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Amaiko chapter 13 . 5/18/2006
This really is a lovely fic, and it's a shame that it's apparently dead, but as you said, real life gets in the way. *sighs*

This is probably the best first-person Quistis/Seifer fic I've ever read, and I really enjoy the way you write them. Thanks for at least putting up what's here, even if it's not finished.
crimsonscorpion chapter 6 . 8/23/2005
this is getting good!
sulou chapter 13 . 8/8/2004
oh no...but you haven't updated this for so long! Are you still planning to finish it? It's such a wonderful story, I really hope you haven't forgotten about it.

I'm adding you to my author alert list, but I seem to remember you mentioning in an a/n that you post on a forum somewhere. Can anyone join? Oh well, I'll look forward to tracking your updates (thinking positive thoughts now) either here, or there. . .sulou
sulou chapter 3 . 8/7/2004
I don't know how I missed this story before! By the end of this chapter I found myself sitting on the edge of my chair. And since pictures say a thousand words, the image of me sitting on the edge of my chair should be more than enough to give you an idea of what I think of your story so far. . .

Well, gotta go, so I can read the next chapter!
Lolo chapter 13 . 6/4/2004
Very very very VERY *AHH* SO GOOD! *dies*. This is the best Quiefer I've ever read and I really hope you continue soon! Please update this soon! XD
Shortey chapter 13 . 4/10/2004
Your fic is sounding really great. I hope you won't forget this one and update as soon as it's good for your time. I've read this fic before but I decided to revisit it again. Your writing's plausible which is why I like it a lot. Keep up the good work and don't lose hope!
Shimizu Hitomi chapter 13 . 2/13/2004
Keep it going, girl! We're all eagerly awaiting your update. _
*waves hi to fellow Californian*
I swear, and I really mean it, this is one of the BEST Seifer/Quistis stories out there. It ties with altol's "Fire and Ice" at the very top of my list - that's how much I love it. I love the style and the tone of the story: it reads very smoothly, and never makes me want to skip over any part of it. In fact, by the time I finished one chapter, I was already dying to go on to the next chapter. The opening, especially, just caught my attention, like *SNAP*! XD I also love the way you've characterized everyone: too often, Quistis is portrayed as a weak, lovesick girl who can't get over Squall, and who'll do anything to rip apart him and Rinoa. Quistis just totally KICKS ASS in your fic. All those spiffy battle scenes. WAAII! Likewise, I am glad you don't turn Rinoa into a whiny bitch and damsel in distress, like many RL Trepies are often fond of doing... And gods, Squall is *so* human. Just the little things, like the "misery loves company" deal a few chapters back... They make him so _human_, instead of being a total jerk. LOL. Raijin and Fuujin are so in character, with their tacit concern for Seifer and everything... And Seifer. Gods. Without even degenerating into any major angst sessions you have already managed to make me feel for him SO MUCH. Wowwowwow. I love your Seifer. Arrogant, yet sensitive. "Changed", yet still the same. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find an author who can write post-Ultimecia Seifer SO DAMN WELL? Gods... I am in the land of ULTIMATE BLISS right now... I'm SO GLAD I found your story... GODS... XD XD XD XD XD I am SERIOUSLY crying TEARS OF JOY... WAAHH... *dies*
(Yes, Hitomi is insane.)
Good luck with your jobs, with this fic, with life in general, and hope you update soon! (VERY soon :-P!) Thanks for sharing this AWESOME fic with us, and not giving up on it even after three years! (! XD)
Sheylan chapter 13 . 6/18/2003
Your story has me trying to wait patiently.

I can understand about real life sucking.

Try five jobs, full time college courses, and trying to keep up with friends.

I resorted to taking caffiene pills so I could write.

Then I went overboard.

Now I have one job, full time classes, friends, and a habit of reading fics at three am in the morning.


I truly do like your story. When you update. I will read. I promise.
twenty-four cent chapter 13 . 6/16/2003
hey hey!

love tha story!1

keep tha seiftis going

i understand bout exams and all even me have

keep tha alive... dam am i nerdy or whut?

newayz... keep tha peace and tha story gon on cuz i really think its tyte and now i gots to go..

God Bless -

rendezvous chapter 13 . 6/15/2003
Ack. And I thought you updated.

O well. I sympathize. Hope to see some stuff soon!
twenty-four cent chapter 1 . 6/15/2003
Quistis88 chapter 12 . 6/14/2003
Wow! An update! Wonderful! Poor Laguna though . . . the poor, poor man. Please keep writing!
Shiro chapter 14 . 5/15/2003
Man, this is killing me! You write this amazing fanfic, post a few cliffhangers, create a sudden turn of events and then you fall off the edge of the earth. You need to post another chapter, my sanity is depending on it!
Noacat chapter 14 . 3/20/2003
You writee more, yes? If not, I will die. Okay, not really. But I just HAD to be dramatic. Peep!
Noacat chapter 12 . 3/20/2003
*sniff* That was so sad. . . . .*sob*
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