Reviews for There's no other way!
Guest chapter 24 . 8/13
Love to hear from you again, cant wait for the next capter :)
MarJan53 chapter 24 . 8/10
I bet Neal is taking the whole WC team with him
Macy chapter 24 . 8/10
Thanks for the next chapter! I hope you are safe and sound in those times, and so is everyone else reading these stories. I am happy that you will finish this fic, although I would love to see much more than only one more chapter, I understand the need to move on as a writer. This has been a pleasure to read! I hope seeing more stories of yours in the future! Take care
AltanKatt chapter 24 . 8/9
Exciting and emotional as always. Well done.
Dobby and Padfoot chapter 24 . 8/9
Great chapter. Thanks so much for updating. :)
Guest chapter 23 . 8/7
Please, please, please update
Guest chapter 23 . 8/2
I loved it hope you’ll update soon
Macy chapter 23 . 7/7
Thank you for continuing with this story! Glad to see you're back
Guest chapter 23 . 7/7
Love to here that you continuing this great story
Dobby and Padfoot chapter 23 . 7/7
Great chapter! Go Moz and Neal. Time to escape. I wonder how long it will tie for them to make it back to Peter. Thanks for the update. :)
AltanKatt chapter 23 . 7/7
Thank you for continuing the story.
rosayago65 chapter 22 . 5/31
Neal is a clever boy. He deserves to be loved, at least his father has done something good.
Guest chapter 22 . 5/31
Love this chapter. Can’t wait for the next one x
Dobby and Padfoot chapter 22 . 5/30
It’s finally all coming together for Peter, and he finally knows about Keller. I hope he can rescue Neal and Mozzie, because I don’t think that Keller is going to be happy that Neal brought him a forgery. Thanks for the update! :)
Justanotherreaderonline chapter 21 . 5/26
Sorry this review probably won’t be very helpful because I don’t have any advice/criticism. I love this story so much - please keep on writing it. I finished it in a day and I just wanted to say you’re a really great writer.
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