Reviews for Awakening
BlazeStryker chapter 11 . 11/20
Headbastards Must Die.
Don't even care why.

While well told, says I,
Headbastards Must Die.
SMB chapter 2 . 11/13
That's right about moRon and you aren't pointing that out to moRon or anyone else while also completely f**king up Harry and Hermione getting together. You keep stopping him from saying two simple f**king words and it's been over a f**king month! I actually don't want to read the rest because you're stringing the f**king thing out so goddamn far that it's f**king annoying!
RicFule chapter 12 . 10/26
Why is Harry STAYING at the Dursley's? Sure, let them take him home. But after that?

"Dobby! Can you get my trunk? We're moving to Grimmauld."
Guest chapter 7 . 10/17
She needs to stop doing shit behind his back. What is so hard about not betraying his trust? She didn’t learn when she did it last time and she did it again. She also needs to be more understanding of the pressures and stress Harry is under. She isn’t under those same stresses or facing the same challenges. There is a difference between the one directly facing the hardships and being the one who supports. Different challenges, different stresses. Hermione needs to back off on her need to control everything.
lawshark chapter 13 . 9/26
This is a great story - I really hope you write a sequel as there are so many great places for this to go!
blcoachmac chapter 9 . 9/12
Dam, should have brought peter back but I hope you got plans to clear Sirious!
blcoachmac chapter 8 . 9/12
Somebody's in for a bad day at the office!
blcoachmac chapter 1 . 9/12
Here's to dome serious arse kicking! Let tbe bodies hit the floor! Maybe recruit Luna and Daphne to help!
The Morphin' Physic4ist chapter 12 . 7/28
I don't get this story. Twelve chapters of essentially cannon. That's it. Very little change at all. What was the point? We arrive at the end of fourth year where it is now expected to diverge into the Adventure/Romance advertised in the synopsis and it ends with a whimper.
teedub chapter 2 . 5/4
I've come to a conclusion that Ron is the type of friend you have beers with at the pub while watching a game. That's it. Maybe he would help a mate move house but only if he's bribed quite generously and would probably slack off on the work. He's not an dependable or trustworthy friend. "What's in it for me" is his motto.

So long as one recognizes and accepts his limitations, then he wouldn't be awful to hang around with I suppose. Just know that he would totally turn his back and betray someone the moment he's inconvenienced in any way. Not a secret keeper type of friend for sure.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 9 . 4/24
Yes! The ones he did manage to get deserved it. I sure hope he realizes he did nothing wrong by defending himself!
stacygrrl2002 chapter 2 . 4/24
Ron is an idiot. A product of his society and family beliefs. A product of his bigotry, blatant( Slytherin) and unknowing ( muggles and girls). Ron is comic relief. Ron is lazy. Ron is greedy and jealous and a glutton. Now, what bad things can I say about Ron?
RanmaHime chapter 13 . 3/22
*swoon* They're so cute!
krissty chapter 2 . 3/11
it was amazing, truly a masterpiece!
Loveless Demon chapter 10 . 3/4
People always forget that Harry is a child who faces death year after year. He survived no matter what.
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