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MYRRHCHANT chapter 25 . 11/5
"Oh. My. Lord", I hear myself say as I scanned the fluffs from this chapter while typing this comment. "I know they'll both end up together anyway, but that was some pretty shit written for CCS". I thought about what I would do coz I'm sure of the aftershocks I felt after reading the story. "Heh, maybe dream this one and relive the story".
Stellar chapter 25 . 10/23
Love ur story
Yuyui Hime chapter 22 . 8/1
OKAY THAT WAS TOO MUCH FLUFF THAN WHAT I EXPECTED! You're seriously a talented writer!
Yuyui Hime chapter 21 . 8/1
KYAAAAAAAAAAA *endless fangirl scream* This is just TOO CUTE AND DRAMATIC! I love this chapter!
geregiaromelie chapter 25 . 7/6
Oh my god! More please?
Lolita-chi chapter 25 . 5/24
ReadxReview chapter 24 . 5/16
I am sorry to say this after so many years since this fic has been completed, but like what if Syaoran and Sakura grow old together, but Sakura happens to die before Syaoran. What would Syaoran do? Will he remember their promise here at the end, "Don't f***ing leave before I do." I know this sounds like a sad ending, but I think it would be a bittersweet epilogue because you would know implicitly that they lived a long and happy life together and stuck together through thick and thin with possibly many kids who love them and they love back. I can't decide if I would love to read an epilogue like this or would hate it because it would be a sad an inevitable end. :-/

P.S. Couldn't post on "Finales" so posted this here...
Guest chapter 24 . 9/18/2014
You've made Li out to be a verbally abusive jerk. He's not calling her names in jest. It's not cute. If this is how you think love works, I think you need some help. Trust someone who has put up with verbal abuse for too long, you never want to experience that type of 'love'. And sure, he's changed a bit, but how has she been changed?
Also, I don't think you can really form a lasting love in the time period of a month. The choice of a girl you've known for a month and only loved for a week or two over becoming the head of the family? Unlikely.
Guest chapter 24 . 9/18/2014
All the characters swear too much. Surly a rich well to do family would teach their children not to swear because it makes them seem more lower class. Also, a guy calling a girl a bitch and/or slut or anything like it is not attractive. It's verbal abuse. And 'wench'? Is it the 1800s?
Guest chapter 21 . 9/18/2014
What happened to Li's sister here? Her only child?
Also, why would Sakura go with a bunch of random men? Even if they are 'elders', they're not hers. She is under no obligation to go with them, and they have no authority to throw her out of the country or forbid her to see anyone
Sonamylover 123 3 chapter 25 . 8/19/2014
You are my hero. You are amazing and awesome. you never cease to amaze me I mean that in a good way. Always writing with such passion. Words cannot explain how good, amazing, and awesome you are. You are really really/very very good at what you do, so DON'T STOP WRITING!

Sonamylover 123 3
Chuvi1487 chapter 25 . 7/23/2014
Such a beautiful story thank you for sharing it
Tasss chapter 25 . 7/15/2014
This was a very cute story! It was full of emotions with quite a fair amount of fluff packed into this fic. But I actually found it sweet and heart-warming.

Syaoran's very cold, hard and cynical character was quite strong what with all the swearing and rude attitude, but I love how the back story explains his character, where his father's death hit him hard and he wants to prove himself despite his blindness. His father isn't mentioned in the show I don't think.

Of course the only one who can get through to him is Sakura. ;) I loved the part where he tries to remember what the colour green is like because he knows that her eyes are that colour, and at that moment I felt a great deal of sympathy for him. This story does have a touch of sadness in that Syaoran is blind but he wants to achieve a lot, most importantly being the leader of the Li clan, and so he pushes himself to prove himself, mostly with his martial arts. It is with that sadness there comes some of the other themes of this story, determination and perserverance, quite inspirational really.

And there's also hope. Hope that everything will work out fine for both of them, despite any difficulties they may face, as long as they remain strong. Much like the hope card Sakura made at the end of the show...

But anyways, I enjoyed reading this fic. It was an emotional journey and that's one of the things that makes a story gripping. It was an interesting idea to use Eriol as Syaoran's mentor/spiritual guide (I'm guessing that he would pop out of nowhere to talk to Syaoran and Syaoran couldn't sense him because he wasn't really there...?), but there isn't any mention of Clow Reed or magic, so I wonder whether Syaoran knew why Eriol would call him his "descendant".

Sakura's kindness and sweet nature won Syoaran in the end. :)
Guest chapter 25 . 7/7/2014
Awwwww that was AMAZING! Ohh da feels! I was crying and laughing and hoping and crying and crying...did I mention crying? Ohh so good! I have no complaints for this! Only positivity! YAY FOR POSITIVITY! Hehe

Keep up the good work!
The Guest Who Tried To Guess
Aokushi chapter 22 . 6/23/2014
I put on the sad One Piece music song midway through this, and it was perfect! XD
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