Reviews for A Fight That Turns Into A Lot More (Re-Write)
cookielover435 chapter 12 . 1/31
Great chapter! I really appreciate the shout-out. The interactions between Kefla and Goku were really fun to watch.
Dbz fan chapter 10 . 1/28
I'm up for a sequel from this story I'm curious of what will happen in that story after this one is finished remember if you're not sure what to add check out some of the other Goku x caulifla stories that are out there maybe some of the ideas from there can help or maybe some ideas from the dragon ball z movies or series can help out to especially dragon ball super broly movie
cookielover435 chapter 11 . 1/30
Love this chapter. Although Kefla has assured ChiChi that she'll do whatever she requests and won't do anything else with Goku aside from training, I get the feeling that ChiChi will start treating Kefla like shit regardless of whether she does something wrong or not. I know that will happen later in the story. Of course, Goku gets frustrated by ChiChi's actions. Just a heads up. When the problems between Goku and ChiChi become too severe, you can have Kefla stay at Grandpa Gohan's house or even Capsule Corp so she doesn't have to keep putting up with ChiChi's bullshit. Great chapter and I can't wait for more.
Dbz fan chapter 9 . 1/27
I just had a thought since the tournament of power is over at some point have some of the events from the dragon ball super broly movie play out like how kefla meets broly for the first time even fight along side Goku to try to stop broly and comes impressed and suprised how powerful broly really is and eventually she witnesse the fusion dance where Goku and Vegeta fuse into gogeta like in the movie which will definitely suprise to see another type of fusion that dosent require potora earrings and meets gogeta and sees just how strong gogeta really is and at the end instead of just Goku going to vampa where broly and cheelia are kefla joins him and the more kefla looks at broly it makes her think of kale because of his inccent personality and power are similar but different than hers and she become friends with broly to and even help train him to if possible that's my idea for something you can add at a later time in the story
Vince Basile Jr chapter 10 . 1/29
Definitely would like a sequel or at least more stories with the two of them or Caulifla x Goku because I really enjoy this pairing and there isn't much of them on here anymore being posted.
Mighty ranger 1 chapter 8 . 1/27
Thanks for the shoutout I appreciate it also have Goku take kefla with him to universe 7 because I know she definitely wants him to ask her to come with him when chi chi sees kefla with Goku she's obviously going to be jealous and angry but Goku and kefla take a stand against her and Goku decides to finally breaks up with chi chi because of all the times she acts so strict and talks like a child and put up a divorce and spends most of his time with kefla and train her and get to know each other better and there feelings for each other continue to grow also a place for them to train have Goku take kefla to the hyperbolic time chamber to train which definitely be a perfect place to train and who knows when they feel ready they can even start a family of their own and having children in the future can help repopulate the sayian race which Vegeta wants since he always talked about his race so much in the beginning also can you try to make her chapters longer because this one felt a little short to be honest I like long chapters because it has extra content for us readers to enjoy
cookielover435 chapter 10 . 1/29
I like this chapter. I really like the interaction between Kefla and Goten. I can already tell that ChiChi doesn't like Kefla. Can't wait to see what ChiChi says to Goku and especially what she says to Kefla and then what will occur afterwards. I'm already hyped for the next chapter.
cookielover435 chapter 8 . 1/27
Great chapter! I think that you should try and make the chapters longer especially when you reach the conflicts with ChiChi.
Guest chapter 6 . 1/24
That was definitely unexpected but there is way too fix the problem have Goku ask who's to go back in time before Frieza makes his wish and Goku kills Frieza for good just like he did in reseraction of f movie when Frieza destroyed earth but who's went back in time and gave Goku one last chance to make sure that doesn't happen again so I can see that happen here or have Goku speak his wish right before Frieza dose
cookielover435 chapter 7 . 1/25
You know... I like that idea. Goku needs to teach ChiChi a really hard lesson. Having him go into Ultra Instinct will definitely do the trick. But what could ChiChi say to Goku which will anger him and cause him to tap into Ultra Instinct? Maybe ChiChi says something nasty to Kefla after meeting her for the first time and afterwards tries to prevent Goku from training by telling him to get money for the house. She starts bitching and complaining about him leaving to train. And maybe makes more nasty assumptions about Kefla. And Goku is offended and enraged about ChiChi's words to Kefla and the other stuff she said which finally causes him to tap into UI Omen. Like you said Goku needs to show ChiChi just how serious he is about training. ChiChi gets scared after seeing UI Omen for the first time and she finally gives Goku her consent to train Kefla though she may still have suspicious thoughts about Kefla. ChiChi is angry but extremely fearful at seeing Goku's display of power. Despite that she still tries to gain control over Goku's activities. Or maybe she even tries to put an end to Goku's training or to go even further maybe she threatens Kefla to stop training with Goku. And this time Goku is upset that ChiChi would go as far as to threaten Kefla to stop training with him and he's completely furious with her. Goku apologizes to Kefla for ChiChi's actions and suggests that they train somewhere far from ChiChi. Grandpa Gohan's house would be a good place. I think these problems will go on until one of them decides enough is enough and finally the marriage is brought to an end.
Mighty ranger 1 chapter 1 . 1/22
I actually like the idea that the person that calls him or herself cookielover345 came up with I definitely want to see Goku finally make a stand against chi chi since she always says to do this and that and no to almost everything they wanted to do together it's about time Goku shows another side of him since unlocking ultra instinct that will definitely put a scare into chi chi to show just how fed up he is dealing with her childish attitude and very strict rules the one thing I think should happen is have Goku ask her to come to universe 7 with him instead of going back to universe 6 like she was in the original version of this story so they can really start getting to know each other better and learn and experience new things together they never thought or felt before it's time Goku finally makes a stand against chi chi and put her in her place oh and to show just how serious he is have Goku go to his ultra instinct omen form to show chi just how serious he is about what he will say to her and really put a scare into her the way he tapes into it is by instinct since he can't fully tape into it the way I can see him tape into it is if something she would say that breaks his breaking point and really gets angry at her and when he finally calms down he Gose back to his normal self again that's one part I added to that other persons idea
cookielover435 chapter 3 . 1/22
I have an idea for how you can break up Goku and ChiChi. After the T.O.P, Goku tells ChiChi that he's going to Universe six to train Kefla. Or you could have Kefla come to Universe seven (Doesn't matter which one you choose) and ChiChi not liking the idea of Goku training, tries to prevent him from running off by having him work to earn money for the house. If you end up making Kefla go to Universe Seven, I can imagine ChiChi getting jealous of Kefla which results in fighting between the two. And I think somewhere along the line, Goku gets frustrated with ChiChi's behavior and retalliates against her. Goku has always been afraid of ChiChi's temper and I've always wanted to know what it's like for Goku to actually stand up to his wife. So I believe that one of them will decide on a break up which will complicate things because it's going to affect Gohan and Goten. Gohan will most likely understand since he's an adult but it might hurt Goten more because he adores both of his parents and doesn't want to see them break up. You should decided on how Gohan and Goten handle their parents break up. From that point forward, I think Goku and Kefla will train more and at the same time they'll start falling in love with each other. They should spend time with each other outside of training which will also help them grow stronger feelings as they get to know each other. This is one of the ways I can see it going. I can't wait for the next chapter.
Dbz fan chapter 1 . 1/20
I actually have an idea instead of having the remaining universes being destroyed right away have them stay till the tournament of power is over that way kefla and the others can witness the final battle between Goku and jiren and the moment Goku masters ultra instinct which I know for a fact will not just suprise her but amaze and impress kefla so much that she not only wants to go to universe 7 to have Goku train and teach her everything he knows but to also spend much time with him as possible and get to know him better and experience the kind of life he has in his universe especially since she and Goku eventually start having feelings for each other during their fight and Goku wishes for the universes that was or were about to be destroyed by Zeno to be returned the way they were before the tournament of power started and Goku can ask kefla to come to his universe to train her just like he promised caulifla and kale before they fused and use this chance to really get to know her better and can give her a tour of what his world is like that's my idea
cookielover435 chapter 1 . 1/20
I love your story a lot and I would like to see it continue. I would like to request that you don't rush the romance between Goku and Kefla and I think you should also show the conflicts between Goku and ChiChi that lead to their break up. Other than that, I believe this story has a lot of potential. Please continue it.
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