Reviews for A Fight That Turns Into A Lot More (Re-Write)
cookielover435 chapter 28 . 7/4
Thanks for the shoutout. I really liked this chapter. It was really emotional. I can't wait to see what happens with Frieza. I'm curious, how will Gohan and Goten handle their mother cheating on Goku? I'm hyped for the next chapter.
cookielover435 chapter 27 . 7/3
Great chapter. Frieza is the mastermind behind all of this huh? I'm already hyped. I can't wait for the next chapter.
cookielover435 chapter 26 . 6/13
I really love this chapter. Especially the part where Goku is re-evaluating his relationship with ChiChi and seeing how much Kefla means to him. I just love the romantic parts with him and Kefla. I hope things get better for them from this point onwards.
cookielover435 chapter 26 . 6/13
I love this chapter. Especially with Goku re-evaluating his relationship with ChiChi. Can't wait for Goku and Kefla's relationship to get stronger.
Mighty ranger 1 chapter 25 . 3/13
Can you please make the chapters longer since they feel shorter than normal also have Goku and kefla do battle against each other one more time this time to really test each other at full power and they can have their friends and family watch there battle to test each other of how much they progressed through there training and both sides have hidden suprised that the other dosent know about for Goku one of them would obviously be the mastered version of ultra instinct and kefla maybe some new attacks and another hidden from above ss3 like super Saiyan god if Vegeta can reach that level by himself without the ritual so can kefla she has the power and potential to do so and at some point she can reach super Saiyan blue to when she gets stronger and gets better control of her power and at some point Goku will discover a new transformation that dosent need god ki like super Saiyan god or blue which is the form of the super Saiyan which is super Saiyan 4 I know Goku will want to find a way to get stronger and find other possible super Saiyan transformations he wasn't aware of which would lead him to asking shinron and after he asks him about it shinron tells Goku how to obtain it after that he Gose tell kefla and Vegeta about it and together they train and try to obtain the form together I know Vegeta and kefla would be surprised there was another super Saiyan transformation they were never aware of till that point which would definitely get them excited and experience the kind of power it has
cookielover435 chapter 24 . 3/8
I really liked this chapter. Especially the part when Kefla tried to kill herself and Goku admitting his feelings for her is just so heartwarming. I can't wait for the next chapter.
Dbz fan chapter 1 . 2/28
I just had a thought when Goku and kefla really start go all out during the final part of their training have Goku reward kefla by showing her the mastered version of ultra instinct since she never witnessed him transform into it during his final fight with jiren but first have him go into his omen ultra instinct form then when the time comes he reveals the mastered version of ultra instinct which will definitely suprise and amaze her on just how strong talented and unique Goku truly is in her eyes which will definitely make kefla admire respect and Fall even more in love with Goku which would also inspire her to get even stronger and train harder than ever before to try to reach the level Goku is at and someday get the transformations he has in his disposal speaking of Goku at some point he should try to find a way to make a brand new discover of a super Saiyan transformation he's never heard of before which would be super Saiyan 4 and I can see him finding out about is at some point is when he starts wondering if there's other super Saiyan transformations out there he wasn't aware of which would lead him to asking shinron so he collects the the dragon balls summons him and asks if there's any other super Saiyan transformations and shinron eventually tells Goku how to obtain it after that he tells Vegeta and kefla about the super Saiyan 4 transformation which would allow them to obtain it and at some point in time they eventually obtain that form and train in it so they get used to the form and the power it has and can use it at its full potential that's my idea it's an idea that just came to me hope this helps
Dbz fan chapter 22 . 2/20
It's been a little while since I've last read this story but after reading this I actually do have 1 idea in mind how about having Goku teach some of his techniques and kefla dose the same for Goku and maybe even have Goku teach kefla how to reach super Saiyan 3 god then eventually blue and as they fight they have a flash back from when they first met to where they are now as they are going through memory lane they start to realize and understand just how deeply they care for each other where they see each other more than just friends and would want to be together forever and never leave each other's side and create more new experiences moments and memories together that they will never forget and they tell each other more about themselves what life was like for them before they first met at the tournament of power I know Goku and kefla didn't met till caulifla and kale decided to use the pottora earnings but u can add what kind of life and the kind of experiences kale and caulifla had till they met Goku at the tournament of power and since kefla is the fusion of them she will have their emotions personiltys and memories of them so kefla can definitely tell their story to Goku and as they learn more and more about each other the closer they will be because they trust each other the most
cookielover435 chapter 22 . 2/22
Great chapter. I'm glad that Goku and Kefla are finally going to train. My question is What happened after Goku found out ChiChi cheated on him? In this chapter it seems as if he's gotten over ChiChi's affair and I didn't think he'd get over it that fast. How will it affect Gohan and Goten? Other than that, I'm curious to see what Goku will teach Kefla next chapter.
Dbz fan chapter 20 . 2/15
I'm kind of confused here is this the regular zamasu or fused zamasu where he's fused with Goku black and great chapter I'm so looking forward to this rematch between zamasu Goku and Vegeta especially with kefla involved this will make things more interesting I know Frieza will likely be involved in the fight to but have kefla go against Frieza first since we never saw him fight with her before especially when caulifla and kale encountered Frieza and were about to fight before Goku stopped it in time but this time please let that battle happen
cookielover435 chapter 20 . 2/14
I think I know who tried to kill Kefla. In one of the chapters when Goten tells Goku that he was hearing Kefla talking rapidly to herself and then Kefla tries to escape from Goku and then claims he tried to kill her. I originally thought that Kefla was having some kind of nightmare. But I was wrong. The conversation Goku and Vegeta had in this chapter confirms what I'm thinking. It's Goku Black. To believe that he would come back in some form or shape. This chapter was very interesting. I can't wait for more.
Mario 64 chapter 19 . 2/11
I'm going to guess the guest that Friezas men brought to Friezas ship is broly(dragon ball super broly movie) because he did hint at it when he mentioned how he felt about sayians in his thoughts if it is broly have kefla join the fight against him and also have the chance to witness the fusion dance for the first time where she meets gogeta it be a fusion tag team vs broly when she dose meet gogeta I think even she can't help but feel more attracted to him since Goku is one of the people to create gogeta and briefly admire his muscular body
cookielover435 chapter 16 . 2/4
Though Kefla is trying to hide it, it's very obvious that something is wrong. The moment Goku tells her of ChiChi's pregnancy, she's conflicted. Nice chapter and I can't wait for more.
cookielover435 chapter 15 . 2/2
I can't wait to see how Kefla is going to react to the news of ChiChi's pregnancy. This story is getting more and more interesting.
Guest chapter 13 . 1/30
Goku and kefla should try talking to each other about what they have on their minds instead of just keeping it to themselves because keeping all that stress in isn't good for them plus having them be more open and honest towards each other can help their friendship and bond grow especially feeling more comfortable about being more open towards each other
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