Reviews for Thicker Than Water
GabbyKec'grf chapter 10 . 11/28/2003
Wonderful Story I love it!
WriterJC chapter 1 . 11/9/2003
great story! :)
Fluffy Cat chapter 10 . 5/21/2003
I don't think you can call this one a fanfic, it's more like a two-part episode or a full fledged TRACKER movie! Thank you, Blue for giving us an exciting episode with all kinds of drama, action, emotion and thrills. We can feel Mel and Cole's mixed emotions over the child and their relationship. You have fleshed out characters with all kinds of nuances. The gentle Cole always appeals to the readers and you have served him up generously. I liked all of it, but especially Mel and Cole "waking up" together. You know Fluffy Cat, always going for the romantic moments...unless there's a comedic one. Thanks again. Write more please.