick but thrilling battle between Pike and the Patrat. Well, at first I assumed the Patrat was just blowing a whistle, but nah, it’s a feral. Pike shows he means business and manages to defeat it. Well, the ending was pretty funny, if even Pike was laughing at that whole exchange, then it must be hilarious for all the cast. I should also mention that Bert, despite being a side character, is a nice one to see. Kinda hope he will be more important but I doubt this will happen. Moving on now.

At first, I thought this would be another Beck scene. But instead we get a glimpse of Arden’s backstory. Clearly he’s troubled by… something. Something about his past, I think. He doesn’t want to talk about it, and that’s the worst thing he could do at this moment. Holding back emotions never ends well and yeah, this will be a troubling experience for the future, it’s gonna show up when he least expects it. And yet, this sort of behavior fits him way too well. This was a nice scene, expanding what we know about the main characters is always good. I’m impressed because your cast is quite big, but you’re giving each of them a nice spotlight. May also seems very close to Arden, to the point she calls him with a nickname. This is uh, neat. They’ve been together for a really long time, it’s only natural that they would be close. I’d say I ship them but… I’m not gonna assume things. Still, it was fun to read.

Ah! The other team! The one that it’s just a bunch of pricks. Man, they just went to attack children, how much bad can they get? At first I thought Rye and Beck were left behind and Team Apex was just using them as bait. Luckily, I was wrong and it all turned out okay… except for one thing. I’m not sure if Pike meant to leave the door open or if he just forgot. If it’s the first option… whoa, dude’s brutal. I know he’s like, racist and all, but man that wasn’t something I thought he would do.

Aw, Bert’s gone already. For a character that had such a small role, he's very well-written. Making me care for some random character is something that’s hard to do, but you managed to do it anyway. Well, this was… to be honest I think this chapter was a bit weaker than the others, not to say it’s bad, but there’s a difference between great and just good. This one is good. The others are great. Now on to chapter 10, which will be the halfway point of my review.

Chapter 10

I’ll talk about the first two scenes right now so I can get this review along. Now! We first have more clues about Rye’s past and how this “Dill” person is important to him. Right now I’m assuming they’re either a friend or a sibling and they’re… dead. That explains why Rye gets so upset whenever he remembers it. Now to the nexts scene at the guild. This one is a bit longer so I’ll have more to talk about it. We now get the tour around the guild and how everything works, while also having a fun moment about the Arcanine being shiny. Nice to see that the ancient humans worshipped his species. It makes sense considering that originally, Arcanine was supposed to be a legendary. Also, it's a dog. And people love dogs. This last option isn’t as complex as the first one, but I don’t mind. It's fun to think about. Now to end this scene, Rye and Beck have their own place in the guild. I also found it nice the explanation for the dungeons. It’s the common explanation, but nonetheless, fun to read about. Moving to the next scene of this chapter.

Okay! The last scene got a weird vibe of me because for a moment I thought Rye had some sort of split-personality disorder. I… think I might have overreacted to it a bit, but now I’m calm enough to talk about this scene. I noticed that you said it felt out of place, and I can understand that. It does feel a bit out of place, yeah. But even if it does, I think it’s fine. Not enough to lose your sanity over it, but the scene does make me feel a bit sad about Rye. Even after all that they went through together, a part of him still is scared that Beck is doing the wrong things. Now this is something us, the readers, know to be false, at least if that voice is to be trusted, but… he doesn’t know that. It raises the tensions once again, and yeah, another nice job with the character, I do think they should just talk things out, it would solve their problems a lot, and normally, that would be a bad thing, however… Beck can’t talk. So the fact they don’t talk about this is actually justified. Nice way of handling this plot point. Well, I have to say that Rye is my favorite of them all so far, with Arden as a close second option for me. I really hope the team doesn’t have another falling out after the last one. Well… this is half of my review for today. I’ll continue reading this up until chapter 20, so let’s see how this will turn out. I am invested in this story and I really hope that you’ll enjoy this review I’m giving you. Well, I’ll give myself a short, five minute break before continuing with the review, so I’ll post this first part right away, expect the rest of them in a few hours.
Navarchu chapter 8 . 2/3/2021
Chapter 7

Ah, oh god, poor Beck. He barely has some rest after the fallout and now people are throwing seeds at him. Isn’t that great? I don’t have much to say about this one, it’s just a funny scene. Considering this and the next scene are both really small, I’ll just make my whole paragraph talking about them. Okay, so! We get another scene with Beck talking with that random voice who sent him to the PMD world, unfortunately, said voice doesn’t explain many things to him, only giving him more questions than before. Well, I think we’re gonna find out who that voice is sooner or later. Hopefully, sooner.

Okay, I figured they would be joining the mission. I didn’t comment on this during the previous chapters, but yeah, more worldbuilding things during this one, since they’re taking a ride, and they also mention how the weather is thunderous right now. This also tells me a bit more about how they view ground/electric-types. They’re obviously very useful for this type of mission, and also, there are some that are literally lightning rods, because of their ability. Also worth mentioning is that Arden doesn’t like boats. Playing with the fact he’s a fire-type, I see. Well, it’s real nice of Team Apex to let the kids join this expedition. Like they said, it’s going to be a great learning experience to them. I know your world is brutal, so I’m interested in seeing how this will go. That, coupled with the fact we’re basically using the same headcanon for feral mons, makes this experience a lot more fun that I thought it would be. Well, I’ll talk about the next scene now.

Hm, heh, Beck can’t walk yet. Spending so many days in the hospital did a number on him. Short scene but interesting enough for me. The walk between the town and destination had a sort of “spice” on it, meaning that you made what would normally be just the characters getting to wherever they needed to in an instant a pleasant experience to read. And the owner of the lighthouse is a Pelipper! Part of me wants to ask how the lighthouse works, but if this is just post-apocalyptic mainline world, I shouldn’t be too bothered with it, although the headcanon of using orbs is always fun to see. Well, moving on once more.

Another scene I’ll have to make a big paragraph about. Let’s do this. Okay, so this one is an interaction I haven’t seen before: Pike and Beck. The former is really, really racist against ferals, I’m sure he has reasons, maybe they hurt his family or friends before, maybe he trusted one, I really can’t tell now. What matters is that Beck is the one thing Pike can’t understand. He sees Beck as this little toy that belongs to Rye. the fact he admitted that Beck is smart proves he has had some development, although it happened off-screen. Even with said development, he’s still very much racist, and yeah, I knew he was gonna be all like “Hurt them and you’ll die”. Don’t mind it, though. He now has layers around his character. He’s willing to put his hatred aside, even for a bit. It makes me like him more.

Alright, the final scene of the chapter, and the one that sets up the next chapter. Rye had no idea about what just happened, but honestly… I think it’s a bit obvious that Pike would act like that. But maybe Rye is just an innocent character. From what we’ve seen of him, I think it makes sense for him not to question what just happened back there. Overall, great chapter.

Chapter 8

This one is all about Beck and how he’s handling being a Pokémon now. Since they’re still in the boat, I take it that the trip will be over during the next chapter, but for now, let’s explore what this one meant for Beck. He finally gets to learn how to use moves as a water-type from someone like him. The guide being a Wartortle caught me off guard, but I might have missed it during the previous chapter. Anyway, the worldbuilding here is also great, the way every Pokémon has an internal way of using their moves feels like a good explanation for me, it’s honestly shocking, really. I didn’t expect it to be like this but I’m not ranting about it. It worked, although I’m asking myself… most Pokémon can learn moves from other types, does that “Inner tide” work with said moves, or does it only work with your own type? It wasn’t really clear here, perhaps because the whole point of the training exercise was to help Beck with Water Gun, and maybe you answer this one later, but now that I’m reading it again this question came to my mind. I’m just now remembering that you said this had a lot of filler? Well I don’t know if I can consider this a filler chapter, or the previous ones, for that matter. They all have the purpose of fleshing out the setting and characters, and it’s not “hey let’s not advance the plot at all and just play along during this episode”. It serves for the greater narrative of your story and therefore are just as important as the more plot-heavy chapters. Still, this also had its fun moments, like how they just yeeted Beck to the river, how the Wartortle found it amusing that the Water Gun pushed him away, and how he was impressed that Beck is sapient. Oh yeah, also worth mentioning is that yeah, Beck does have some smart moments, his quick thinking saved everyone in the boat, so he’s the MVP of this chapter, well done. Now I’ll check out chapter 8. I’m really impressed by how good this story is, nice job.
Navarchu chapter 6 . 2/3/2021
Chapter 5

Yeah I was right. We get to meet the team. Curious how easy it is t o name a chapter after the team that gets introduced in it, I’ve done it, I’ve seen Bench do it, and I think Blazing… nah, Blazing didn’t do it. Arcanine had his reasons for making them join the guild so soon, and he’s right, they did prove themselves in the field a few days before. Team Apex reactions were also justified, considering how everyone treats ferals like garbage, it’s no wonder they would react like this whenever someone tried to make one of them join a guild. And now… I just realized something. Beck is very much like those Pokémon you beat up in the dungeon, who then join your team afterwards. This is a neat twist on the concept, since I don’t think I’ve seen any fic that explores a feral joining a team. I’m giving you kudos for this idea, and Arden is also being called by the guildmaster. I have a feeling he won’t be having a nice conversation, though…

I was kinda wrong on this one, now that Arden and Arcanine are alone in the room, we get his true motives. He’s a cunning old dog, isn’t he? Mart enough to realize that Beck is a feral right after meeting him. Really good concept there. I suppose this will play with my concept of Psychics recoveringBeck’s memories from my previous review. I mean, maybe the fact he’s a human makes it difficult for anyone to mess up his memories, or maybe they’re locked away. Those are my biggest theories right now, but eh, I might be looking at this way harder than I should be. Moving on.

I like May, she seems nice enough. This is the scene I was hoping to read since the beginning of the chapter, where we finally get to the formation of Team Reach! This is a funny scene, to me. It also makes me happy that it was Beck who picked up the team name, and uh, Horizon made me remember Guiding Light, even if the team name there was Radiance. Still, a nice scene. Now that the team’s formed, we can get to the plot parts of this story!

I’m gonna talk a bit more about this chapter because I think the final moments were neat, Beck is hoping everything will be alright, but he’s a PMD protagonist, the only time he’s gonna have some peace is right at the end of the story, I’m sure. Well, again, a great chapter! I’m at… one fourth of my review. Let’s see if I can make it to the end.

Chapter 6

First scene is very small, so my comments won’t be big either. Just a neat little moment between our main characters that makes it exciting to think about what the rest of the chapter will have. That's… all I can tell about this section.

The speech training continues, and this time beck is making some solid progress. He actually has some form of speaking his name, even if it’s still not perfect. Well, I’m a bit worried he won’t be able to have perfect speech, but to be honest this is the least impactful part of this story. I hope that didn’t sound too harsh. Because the rest of this scene has the big reveal of the first part: Beck says he’s a human. Oh boy, the team is barely formed and they’re already having a fallout. How lovely. Still, I’m sure Rye is just being anxious like he usually is, and will eventually make amends with Beck. Look, I don’t think Beck’s on the wrong here. I mean, he can’t really speak the truth until now, so Rye, while having good reasons for being this anxious about the reveal, is not entirely right. He needs to take his time to think about what to do and I know this is gonna get alright. Hopefully, yeah. Final comment on this: bold of you to make a rift in the relationship between both of them so soon. Creating tension is something that can be different for each writer. I think I said everything I wanted to about this scene. Let’s see how the rest of the chapter will develop.

Another small scene, so again, not gonna comment too much about this. I’ll just say that yeah, Rye is still upset, he’s gonna take some time to sort his feelings out… I can tell. Well, beck feels bad about what happened, but I don’t think this is a matter of black and white, who’s right and who’s wrong. This is more complex than that, and I respect it.

This scene… alright, I have a lot of things to talk about this particular scene. Brace yourself. This will be a long paragraph. Okay, so in this one we get to see Rye’s thoughts on this entire ordeal, while also knowing a bit more about his backstory. There's obviously a reason why he’s so anxious, and it has something to do with this “Dill” person. Maybe… maybe Dill was the partner of a human? Would explain why they’re so interested in humans. Anyway, I think Rye just became more relatable for me, someone that seems to think of himself as worthless. It makes it easier for the reader to root for him, and to want him to be friends with Beck again. His struggles are not forced, they feel organic and work for the plot that you’re making. Well, I don’t see any villains for now, however, the highest point of these chapters so far is the relationship between Beck and Rye. Again, Again, I want to see how they’re gonna fix the broken relationship they now have. It might take some time, or maybe at the end of this chapter, but I’m excited either way.

And I was right, they did fix everything by the end of this chapter. I see in the notes that you edited this chapter. Well, I have no idea what the previous version of it was like, but I can say you did an amazing job with it! I’ve said more than enough things. Chapter 7 is a go.
Navarchu chapter 4 . 2/3/2021
Hi Sud, Navar here. Like I promised, I’ll be reviewing Quenched Torch today. My style is just me giving thought on each of the scenes the chapters ahs, as I’m… not a great critic. I should probably warn you that this review will be LONG. I’ll probably break FFN’s limit again, so don’t freak out if you see stuff like, four reviews. I’m planning to review the first 20 chapters, going each by each. Alright, I think I’m pretty much done with the explanations, so with that out of the way, I’ll start now.

Chapter 1

So! The first scene we get in the chapter introduces us to… not the main character. A bold move you had there, I’ll admit. Instead, we get to meet one quilava who’s just pissed. This scene shows a lot, the mission, how Arden acts, what his teammate, May, is and how she acts. It’s a nice bit of storytelling, because not only did I find them interesting, I know that their team was once great and renowned. However, this seems to have changed as of the present day. Pike is also introduced… He seems a bit more calm than Arden, but not as witty as May seems to be, and is also a Swellow, so that’s neat. There’s also another character, Rye. Now Rye seems to be lost inside the dungeon, and now I’ll go to the next scene…

Rye is, right off the bat, a relatable character. He’s terrified, anxious and pretty much made me like him during the first scene he’s in. A Treecko! Well, despite him being so… anxious, he’s still a heroic character, jumping in the river to save someone he doesn’t even know, like, he has no way of knowing it’s a feral or a sapient mon. Despite not knowing this, Rye has morals and wants to rescue that Pokémon, whoever it might be. It just makes him even more of a good character, considering this is the first chapter, really, it’s impressive. This tells a lot about him as well. It’s also the last scene in the chapter, so by setting up the mystery of who this Pokémon is, it makes the reader want more of the story. In other words, the first chapter does its job of making the reader engaged. It’s a pretty short chapter, but size doesn’t matter. It’s “quality over quantity” here.

To finish things off, I like how you handled the descriptions during the first scene, especially the heat thing. Yeah, fire-types are resistant to it, it’s obvious, but they’re RESISTANT, not immune! It’s a nice bit of worldbuilding you added. This is a good prologue to the story(should I consider it a prologue or an actual chapter? I have no idea, but I’m being stupid here). Lastly, I read this chapter before because of the book club, but reading it again made me appreciate this beginning more than I did before. Alright. This should settle things for this chapter. I’ll be heading to the other one now.

Chapter 2

Okay. The point of view shifted from a third-person perspective to first-person. That’s fair. Now we finally get to meet the protagonist of this story… by using the quiz section from the PMD games. Unlike the games, however, he really only answers one question before getting back to the living world. Sadly, this small section doesn’t tell me a lot, but the rest of the chapter certainly does. I just wanted to make a comment on this part of the chapter because I’m dividing the review by scenes. Now I’ll talk about the next scene.

This world is way more darker than the games… not a problem for me. I like darker stories more anyway. Now! Coming back to the plot, Rye managed to rescue the Oshawott… who’s really a human, trapped in an alien body and who can’t talk anymore. Obviously, the biggest question is: why? Why did this happen? And sure, that question might be answered later on the story, but I’m considering only the first two chapters for this story. Rye names the feral and this interaction shows how the world treats ferals: well, like nothing, I guess. Rye is the first to give Beck a chance, another heroic act for him. Although he might not notice it, Rye has what it takes to be a savior, or rather, a beacon of hope. Anyway, they meet up with Team Apex and there are three distinct reactions to Beck: Pike, who’s… not-racist, Arden, who’s really impressed with Rye, and May, who’s… well, she’s more worried about the flock of Zubat who’s chasing them. Fair enough, it’s better to think about Beck once they’re safe. For now, they need to leave the dungeon. So this chapter will give the first exploration of the story. Let’s see how this goes.

...I have no idea how long a “mile” is. The disadvantages of not being american, I guess. Uh, that was something. Back to the plot; the Zubat seem way more threatening that I think they could be, ferals who are sucking on some random Sawsbuck’s corpse. Again, this world is really dark. It kinda fits with how Beck wanted it to be “less of a shithole”. This scene has some really good tension. Considering we just met an intelligent feral, seeing some that are, for lack of a better word, normal shows the discrepancy between how said ferals act. Beck is the exception in this whole thing. And, of course, it all goes to shit when one Zubat notices them. The tactic used by Team Apex was great, and the name fit as well. Now the chapter ends with Beck actually doing something to protect Rye. It is a nice parallel, because both risked their lives for one another, even without knowing each other very well. They’re already shaping up to be a good team. Now, on to chapter three.

Chapter 3

Hm, three days have passed since the last chapter, and Beck was hurt pretty bad. Interesting, they didn’t leave him to die in that dungeon? I guess Rye was pretty convincing for the others to let him heal Beck, or maybe it’s because, you know, Rye is alive because of Beck. Anyway, an Audino nurse is something pretty common, I’m not worried about it tbh, but looks like Beck has a scar now. Apart from that, there’s another detail about the world I really liked: the lung part. Being a water-type means you get to be underwater for a longer period of time. Beyond that, I also like how amnesia is so easy to treat. Do all Psychics have this ability, or are just the most trained ones? I’m inclined to think of the latter, because otherwise it wouldn’t have that good tension if all Beck needed to do to recover his memories was to find some random Alakazam in the town. Speaking of the town… Arcanine runs the guild. Gee, I really love Arcanine, I hope he’s a good guy and is not some villain. Somehow it’s pretty common for politicians to be these evil, corrupted people. Maybe you’ll surprise me by not doing that. Overall, nice scene. I don’t really have anything to talk about this anymore, so I’ll be moving on.

Now we get to see more Beck and Rye. After they were done with the hospital stuff, they can talk more now. Rye, of course, wants to help Beck. I like Rye a lot. He’s an interesting character. Beck, on the other hand, has nobody. No friends, no family, no body, and because of that, he feels tempted to take Rye’s offer and be with him for a little longer. This doesn’t feel forced to me, he’s at a low point in his life. Of course he’s gonna accept it, and Rye is also offering to help him, that’s another reason to make him accept it. Now this should be enough of my thoughts over this chapter. It was great like the previous two chapters, I’m gonna read four now. Thanks for writing this. The cast is already growing on me even with so few chapters. It just means your writing is good enough to make me care for them in such a short time. Good work.

Chapter 4

Starting it off with the speech training Rye is giving him. It didn’t work at once, but Beck is making progress, slowly, but surely, yeah, he’s improving. This is a short scene so I won’t be able to comment on it that much. However, what I can say is that they also seem to be developing their relationship as friends. With enough time and effort, Beck could talk soon! And to finish it off, Arden shows up, so now we actually get to see the Arcanine guildmaster the previous chapter has been alluding to. This should prove to be fun, if he’s… well, not evil.

Carrying Beck like a baby is so funny for no reason, I love it so much. I forgot he got severely hurt in that dungeon and for a moment I thought this was like Arc in Shatter. Needless to say, I was being stupid. Alright, descriptions, like before, gave me a good way of imagining how the guild looks like. Good work with that. So now we meet another team, one that sounds like a bunch of pricks. Clearly, that’s the goal here, so I’m not complaining about it. This also gives us a glimpse at the world, because we’re able to know how fast news goes in this setting. This must be a small town if that’s a thing. Well, just a theory for now. Time to finally meet Arcanine!

So Arcanine has a small room, and… yeah, you know what I’m gonna mention here. Human bones. Jesus, I’m not sure how this will be important later, but it must mean something since you drew attention to it. Not only that, but this also confirms the thing where “it’s post-apocalyptic”, or at the very least, humans existed in this world. The fact Beck can recognize most of the artifacts Arcanine has means he has at least an understanding of how humans lived. Now,a s for the dog himself… I want to pet him. And boop his snoot. And give scritches. He's shiny! Well, how adorable. Arcanine is one of my favorite Pokémon so I’m a bit biased during this scene, lol. This is the final scene of the chapter, Arcanine has an imposing presence, but he’s not threatening as one could assume. He seems supportive of Beck and Rye, considering he’s offering them to form an exploration team. So this leaves us in a cliffhanger… I think. Next chapter should have the formation of the main team for this story. Beck and Rye, like I mentioned before, have a great dynamic. It has some nice room for improvement, and I can have the general idea of Beck’s arc(learning to talk, or at least to speak a bit more other than “shaaa”). I’ll continue reading now.
Team Ion chapter 45 . 2/1/2021
I got to say, 45 chapters in one year is damn impressive.

Chapter 45

Simple may be happy, but it may not be fulfilling.

It's amazing how little time the story acts in. Impressive, really.

Very crazy, they are. The craziest.

Either they're crazy, or it's true. Either/or is pretty likely.

If he can't write... can he read? Can his mother read? I hope so.

Probably nuts, but they're good people. And they've given him trust now, so... things are looking up!

Hee-hee-hee. Letters to Sinni.

Hahahahaha. I love the teasing he gets for this, Beck and now Mavy! Bonding.

I wonder how Mavy feels about that cost. He thinks he's worth a lot, sure, but he says not that much. So... I bet he's covering up with some bluster.

Here's hoping indeed.

The rumours are surprisingly accurate in some places.

Ah, Team Asshats. Been a while.

Joy. How does the resident Team Skull remain employed with the guild?

Is that- Arc!? You sneaky-sneak. Heheheheheh. Nice.

Also, oof. Poor thing.

Hahahha. Mavy is trying, but the wrong... everything.

Being in a sack is about as neat as Raticate can make it.

Well that's nice. Good on Luxio.

Hahahaha. Going so well until his feet betrayed him.

Hehehehehehehe. Fashionably late. I love it.

May is the only nice person in this guild, I swear.

Well, Arcanine's alright and Audino is much nicer this time around.

Something 'emerged'? Oh boy.

Just spacing out does this? Oh dear.

Ah... Xatu, forever watching.

Your Oshawott? Who is causing these visions and why does Xatu... very interesting this is.

Xatu banished it? But Beck's still there? AH OH NO!

Xatu is explaining. They are in an interesting place. He knows humans weren't so great, but still believes them to be better. Glory at a cost.

And he apologised? Huh. I... uh... ah... he... I don't understand!

Aether Foundation!? It has the orb? But that's not gooooooood.

Wish to return home? A question indeed. Not along in homesickness? Hm

Place where there is no darkness... like the 'Caverns of Being' on SUN minor?

Continue on the path as it is now. So, I think I remember his future sight being limited because the future in general is so discordant. Can see the possible results of certain actions, but actions in the moment can be wildly different? My favourite kind of future sight, that is.

They are being attackeed. A lot of mon's aren't going to be okay after that.

Shit is going DOWN!

Hmm. What are they doing? Trying to get Reach in trouble and also fucking with Apex? Don't steal the dud orb, please.

Also... they seem to recognise. Who is this?

Murkrow... Murkrow...

A year to get to this point. Very. Impressive.

So where does things go from here? A new expedition is coming up, Xatu continued to perplex me. He's so... brutal and yet so... I can't say he's nice. But... I get it? He's polite. I like polite. He apologised, he does... strange things. Like, yeah, the group he's in obviously has an interest in Beck and getting on his good side is a thing but it feels... genuine. Very confusing, I like it a lot though. Keeps me guessing.

Mavy knows, and he's made a bit of a foe of Arden. Pike is still Pike. May remains the one nice person ever known in the world. And she might have had the most shit in her upbringing! Good Lass May. Although if Arden is human then there exists some justification for his unyielding dickishness.
Maybe that's why he and May pretend like they aren't in a relationship (or somehow actually aren't) because he, understandably, has a bit of a tough time with the whole former-human and she's-not thing? Hmm. That could be it...

Team AssAss is being ass again, trouble as usual then. I feel like we know Murkrow, but I can't remember. They reacted to the names of BOTH teams. Apex, sure, but Reach is new and pretty unknown.

Either way! Things get getting intense now! And I continue to love it all.
Team Ion chapter 44 . 2/1/2021
Chapter 44

A curse so terrible, so vindictive, it would ruin you. The curse? Knowlede~

I'm glad Beck is now reflecting on how strange it was that he was tugged towards it.

A map! Very good find it was.

Arcanine is excited? Oh my!

Map through... 'that' indeed?

That's a nice thing for Mavy to say.

Poor Mavy, forever left out of the the know.

The sad, poor Beck.

Maybe Arden and him can talk? Or not.

Hahahahahahahaa. I like Pike a lot of the time. Bringing alcohol along too, the devious mons.

Leading to Sinnoh... oh. Oh. OOh.

He needed that cry. Even if he needs a lot more. I wonder if it was Arden who tried to approach or something else?

What kind of nightmare was THAT? And damn the day is really piling it onto Beck.

So there's Arden. Kicking the ground which a quadruped wouldn't really do.

Oh no "ah'll get the map" that's Mavy's dad isn't it!?

Yeah a drunk group is just... not ideal when you've got a linoone in your midst.

Uh oh. He's Mavy's DAD!


The panic! I almost can't read further than Arden's deman of who sent them. Because... ooooof.

Oh dear. It was even worse. He didn't get the map though, did he?

Okay, good. They've still got it.

Arden, however... not happy.

At least they are more than willing to do what they need to, to keep Mavy with them. Arden probably understands, even if he's not happy about it.

Aww. He's leaving.

Okay, good, they convinced him. They better tell him about Beck soon though.

Pfffft. Daddy issues. Of course MAVY would say that.

Oh? Tell? Yes!

Tell! Hooray! Mavy not even knowing what humans are probably... helps.

Truly a curse of knowledge though. The map. The father. The human.
Team Ion chapter 43 . 2/1/2021
Chapter 43

Hop scotch, paddlewack, toss an otter a bone~

Time to go IN.

They sure do keep coming back to this place.

How does he know what a subway tunnel was? HUMAN!

Hah, book of horrors.

Good, don't blow this one up unless you need to.

Gear Terminal...

Ooh, Mavy doesn't know what a human is. Interesting.

They weren't 'all bad' and she sure does know quite a bit about humans.
For a 'pokemon'.

Hahahaha. Sassy inner Beck is glorious.

Hmm. See, it's things like that. Knowing the Daedalus story is a bit more... in-depth than just knowing the language or some history.

Pshahahaha. Arden will keep raising the score until he wins it.

And he knows that gun beats everything! Human-Human-HUMAN.


well that's horrific.

Unlikely to be anyone Beck knew, but... I get what he means.

I bet there would be a cubone nest down here.

A stadium? A buried STADIUM? Oh... wow.

Arden was in a bit of a daze too? I imagine seeing all these humans would be giving him a similar feeling to Beck.

Nimbasa City, Unova.

The Sun Stone is a clever use though. I really like that. May have to steal that...

Dig up Kyurem? Oh boy.

Arden's awkward attempts at 'trying' are so strange. It's like... is he only doing it because Arcanine told him too, or he is actually trying to help since he knows what it's like? Well, not being a feral but...

Jeez Arden. You got issues 'mon.

What's he found?

Heavy stuff Beck. Everyone in that picture is long gone.

Pffthahahahah. Clever use of that move, but that's amazing.

I really do like that though. I'll talk a bit on why at the end of the chapter.

Pffft. Always with the grenades, aren't you, Beck?

A car park. Creepy.

Something or someone? Please don't tell me Xatu's waiting down in the car park like a creepy creepersome?

Hah. Detective Pikachu. Love it.

Thanks indeed. He did help.

That's interesting how the badges work though.

Hah. Car, carriage, automobile. I wonder what stories Arden told Rye about them? I wonder why?

Could be something after all. Oooh. But Beck needs it.

Pshahahahaha. Arden trying, and failing, to defeat the superior treecko. Fantastic.

A map? Ooooh.

What the FUCK did they find? The Caves of Being? Some interference on Beck for sure.

Three weeks is pretty solid for the longest gap. I've done worse.

So, one thing I wanted to mention was how well the story jumps from comedy to serious with a seamless transition. The boneyard gave me a genuine nauseated feeling of just... whatever Beck was feeling, although nowhere near as real of course. Which came right after Arden used Gun. Then, later on, Mavy using Baby-Doll Eyes returned things to a light hearted feeling, which Beck even notes. Once they are in the car park it gets creepy again. It's really had to make that kind of transition at all, let alone do it without making things feel 'off' but you do it perfectly well. Light, then dark, then light, then dark. It just worked really well and I had to say it.
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