Reviews for Star Wars: A Penumbral Path
MattKennedy chapter 60 . 9/3
Yay for learning a new way to view/understand the Force. :)
MattKennedy chapter 59 . 8/15
Nice to see Jorel getting more practice in with Healing. :)
Tony McNucklz chapter 58 . 8/2
I'm quite interested in seeing what Lucien thinks of everything once he comes back.
MattKennedy chapter 57 . 7/4
Love the apathy take on combatting the Dark Side. Gives a whole new meaning/understanding of Jedi stoicism.
Tony McNucklz chapter 57 . 7/2
Yup, I'd say Er'izma was definitely pissed.
Was so looking forward to the finisher to the Lab scene, and it didn't disappoint. Excellent fight, a real lovecraftian touch of horror to it, and all with an air of plague and a mad superpowers scientist to vanquish. Very well crafted, and concluded. I imagine Er'izma's infiltrators started tracing connections to that prison before the first bolt was fired, and I expect that with Er'izma's experience he'll be looking for signs of further labs and such, and will be moving very quickly. That lab really is a smoking gun, and leaves a hard trail to follow, which he can blitz to all involved. I would imagine that with his experience it won't actually be long until the investigation from that end is complete.
Man, excellent, EXCELLENT action scenes.
MattKennedy chapter 56 . 6/15
Yay for Anais finally figuring out how to manipulate an element! :)
dswiller80 chapter 56 . 6/15
after reading this chapter, i just stood up and walked around and thought what just happened! this is so exciting! i realized that i needed to reread the intro chapters to the school starting in 31 and MIND BLOWN with the potential. the.. totem? the blood claw, inherently aggressive and this antler more defensive. with the statement that two Totems? could be aligned? together... MIND BLOWN. what this means for her jedi training when she denied trying from Draconis and secured the ability to stay and train at the academy. will it cause Problems with Lucian? with the jedi? still, you have put together one heck of a story i can't wait to see how this awesome story fits in with the clone wars since the little hint at the beginning of book two about how far from the clone was the story takes place. at first i wasnt so sure about having two congruent storylines, but you have done an awesome job with hose two stories again we'll done.
Tony McNucklz chapter 56 . 6/15
Whoops, methinks the lady has a scolding coming her way. DON'T do anything the locals do was a pretty clear instruction.
Tony McNucklz chapter 55 . 6/8
I hate that I now have to wait 2 updates for the next scene.
MattKennedy chapter 55 . 6/2
Yay for Jorel figuring out he was subtly being corrupted and mostly getting it out. :) Love that he and Hisku were able to prop each other up so to speak. Looking forward to them kicking some proper ass now.
Tony McNucklz chapter 54 . 5/13
Yeah, leaning more and more towards her being a nightsister.
Tony McNucklz chapter 53 . 5/13
Jesus, what the hell did they find? It almost seems like a sith alchemy setup.
Tony McNucklz chapter 52 . 5/13
That was... a SPECTACULAR action chapter. Five stars. Superb. Well. Damned. Done.
Tony McNucklz chapter 50 . 5/12
I can't help thinking this friendship may wind up being a lesson in being prepared for betrayal. The fact this bounty turned up the same day she was told she wasn't attending the festival makes me think it's either a trap, or else it's the headmaster inventing a way to isolate her for a week for protection, and the girl really is what she presents herself as.
Tony McNucklz chapter 49 . 5/12
The fact that their limited number of front line fighters aren't getting a share of that bacta is quite suggestive of less noble purposes by at least some higher ups, but not conclusively.
The welcoming dude was bad enough, but could in fact be explained as an alliance of tolerated necessity, for now. The leader on the other hand is giving signs of being extremly manipulative, particularly the clear difference in feelings and presented mannerisms. This could indicate a shrewd leader, but really you can only get a good read on them by weighing their actions, since you can't trust their words.
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