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Banjo the Fox chapter 1 . 11/11/2020
Man, can't read this, this is just really sad. Poor Lucy.
Mister Spider chapter 3 . 7/25/2020
So I don't know why I've been holding off on reviewing this chapter, I mean I thought it was it great, and I can't wait to see more.
But the thing that interests me most is the baby, and in my mind, there are only 2 reasons why the child isn't around and that is either it was a false positive(either through Lucy lying or legitimate error with the test) or a miscarriage and to me, those are the only options that would make sense at least with what's been presented so far.
With how obsessed and possessive Lucy's been portrayed of Lincoln she wouldn't get an abortion, this chapter already makes it clear she sees her pregnancy as something to use to keep Lincoln wrapped around her finger so she wouldn't get rid of both what she would see as the product of their love and the leverage she can use to keep him with her, now on Lincoln's part I can't see him forcing an abortion on her primarily because that would be far too extreme for him, and I can't imagine he'd even know how to do so.
There is always the option that the child was born but was simply put up for adoption, which is unlikely to me for the same reason an abortion is unlikely but unlike abortion, the child would still be alive which does make it more of an option but I can't think of why either of them would do it.
Oh well that's enough theorizing, hope to see you back soon.
Simon chapter 3 . 5/16/2020
This is true love, it is not?.
lol chapter 1 . 5/10/2020
Trop marrant ! J’adore le personnage Yandere Lucy !
Bobo chapter 2 . 4/19/2020
Suite ?
Ckelly2430 chapter 3 . 2/7/2020
Really like this chapter. Hope you continue.
Guest chapter 3 . 2/3/2020
Gracias por escribir esta historia, me encanta, también me encanto la Lori que describiste en Dangerous Sisters, e gustaría verla de nuevo, si te es posible…
Thank you for writing this story, I love it, I also love the Lori described in Dangerous Sisters, and would like to see it again, if possible ...
nuuo chapter 3 . 2/1/2020
I'm kinda nervous over Lucy now. Don't know if they had the kid or if Lucy aborted it out of love for Lincoln or Lincoln forced her to or if Lucy had a false positive test or tricked Lincoln into thinking the test was real. Some negative connotations there. I'm just here for the "Ronnie does anal" jokes. Here I'm thinking if Lucy admitted how she indulged in nearly all of Lincoln's fetishes, that she would have done anal with Lincoln at least once. She's cracking me up with talking about how inferior RA is. Like to imagine she used up all her outfits in that episode Back In Black when indulging in Lincoln's fetishes. I'm nervous if Whimfu1 will have Lucy kill or maim RA, he hasn't used the classic killer yandere yet, just emotionally manipulative yanderes.

Also, the fic I was talking about where Lola was a yandere was in "What Can't Be Controlled" by Adullperson. I enjoyed his story Forgiveness, at least the idea of the story, just didn't like how most of the lewd scenes were forced in.
Guest chapter 3 . 2/1/2020
This chapter sure showed Lucy's manipulative side with her actions in the flashback, tricking Ronnie Anne into having Lincoln spend time with just Lincoln and tempting Ronnie Anne with the knowledge of what happened. It definitely adds to the tension and makes me wonder how Lincoln is going to find a solution for this conflict that his wife remains in the dark about.
Guest chapter 3 . 2/1/2020
So he abandoned Lucy and his unborn child and married Ronnie? Not cool. He promised to never leave her and their child.
nuuo chapter 2 . 1/29/2020
Reminds me of another story involving Lucy and Lola with Lincoln but Lola was the yandere. I'm expecting story to be like a classic soap opera rather than it ending like a brazzers video where all three get action.
Ckelly2430 chapter 2 . 1/26/2020
I'm loving this so far. Can't wait for the next chapter.
DoctorYnot chapter 2 . 1/20/2020
Wonderful new story, and I can't tell you how excited I am to see you updating again!

Some really lovely, poetic descriptions this time around. That one where you compared Lucy stalking around to an uncollared kitten padding over was especially terrific, it ellicited a really vivid mental image of Lucy just then and with that one brief line really gave her a lot of vulnerability. Stuck in my head even after I was done with the chapter. That casual use of fragrances to get the reader even more immersed in the fic was also a good touch. Apart from that, Lincoln's beautiful pain and fear that his new life will be destroyed, Lucy's justified hurt and her desire she can't help...The characterization of everyone feels really strong and empathetic so far, and that intense car ride they had from the airport- I mean, the build-up is part of what made it good, but the atmosphere was so oppressive and gripping in that moment it reminded me of Jolio's work. Tremendous section.

Loved that bit that he should at least treat her like a sister, Lucy knowing what her brother is like and preying on his guilt. Lincoln's the type that could never ignore prodding like that. At his core he's just too sweet, his nature too gentle and devoted. No matter what, he couldn't let any of his siblings think he doesn't love them. The inner conflict he's going through is really captivating to read. And oh my God, the scene where she's trying to coerce him into unprotected sex is so damn intense! I adore how it starts out so familiar and comfortable, almost comforting in watching these two kids hanging out a few years down the line from the show. Then the dirty talk starts, so sultry and searing, and the dark, voyeuristic spectacle of watching poor Lincoln trying to resist as she grinds him down. With the way it ends, with her brother turning so gruff and hungry, the contrast with the fear and meekness he has when he wakes up from remembering, his relief when he sees Ronnie Anne, as though she'll protect him, makes it even more powerful. As though he knows in his bones he can't resist her and the power she has over him when push comes to shove. He can only run, like he did all those years before.

That moment he had of domestic bliss with Ronnie was really cute, and serves to give her personality and presence. She's her own character. It makes her more than just some obstacle for Lucy, instead she's a real person, one Lincoln loves, and that really elevates the tale you're trying to tell I think. The dilemma Lucy is in is interesting. She can't just tell RA even if she says no, because even if the truth drives her away, it'll drive Lincoln away too that way. I especially like that she hesitates, feels internally horrified when she has to thank Lincoln's wife; it provides some humanity to her instead of making her feel like some of the more overly-impervious robo-yanderes a lot of people write characters like she is in this story as. God, the ending of chapter 2 is so disquieting, it makes you feel so uncomfortable and agitated...I really love that. There's more to yanderes than them just being sexy, there's this predatory psychological aspect to them too that you're making sure not to neglect and it is REALLY making the story better. Poor Ronnie, she's such a sweet girl underneath it all, and so well-intentioned. I really like her a lot, she feels like herself, pushing Lincoln out of his comfort zones, in this case forcing him to solve his problems with her sister because she knows (or believes) it'll ultimately be good for him, like going back to old times. She's the same ol' Ronnie Anne, it's simply unfortunate isn't and couldn't be aware of the dark truth that's hidden within all this and that the problem goes way beyond some normal sibling spat. Man...Great premise and great cast so far. Ronnie Anne being such a strong character really helps make the story feel well-rounded and complete and makes it more than it would be otherwise.

Anyway, once again it's great to see you back and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your great stories. In the meantime, I need to write a review for In Cest We Trust. I remember being really impressed by the ending sequence in that and I want to revisit it.
Milanord chapter 2 . 1/18/2020
Exelent chapter i loved it
Poor Lincoln his wife put him and herself in a bad and possibly dangerous situation and he can do nothing about it.
I wonder what Lucy is planning to do here. Well aside fron getting Lincoln back by any means necessary that is.
Anyway i hope there's more soon
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