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BrianShooter672 chapter 59 . 9/22/2023
Well just recently read the entire Chapter from the Beginning. All i can said it caught my Interested. I'm definitely looking forward for the next Author and By the way

1. Well since Raditz probably gonna end up with Chichi in the Future, as for their Kids name. How about Ranch, Muli and Daikon. From Dragon Ball RR, and it would be interest to See Caulifla and Chi-Chi beige Sister in Law.

2.I got some idea for Future Pairing, Incase you decided to let Nappa live in your fiction after Goku or Caulifla arrived and defeat him. No doubt the two of them would save him from being kill by Vegeta Dirty Fireworks. How about Nappa with Tights Briefs AKA Bulma Sister incase your going to Pair Vegeta and Bulma during the Start of The Android Saga and it would be kinda ironic for Vegeta and Nappa end up being Brother in Law. This idea was inspired by DeviantArt and check Dragon Ball Jeanne and Choy on Google.
Thunder Dragon chapter 59 . 9/16/2023
I have a challenge that you may like.

Heroes and Legends of the East.

First Franchise. Boku No Hero Academia. My Hero Academia.

Second Franchise. Xi You Ji aka Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en.

Third Franchise, Touhou Project.

It is rated T.

Genre Fantasy/Adventure

Heroes and Legends of the East Part 1: The World of the Story.

The World of the story is a merger of the story of Journey to The West, Touhou Project and My Hero Academia. I would like you to stick close to the source material and use Journey to The West as a Template for World Building and for Sun Wukong's past adventures and all of his powers and abilities as well as his old enemies and allies. Do not go with the abridged versions.

I would also look at – A Supplement to the Journey to the West; Dǒng Yuè, a literary spin off of Journey to The West 西遊補, written in 1640 and also – Journey to the South also called by it's native name Nan You Ji, written in the 17th-century for more of Sun Wukong's adventures. I would also look at another spin off for The Legacy of the Monkey King. That being Hou Xi You Ji Later Journey to the West

If you need information on Journey to the West see Journey to the West Research Blog and video's by these people for research purposes.

Journey to the West by Overly Sarcastic Productions. Ten Facts About Sun Wukong the Monkey King by ghostexorcist. The Monkey King by La Volpe. And finally The Monkey King by Extra Credits.
For the Books on Journey to the West for research, see Anthony C. Yu's translation of Journey to The West.

Heroes and Legends of the East Part 2: Izuku's journey. Izuku Midorya at the age 7 lost his mother and father to a villain attack but is then taken in by the folks of the Moriya Shrine who are family friends of the Midoriya Family in the story.

However when Izuku finds the Monkey King's staff Izuku meets the legend who felt that Izuku had the heart to be a hero but he needed the power to do so and Wukong gave him a watered down version of his abilities. Eventually Izuku also gains One For All after saving Bakugou Katsuki and proving himself to All Might.

For reference on how strong Sun Wukong should be in the story See DEATH BATTLE! Hercules VS Sun Wukong.

Izuku goes down the events of my Hero Academia and also some elements from Journey To the West retold as some of the Great Sages that Sun Wukong made an alliance with on Flower Fruit Mountain also return to either be secondary mentors and allies for Izuku and his team and friends or as villains for Izuku and the gang to face.

But eventually the events of the story start to deviate from cannon as more elements of Journey to The West Media being to appear in the story. For example look at Monkey King Reborn. And eventually we get some Touhou Elements such as the various Touhou Project Media such as the Touhou Project official Manga series.

Heroes and Legends of the East Part 3: Izuku and the Team's Powers and Adversaries.

When you go into cannon Izuku not only gains the powers of One For All after proving himself to All Might but Izuku also as his first taste of the life of a Hero gains a watered down copy of the powers of Sun Wukong from Journey to The West from the Monkey King himself.

For reference on how strong Sun Wukong should be in the story See DEATH BATTLE! Hercules VS Sun Wukong. Izuku Midoriya getting a form of the Monkey Kings powers also has a side effect. It causes Izuku to grow a green monkey tail and also has emerald green monkey fur across his body and also toes that can grab things.

But that is not all. Izuku under the guidance of The Monkey King also trains in the Tiger, Monkey, Crane, Snake, Leopard, Mantis, and North and South Dragon Styles of Shaolin Kung Fu.

South Dragon Style is a mashup of the various Shaolin Animal Styles. Students work on a paired striking blocking exercise and practice form techniques. North Dragon Style is different. While there are many martial arts that require acrobatic leaps, dynamic athleticism, or the strength to break boards, bricks, or other inanimate objects, Northern Dragon is not one of those arts.

Northern Dragon teaches students to stay firmly rooted on the ground, and with good reason. Being grounded to the earth allows the generation of power from the feet on up. What this means is that as an art firmly rooted in the earth, the main physical concern will be building up the strength and endurance in your legs and core muscles that will allow you to maintain a stance for longer and longer periods of time. That’s why its a practice; a discipline. Anyone can do it given the commitment to the practice.

Izuku's friends and surrogate family also have Quirks along with the mystical powers of the Pilgrims from Journey to the West and Lego Monkie Kid.

But despite all these powers and new skills their are negatives. Izuku and the gang have to deal with more enemies. As not only does Izuku have to face All for One and his lackeys and the other Villains from My Hero Academia but Izuku and the gang also have to face monsters from all of Asia's Folklore and also all the old enemies of Sun Wukong some of whom have returned from the dead to try and take over the world or they comeback just to get revenge on Sun Wukong. Also The Demon Bull Family makes a return and they are a major threat.

Also Izuku must struggle to master One For All and his new Mystic Monkey powers given to him from Sun Wukong and also learn to restrain and control himself when using them.

Also some of the Great Sages that Sun Wukong made an alliance with on Flower Fruit Mountain also return to either be secondary mentors and allies for Izuku and also as some enemies for the Monkey Squad to be closer to text of Journey to The West.

Heroes and Legends of the East Part 4: Pairings and character portrayals. Everything is like in the official media including ships so no Gender bending or changing sexuality. Everyone is as cannon like as possible.

Heroes and Legends of the East Part 5: All Might's fall and the Monsters Rise. When All Might and All For One are taken out of the picture all the secrets get out and magic makes a resurgence and the Hero World will need someone who has a foot in both worlds. Also Monsters from all of East Asia's folklore make a come back and the world is terrified of what lies in the dark. This gets the attention of the folks of Gensokyo and it is here where Izuku comes in as he has a foot hold in both worlds and has to hold the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Then things get even worse. Another down side is that Youkai from Japan's folklore make a return and also Yaoguai(Demons)from China. And they will all want to eat Izuku as they will want to gain immortality and they think eating him will do the job. Some new Villains will also want to try to steal All for One from him and also some people will try to steal Izuku Midorya's Mystical powers.

Another is that some of the Students of U.A High become slaves to the bad guys but some do so willingly and others just want to get new powers and some of the students also gain the abilities of some of the villains from Journey to the West.

Also the Demon Bull Family take over Japan and The Bull Demon King takes all of All For One's powers and the Demon Bull Family takes over his criminal empire. The Bull Demon King eventually becomes a bigger monster than what he was before.

This causes Izuku to seek out new powers to save the day and grow in power. And when Izuku is looking for help he meets up with the cast in Gensokyo who further push him to master his powers and nearing the end of his journey he eventually gains enlightenment super powers and meditates at the Myouren Temple.

For his training under both please see the various Buddhist meditation practices and Sutras and the Shaolin Monks and religious Taoist practices.

This causes Toyotomi no Miko to also train Izuku in the ways of the Taoist Sages and Taoist Immortals to have her try and show Byakuren up and prove her training is better and for Izuku to reach new levels of physical strength and new levels of mystical power by eventually gaining more enlightenment super powers and also gains Danmaku skills and also Spell Cards that reflect Izuku's journey in this story.

The obvious Enlightenment Super Powers for Izuku are Psychic Powers like: Astral Projection, Telepathy, and Levitation. But he gains more power as the training must be physically intense as well because Izuku also trains his body to incredible lengths of power. Maybe because of this training and also gaining enlightenment Izuku possibly ends up unlocking a Healing Factor and Iron Durability.

Maybe because of this training and also gaining enlightenment Izuku possibly ends up unlocking a Healing Factor, Iron Durability, and Super Strength.

I would also take some inspiration from Saint Seiya with the character of Virgo Shaka

The First ability from Shaka Izuku gets is Hāṃ (Kān): A defensive technique that creates a barrier that encircles Shaka's body. The second ability Izuku gets from Shaka is Tenma Kōfuku (Demon Suppressor): Which expands Izuku's power as a huge blast.

Now here is the last of the mystical abilities that Izuku get. You should take a look at Onmyōdō (meaning "the Way of Yin and Yang") Onmyodo is Japanese-style spell-casting. From Onmyodo Izuku's new abilities range from controlling the energy of Yin and Yang, Manipulate the Five Elements, control shikigami, and learns divination to utlizing ofuda and alchemy for the last of the mystical abilities that Izuku should get as Izuku is Japanese.

Izuku learns that art of magic from Yukari Yakumo.

Now to symbolize this growth their must be a physical transformation along with the spiritual transformation to Izuku's growth as a character. When Izuku masters himself and all of his powers he is going to undergo another transformation. After reaching enlightenment Izuku resembles a Green haired version of Dislyte's Tang Xuan/Sun Wukong and a Green Monkey Tail and Izuku gains all of the powers of Dislyte's Tang Xuan/Sun Wukong

But here is a downside. One Youkai will want to eat him even more as they will want to ascend to a higher rank as that is what happens if a Youkai eats a Taoist Immortal. The Yokai gain greater power and ascend to a higher rank in the cosmos in East Asian Folklore and in Touhou Taoist intermediaries(Not full Immortals)have to deal with the Shinigami going after their hide.

But Izuku after his mystical training not only has to worry about some Youkai trying to eat him but he has an even bigger target on his back because he has One For All and All For One and his Successor must wonder how this guy got such power. This causes Izuku to work to keep Gensokyo secret when people go snooping.

Heroes and Legends of the East Part 6: Please make sure that the story happens before some of the events of the Touhou Project games and before some of the official written works so you can implement them.

Here is a list of the written Touhou Project works.

Six artbooks have been released containing Touhou Project material. Each of these artbooks has a different theme; for example, Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red focuses on characters, while The Grimoire of Marisa is solely dedicated to different kinds of spell cards. It should be noted that Seasonal Dream Vision is semi-official; it is more of a compilation of comics from various authors, along with an original story written by ZUN himself.

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red
Extra of the Wind (comic)
Seasonal Dream Vision
A Beautiful Flower Blooming Violet Every Sixty Years (short story)
Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
Memorizable Gensokyo (comic)
The Grimoire of Marisa
Symposium of Post-mysticism
Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia

The Grimoire of Usami

Comics: Touhou Sangetsusei details the mishaps and adventures of the Three Fairies of Light as they meet various characters in Gensokyo. Touhou Bougetsushou focuses on an expansion of the events that occur in Imperishable Night, and describe a voyage to the Moon to resolve a mysterious conflict. Technically, Cage in Lunatic Runagate is a collection of illustrated short stories that give more insight into the story. Wild and Horned Hermit focuses on a new character named Kasen Ibaraki who regularly visits the Hakurei Shrine, while Forbidden Scrollery focuses on Kosuzu Motoori who works at a bookstore in the Human Village.

Lotus Eaters and Foul Detective Satori are still ongoing last I checked, while the rest are completed.

Touhou Sangetsusei
Eastern and Little Nature Deity
Fairy of the Moon (short story)
Strange and Bright Nature Deity
Oriental Sacred Place
Visionary Fairies in Shrine
Touhou Bougetsushou
Silent Sinner in Blue
Cage in Lunatic Runagate (short story series)
(Inaba of Moon & Inaba of Earth)
Wild and Horned Hermit
Forbidden Scrollery
Lotus Eaters
Foul Detective Satori


Strange Creators of Outer World is the first official Touhou Project Magazine with full support and oversight of ZUN. Strange Articles of the Outer World is the official webzine for Touhou news and online media including interviews with ZUN, official manga, reviews, as well as serializations of unofficial fanworks.

Strange Creators of Outer World
Strange Articles of the Outer World

Curiosities of Lotus Asia was the first official supplement to the Touhou storyline. Now completed and compiled into a tankobon, each story is a standalone account of the everyday life of Rinnosuke Morichika, the owner of a small variety store specializing in items from the outside world.
PhantasmalToast chapter 59 . 9/14/2023
Very good story, read it in about a day. When's next chapter?
RDTeezy chapter 37 . 9/11/2023
Korin is white just so you know. I think you're confusing him with Puar.
ashylabto chapter 59 . 8/25/2023
something i been looking for. blessed up
Eddy chapter 59 . 7/21/2023
Another amazing chapter you make and keep up the great work and to the next chapter then.
Guest chapter 52 . 7/7/2023
What’s the point of this fanfic if all you are doing is following canon?
Guest chapter 44 . 7/7/2023
Adding chi-chi to this story was stupid. She’s even more annoying than before. Kill her off next time you write this.
Guest chapter 59 . 6/28/2023
Can I make a suggestion? It is for the Kai's.

Please make sure that Shin and Old Kai are not the only surviving Supreme Kai’s of Goku's universe. The Supreme Kai Avatars in Dragon Ball Heroes are here when Gohan becomes a teenager and they are Shin’s juniors. After the fight with Kid Buu the Supreme Kai's that were absorbed are restored and work to train the new generation of Kai's and to create life and heal the damaged universe. Between the end of Z and the beginning of Dragon Ball Super Shin’s juniors reach Super Saiyan Blue levels of power.
joshua9966 chapter 1 . 6/13/2023
I’ve always wanted to see this idea and you executed it well
Thunder Dragon chapter 59 . 6/12/2023
This was rather fun. Yamcha lives! Now I have a few ideas for the story if that is okay for you.

One is a crazy but funny Idea. Maybe goku gets a three way with Caulifa and Kale. Hey Goku would have more Super Saiyan Kids running around and potentially ones with the Legendary Super Super Saiyan genetics in their blood line. And also when the two girls fuse they could have a stronger bond and a more powerful fusion in Kefla. Make sure the two women not only love each other but they both love Goku and that is also magnified in their fused state and maybe when they are feeling frisky maybe the girls also bust out the Potara to have some fun with Son Goku.

Now here are some less crazy ideas. I would love to see the Earthlings gain greater power. Here is an idea for Tien. Let Tien get enlightenment Super Powers as According to Toriyama, Tien has achieved enlightenment and should have godlike powers, but the evil influence of the Crane Hermit prevents him from ever using those powers to their full potential.

Make Tiens arc on his path to power be about breaking away from that influence to gain the Enlightenment Super Powers and awaken to his full potential. For Yamcha maybe he learns the Kaioken and so does Krillin. Those two need more power. For Lunch, make her also train with King Kai and maybe she also learns the Spirit Bomb Technique and the Kaioken.

For Piccolo maybe he merges with the King Piccolo in Hell as Toriyama has flipped flopped if King Piccolo is in Hell or not, then Piccolo Jr merges with Nail, and Piccolo also merges with Kami to become more of a beast of a Namekian. That should give the bad guys some pause. Super Namek Piccolo anyone!

For Dende not only does he has his healing abilities but if he comes around make him learn Magic from Urenai Baba and he can also do all of What Babidi can do but Dende still decides to train under Piccolo to not only make Dende Stronger but also to make the Dragon Ball's stronger. That would be sweet!

For Son Goku and Caulifla here are some ideas. Let Goku get Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, and Super Saiyan 4 and its variants before the Battle of Gods and Goku masters all those transformations to become a even bigger challenge for Beerus. Caulifla gets this as well.

And please let Son Goku get everything he has from Z and also Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball GT and that includes filler, Super Saiyan Kaioken anyone?

However I would make each transformation become a marker for how far those two have come. For Super Saiyan 4 have that transformation be Goku and Caulifla mastering the primal side of their power and fully accepting their Saiyan Blood.

Then when you go into Dragon Ball Super those two get the Super Saiyan God transformations and Goku gets Ultra Instinct. For Raditz make sure he also gets everything up to Super Saiyan 4 and that is enough for him.

I would also give Vegeta everything he has officially as well. But his humility trip has to be earned and his ego has to be taken down a few pegs.
Thunder Dragon chapter 58 . 6/12/2023
Yep. This is going to suck for the good guys. I look forward to the madness.
Thunder Dragon chapter 57 . 6/12/2023
Of course the King of Assholes would arrive here. And I wonder why.
Thunder Dragon chapter 56 . 6/12/2023
You are shipping Raditz and Chi-Chi. I approve.
Thunder Dragon chapter 55 . 6/12/2023
I give a yay on keeping it. Also the kids are adorable and are already showing how strong they really are.
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