Reviews for The Ghost of Ochs
Guest chapter 46 . 4/30
Great story so far, keep up the good work!
SkullWolfSteam chapter 42 . 6/23/2022
after playing the demo of three hopes I'm beginning to wonder if the devs read this fic..because if you play it and pick the empire route your gonna find out the real monica shows up in it meaning the original timeline is cut in half rather quickly in that fic besides that great chapter keep it up!.
MiharuTousaka chapter 1 . 2/15/2022
Haven’t started reading yet, but the premise alone makes me wish it was at least an option to save her somehow lol
Stormtide Leviathan chapter 2 . 6/17/2020
Interesting concept here you have for an AU. It's intriguing, to say the least. You seem to be hitting the character's personalities decent and developing Monica's own personality. Keep up the work!
ElecFlameFox chapter 16 . 5/30/2020
I must say, i really do like the sauna being used here. And I love that cover art you used for the story.