Reviews for The Journey to the Archipelago
waluigifan20 chapter 1 . 5/2
Love it! I tried to do something like this a long time ago...I deleted it because it was so cringy. Maybe I should attempt something with Donkey Kong again at some point.
Falco Player chapter 1 . 1/8
I'm definitely looking forward to the second part of this. I like how you make Donkey Kong sympathetic without demonizing Mario and Pauline. On that note the brief look into Mario and Pauline's relationship was interesting and paints a clear path to what we see in Odyssey. However when DK finds out Pauline's name I think you may have edited out the part where he actually hears it, her name doesn't appear in any of the dialogue in the story. Also you have quite a few times where you forget to put a period at the end of sentence that's followed by a line break, you can line break in the middle of a sentence but those sentences all looked like they were done.