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Konomaru chapter 59 . 1/17
The story is amazing, although I still feel like there is something wrong and it doesn't convince me. The appearance of Gine and everything out of character was too out of place, that is, too out of place, you understand? I feel like it failed a little there. In that chapter I was completely enjoying what was happening and was looking forward to what was going to happen next with the encounter with God and BOOM you threw in that Gine and blablabla thing out of nowhere, completely wtf and unnecessary. I felt a sour taste instantly. I know you said that criticism and that don't matter, but sometimes it is necessary not to lose the logic in the story when you write a chapter adjusting to a coherent development, it doesn't matter if it is a fanfiction or a novel. Removing that small and sour detail from this matter, I loved your fanfiction and the couple even more, I differ with the comment that criticizes your scenes, but in the anime they don't put that much into it either, so I'm not complaining. It is an honor to read this story and at least one that brings this couple that is so underrated, more stories like this are needed. Without further filler, I look forward to the next chapter.
whytf chapter 50 . 11/25/2023
Did Vegeta and the gang just wiped out Tau?
Guest chapter 59 . 11/20/2023
Story is good so I can wait.
mmat chapter 59 . 11/5/2023
Update please
The Rocha chapter 59 . 10/26/2023
Wow so good to see this tale back!

Wait until Jica finds about Man-Wolf, now that's weird.

I was thinking something... Kale uses Ikari mode, right? Ikari is x10, just like Oozaru. No idea how strong she is, but assuming she's somewhere between Raditz's original PL and Vegeta's, this means that Ikari!Kale's power-levels will be anywhere between 12.500 to 180.000. Which makes her between 50% stronger than Nappa to stronger than Ginyu and equal to Oozaru Vegetaexcept way faster than Oozaru Vegeta (but berserk).

The BEST case here is a fight that makes Nappa look like a milk run and might trouble Goku and Caulifla, and worst case, Kale is Vegeta's nuke. Even being the average PL between Saiyans would make Kale a nightmare. HOLY FU-

Yamcha fucks up as in canon, but not as badly because Raditz is there for the same.

I find it a bit weird that you can get afterlife training while alive, and they only send two fighters instead of more.

How old is Jica? AFAIK Goku here is twenty-something. She reads as a teen here.
Is that Jica crushing on Kuririn?

It's interesting to see Tarble here having more of an attitude, but still being subdued compared to Vegeta's bombastic personality.

Raditz is screwing up here, by trying to take out all Saibamen.

The Scooter Attack was interesting. No Freeza knowledge of the Dragon Balls, therefore no Freeza invasion of Namekuzen. This might also mean Vegeta figures out ki sensing earlier, possibly during the fight.

I'm curious why Vegeta is still so belligerent, with all the reveals.

The next chapters are going to be great!
Michael chapter 59 . 10/20/2023
Please update the next chapters of this wonderful story please.
TheKaiSenpai chapter 32 . 10/20/2023
I completely missed something, didn't I?
TheKaiSenpai chapter 30 . 10/20/2023
I want to put this here before I forget it, but I can't ignore it anymore. Caulifla and Goku have no romantic chemistry. They make great friends and rivals, but you've written two confessions that go nowhere and a smattering of jokes that theu would be a cute couple, and nothing else.

It's been three years since Goku admitted his crush to Caulifla! At least write SOMETHING to the effect that they want to wait until they're older or whatever. You just randomly pick up and drop their crushes when it suits you and add nothing to their potential pairing. Not even lip service as to why they've not spoken about it in THREE YEARS. I get that romance isn't one of the tags, but at least throw them a few bones so the eventual ship doesn't just come out of nowhere!
rafu chapter 8 . 9/29/2023
Loved the fight sequence and how Caulifla managed to help Goku turn back without them losing their tails. Keep their tails!

As much as I love DBZ franchise I still miss them with their tails y'know? To me anyone with Saiyan Genes should have and keep their tails (That includes Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Pan, Bra and any future Saiyan, to me Saiyan genes should always be dominant over human ones since they're a stronger humanoid species), and their tails are their race's trait much like Namekians are green and have two antennaes.
rafu chapter 7 . 9/29/2023
As someone who likes Kame Sennin I was satisfied with this outcome, Goku using Muten Roshi's pervert mind against him, and this mistake would be something completely in character to Muten Roshi lol.
rafu chapter 6 . 9/29/2023
I'm interested in seeing how things will turn out this time.
rafu chapter 5 . 9/29/2023
Finally the ship is setting sail huh?
rafu chapter 4 . 9/28/2023
Y'know, this episode is one of my favorite out of the entire DB franchise, seeing Kame Sennin and the children training, studying and resting properly without any threat to mankind was so refreshing and also shows some respect to the old Sennin proving he's not only a old pervert, but also a master.

And now Caulifla's presence is not only being positive to Goku but also to Krillin as well, I love how they're slowly getting stronger than they canon counterparts thanks to Caulifla's presence.
rafu chapter 3 . 9/27/2023
Lol I remember that episode, it's nice seeing how Caulifla's presence is changing some things subtly.
rafu chapter 2 . 9/27/2023
What I love about this story is that I'll "rewatch" OG DB (one of my favorite animes) with some twists thanks to Caulifla's presence.
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