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Lumen del Mari chapter 34 . 1/11/2022
Made it through the Blingdenstone arc at last. I haven't been commenting, not because I didn't have anything to comment upon but because I have enjoyed the last few chapters so much that I just wanted to keep reading! Not only was this a refreshing take since things transpired much different than how I played, it also brought up a lot of good memories. :) So overall, a job well done. I know you'd mentioned you felt this part might be a drag or not live up to its hype, I did not feel that way at all. Aleina and the others coming to the rescue at the last moment was just want the story needed. And this last bit, a tribute to Derendil. Very heartfelt. Like when the hobbits all sit together at the Green Dragon for a final time in Return of the King, where they are happy to be home but altogether changed. That's how I think the party feels at this point. Curious to see how the party will split ways after this... Besides, you can't go wrong with a tavern sit down after a long battle. I'm glad Fargas was able to help Tappy out by brewing ale. And that it got Ront a little drunk.

I'm trying to think if there anything specific over the last few chapters I want to make mention of.

I thought you described the basilisk battle well. Looking back, I too feel bad that it was a slaughter and that we left eggs behind. I'm glad you found a good purpose for them in your story as future protectors of Blingdenstone. DM/husband never told us about their potential, the imprinting, so that was an aspect we were unaware of.

High pitched screaming started. It took a moment for Kuhl to identify the source. It came from Senni, the chief's wife.
I love Senni to pieces. This part made me giggle.

It's funny, I find myself often being annoyed by Ront's behavior, and then also enjoying it because I feel like every party needs that bit of negative influence, the thing that sparks conflict and keeps things from being all sunshine and roses all the time. Plus, it's just Ront's character. He can't help it.

Oh! So, I swear I am not making this up...we also named our earth elemental Rocky when we were gifted the Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals. Probably not canon, but I decided it summoned the same earth elemental each time, and he had to be given a name. We had similar thinking on that.

I thought the rainbow bit, where they were all talking about what they would want to do given they made it out the battle for Blingdenstone was a nice touch. You always need that bit of emotion and build up prior to a big battle.

When Kuhl suspected the Turvy was speaking to someone...I wondered if he was inflicted with some sort of madness.

The Pudding King turning into an ooze after his defeat was a very nice touch as well. That didn't quite happen in our battle due to certain circumstances, but something similar did happen in another battle we had without a foe empowered by a demon lord. I had always thought that idea interesting, that the demon lord can still influence them beyond death.

I am afraid I will forget again, and this body was made for deep dark places. Not the surface.
I teared up. I can't believe Derendil is dead. And to say, I don't think his story is silly or an info dump at all. It's a new refreshing take and though I am so sad over his death, I look forward to seeing what the party will do to fulfill his last wish and spread his ashes.
Makareth chapter 60 . 1/5/2022
I like it!

Oh Ront. Grouchy as always! XD Wonder what he's up to...

Them doing housework isn't really boring, because you get to focus more on what the characters are saying, rather than doing! I think it worked really well.

I will definitely read anything else you post!
Daxxers chapter 60 . 1/3/2022
I see that Ront has not mellowed. Now with what does an Orc need help?

Loads of fun! Thanks.
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 60 . 1/3/2022
Ooh, I wonder what Ronny could possibly want with the rest of the group now… and that was autocorrect but I’m keeping it.

Cute epilogue! These two have more than earned a moment of relaxation
GerryWright chapter 60 . 1/3/2022
I liked the epilogue. It's cute and the characters get a break from danger. :) And Waterdeep is not such a bad place. My characters will be spending a lot of time there during the course of my story.
Lumen del Mari chapter 31 . 1/2/2022
You know, I find it ironic that we both write a four person “main” party and yet, we only really see into the mindset of three of the four characters. I don’t think we’ve seen a chapter from Sky’s perspective…. I personally find it all too easy to slip into Zelyra, Kazimir and Fraeya’s perspective and for some reason Balasar I struggle with. I laugh because in the chapter I am currently writing I made a point to give him some screen time. And now as I’m reading your story I’m like, “Hey, this guy does the same thing!

“You stand in one of the wonders of the Underdark, and your first thought is to loot a body.”
“It wasn’t my first thought. I did notice the colorful lights. I did notice they were quite fetching. Then I thought of looting the body.
Haha. Love Fargas. I laugh because our depiction of the NPCs varies but Fargas, I feel our two versions could’ve been brothers. And literally every quip he makes I’m like, yup that’s our Fargas, the lovable guy.

I would expand upon the ruby spell gem and hallow spell stored within it, even if it’s just a short paragraph. I know what it is because I played the game, others might not.

You’re going to laugh at me but I honestly can’t remember exactly what you described Rhianne looking like. But in my head, every time she sings or does something bardic, I picture her as this beautiful redhead 1920s-esque singer hidden beneath a dark cloak, cowl and goggles. Literally, do not ask me why. I’m probably so far off from the truth.

As much as I hate splitting the party in game, I do think from a narrative standpoint it makes things more interesting. You’re always wondering what mischief and trouble the other group is getting into when you alternate chapters.

I’m still a bit salty over learning the priest can give a blessing of protection to the ENTIRE PARTY. DM/husband was very stingy with magical items/bonuses/loot in our game. We really had to earn them. I am disappointed by knowing some cool stuff we missed out on but also respect that, considering I’ve since played in other games where magic items and gold are given out like candy. Somehow, it’s not as fun.
Lumen del Mari chapter 30 . 1/2/2022
Greetings! Hope you had a happy holidays. I’m trying to get back into reading and writing again. Every time I think I’m catching up, you post another chapter!

Let’s see…I was deep in the Blingdenstone arc.

I found Aleina’s remembrance of Sarith at the beginning of this chapter to be very touching. Sometimes I kinda think the NPCs get killed off and then the party just forgets about them. But I can’t imagine it being that way. They’d have to have some impact.

I also really enjoyed your opening paragraph about the atmosphere in general, a variance is temperature without a sun to warm you. Beautifully written.

Also, note from the previous chapter. Brilliant idea to use basilisk stomach as an ingredient in the antidote for petrification and your explanation makes sense. We similarly used basilisk blood but for a much less clever reason—it was used in campaign one of critical role, so we kinda borrowed the idea. It’s been a hot minute since I looked at the Blingdenstone portion of the module. I have no idea what they expected players to use if they didn’t have access to Greater Restoration.

“He understands our urgency. He doesn’t want to waste time either. That petrified gnome is his son.”
Ooh snap.

Your description of faerzress and it’s interaction with the crystals was very well done. My next chapter deals with faerzress quite a bit and I really struggled with coming up with a way to describe it in a way that would be compelling to someone not already familiar with it. There’s so little information out there and even the module is quite vague other than: causes insanity, spells misfire, BAD!

So…they found crystal firecrackers. Love this.
Daxxers chapter 59 . 12/31/2021
ha, ha . and Happy New Year to you, too.

Keep it as is. It works. And Sky is Sky.
Makareth chapter 59 . 12/31/2021
Nice! Your description of the hags were really interesting, and I really like how you describe the paintings!

Sky, you wonderful little goofball... XD
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 59 . 12/31/2021
I like how it ended where it did. I like seeing how things wind down and loose ends tied up.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with part 2!
GerryWright chapter 59 . 12/31/2021
Phew! I was in fear for the characters' lives! I liked this chapter.
Lumen del Mari chapter 28 . 12/22/2021
And now we are to the wererats. Your party is handling things much more efficiently than ours did. I swear. We probably spent 3 months worth of sessions in Blingdenstone trying to fix their problem :D
I write this now before I read the rest of the chapter. We never did find out what happened to Topsy and Turvy. I wonder….
Aaaand I was right.
Your wererats think of their condition as a gift, we treated it as a curse. And so I believe again our storylines dealing with this issue will be much different. We’ve all said it before but I find that mere aspect so captivating! I have read fanfiction for years. I know what a single writer can do to throw off a particular mindset. But when you throw in a group of people who are only given broad direction and are controlled by the role of a die…that just fascinates me.
Again, the order in which we separate how the writers handled these obstacles makes all the difference. I have very much enjoyed reading the party’s encounter with Chipgrin! So many good plot threads and ideas. And the fact that we learn so much about the oozes too in this chapter…
This is all I can get through reading and commenting tonight but I look forward to reading more!
Lumen del Mari chapter 27 . 12/22/2021
Somehow I totally missed the fact the party was splitting up. I knew not everyone was going to the catacombs but I missed the fact the others planned to go into Rockblight. This can’t end well. NEVER split the party!
Jhelnae is growing with her powers. I assume you gave her the eldritch invocation of Devil’s Sight.
I see their encounter with Udhask went about as well as ours did. Also, giggled at Derendil’s many elf maid lovers and sharp tongued sister bit. I’m still so intrigued to see what you do with him!
Speaking to our different styles of writing, I very much enjoy that while you lean heavier to the dialogue side than I do, yours is plot driven and descriptive. I never feel bogged down or bored by it because it flows naturally and it all has purpose. Plus with a party that large there is bound to be a lot of chatter!
They were much smarter with the crystals than we were!
It is nice that your group at least had the intention of reasoning with the Medusa. We…didn’t. I do feel slightly bad we didn’t even try. I’ve discussed this with captainecchi since the Medusa becomes their ally in her fic! Funnily enough our party’s grand idea was bats and a giant scorpion. Didn’t *quite* go how we hoped but that’ll be explained when I finally get to Blingdenstone arc.
Aaand I wasn’t wrong splitting the party might be bad!
If I haven’t said it before, I really enjoy the way you describe Rhianne’s bardic abilities and spell casting!
I think you handled the Medusa fight very well! A quick kill. It’s nice that you salvaged the head. All we got was a leg. Again. Long story. :D
My only criticism and this is just a very minor, personal opinion is that sometimes I think your female characters are too quick to start throwing “bitch” insults at each other. To me it can sometimes feel like a couple of high schoolers getting in a cat fight when these are grown adults. I have absolutely no problem with foul language being thrown around, but perhaps they can handle it in a more conniving way. Women who truly despise each other love nothing more than to dig their claws in deep.
Loving it! And onward I go!
Lumen del Mari chapter 26 . 12/22/2021
I really like that they were able to finish out Pelek’s quest. In our game, I don’t think we ever found his hand. So, I really enjoyed seeing it detailed in your story. The description of the catacombs is beautiful and I really liked Eldeth’s line about dwarves and deep gnomes “come from stone and to stone we should return.”
We also had very little dealings with the ghosts—there’s a lot going on in Blingdenstone! Talk about sandbox.
Also totally not surprised Sky let the Warden possess her. I loved hearing all the possession Jadger had done. I was cracking up at that. Very well done.
Lumen del Mari chapter 25 . 12/21/2021
I actually remember reading up to this chapter a while back but never reviewed. Few things of quick note. I love that Fargas comes from a family of brewers and offered to help Tappy stay in business. As a Tappy fan, that resonated with me.
I am curious about Jhelnae and Sky’s encounter with the wererats and awakened tree. “It really did trip me.” I liked that bit.
Sky better not become a wererat but as always, I love her impulsiveness.
Going through this kinda quick because I want to get to where I last left off!
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