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Guest chapter 59 . 5/31
Can I make a suggestion? You should look at What if Shenron was A Z Fighter? by Masako X Because that story is awesome and see if it can be implemented here.

Now if you look at that series then you need to look at these ideas. First of if this happens Shenron would be a Dragon among Dragons that would be approaching Super Shenron in terms of power. Speaking of divine powers and Dragons I have a few suggestions for the story.

First off I would also love to see Shenron first develop all the techniques of the Shadow Dragons along with Kami's abilities as Guardian of the Earth and everything I asked for previously just to make him a literal Force of Nature.

Second, Maybe Shenron also trains and gains the powers and techniques of the Lesser Kai's like King Kai, and also the Supreme Kai's just to be a better protector of Earth and also a more powerful warrior that the Earth needs. Maybe that can happen before the Majin Buu Saga. Also if Shenron gets better training with more God Ki in Dragon Ball Super he would become a more Divine being than Kami when he had the Throne of Guardian of Earth.

Third please let this story enter Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Daima, and also take some elements of Dragon Ball GT and make Shenron face down the Shadow Dragon's. But as a downside he also faces down Shadow Dragons born from not only the Negative Energy of the Dragon Balls but also Shenron's human and God Ki and his Divine Dragon Powers and Guardian of Earth's Abilities.

That would make the story be far more personal for Shenron as these are technically his children and maybe he tries to redeem some of them which can happen. This is also an example to the Z Fighters of what happens if the Dragon Balls and also Shenron himself is misused.
yoto chapter 59 . 5/27
bon chapitre
Neoverna636 chapter 17 . 5/21
I have a feeling about Kale in this story, from being referenced in a tfs joke to her actual appearance, its going to be interesting.

But any how, Kale's power level, she likely has a high power level. How do I know, its just speculating, but here's my reasons:

1. Raditz and Renso mention there were 5 other sayians who were stronger than them which includes Kale, which means Kale likely has a high power level. Raditz also mentions how Kale is prone to go on a rampage in her Ikari state, something which happens to Broly which Paragus mentions in the Broly movie. This means Kale was born with a high power level just like Broly.

2. Vegeta kept her around in his group. I know somebody or more people will say "but Kale is a female sayian, he needs her to rebuild his kingdom". Yes that is one thing but keep in mind Kale has a timid personality something that Vegeta would not like to see in a sayian woman and likely wouldn't want his children to inheret her timid deminer, also Freeza likely keeps a keen eye on her to make sure that she isn't bred by any of them.
If Kale was weaker with a power level in 2000's or 3000's with a timid personality, Vegeta wouldn't have hesitated to kill her for being seen as weak.

3. Story dynamic with Caulifla, Kale has to have her friendship with Caulifla happen in the story, likely around Namek/Freeza saga, with Kale showing care towards GohanMenra before and after the battle with Freeza on Namek.

Those were my reasons. but what is the number on her power level, I would say between 14,500 to 16,000. 14,500 is a lower estimate to make it were she's still stronger than GokuCaulifla after their 8 month training on King Kai's planet, 16,000 is to show see is strong but not as strong as Vegeta.

But my question is how did she end up with Vegeta's crew and why she acting soo hollow.
Kale, just like Broly, was born with a high power level, but unlike Broly was never found out by King Vegeta, and was sent off planet to keep her safe. Later after Planet Vegeta's destruction, Vegeta and Nappa found her on a planet they were sent to conquer, suprised a little girl had a high power level. But when they took her along with them they saw how timid she was, and tonot waste a potential warrior and "breeder" they just abused her; Nappa and the others verbially, Vegeta physically as he was the only strong enough to harm her, which over time she just had to go along with what happens to her and just do as they say.
Neoverna636 chapter 50 . 4/18
It's speculating time. I have a feeling that another arc is going to happen between Saiyan arc and Namek/Freeza arc,
Here are my points
1. Neither Goku or Caulifla died in their battle against Renso & Raditz. Cause if either died, either Piccolo or Chi-Chi may accidently blab about the dragon balls which would make Vegeta and his crew come to Earth to wish for immortality, Freeza listening to Vegeta's conversation would then hear about them aswell.
2. They blasted Vegeta's crews scouters.
They didn't want easdroppers which would mean Freeza would learn about the dragons later than he did in canon.
3. Yamcha didn't died.
This point is currently only being had by Yamcha not be dead, don't know if Tien, Chaiotzu, or Lanch will die later during the arc. But if non of the Z fighters die in Saiyan saga then there would be no reason to go to Namek.
is actually in the story.
We see Turles appear in the Prequel story; Mutaul Exiles, this suggest that Turles is going to appear after Saiyan saga, like he did in the movie, The Tree of Might, or something new entirely

Note take my speculating with a grain of salt, im not Overmind, so I don't know how he's going with the story
Arashi Uzukaze chapter 56 . 3/14
Hm, if Kakarot and Caulifla kept the same weight clothes from the tournament some years ago, then the weighted clothes on King Kai's world would be almost 2 and 1/4 tons! O.O
Arashi Uzukaze chapter 14 . 3/13
Roshi launching Violet like he did had me imagining Roshi say "BEGONE THOT!" .
OtsutsukiRaven666 chapter 1 . 3/8
Rest in Peace Akira Toriyama, he created one of the most iconic series EVER, he is the goat!
Neoverna636 chapter 2 . 3/8
Well, i'll say this, Goodbye Akira Toriyama, your story of Dragon Ball has brought together many people together and you help start what shonen would follow from your story.
Your story of Dragon Ball will continue on with Toyotaro and the worldwide fanbase even if your are not with us

Neoverna636 chapter 57 . 2/17
OverMind should just comment that he just put the story on hiatus, like seriously you update the story like once or twice a year at this point
Neoverna636 chapter 58 . 2/17
Goku, Caulifla, Gohan, Menra and a sayian Chi-Chi all still have their tails, they even trained there tails as well.
Read the story fully and dont just comment after reading a few pages of the story
Onetimejester67 chapter 30 . 2/16
Caulifla should have fought more
Onetimejester67 chapter 1 . 2/15
Should have kept her tail
Wasiex chapter 59 . 1/30
please release chapter 60, it's been 7 months since the last one
Neoverna636 chapter 59 . 1/29
Silverwingzz, you have to read Mutual Exiles to get the full story on why there are Saiyan survivors. But to get a jist, Bardock's crew survived there encounter with Dodoria, which gave Bardock enough evidence for King Vegeta that Freeza wants to destroy them. They opt for two opinions; Run or Fight, they opt to run but some sayains stayed behind to help King Vegeta fight Freeza to give the rest sayians escape without being noticed, so Bardock doesn't died like in canon. Also the Caulifla made it off the planet the same time this all happened, she just landed on Earth after Goku landed on earth not the same time as Goku.
Silverwingzz chapter 53 . 1/27
Bored reading this story at this point.
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