Reviews for Too Many Champions
Sarath KS chapter 4 . 12h

The end of chapter 4...

Had me rolling on the floor laughing so hard I had to wait several minutes to start reading again.

And I was on the floor again...

Too funny... I just can’t...
TripleDDD61 chapter 4 . 5/11
I agree with you about how Dumbledore is
n0wa5t3r chapter 13 . 5/9
Just spent the afternoon and evening reading this wonderful story! Love how you dealt with so many HP fanfic tropes (emancipation, Dumbledore being evil, etc.). Lots of things took me by surprise, like Harry's name NOT coming out of the goblet and Crouch Jr. and Voldemort mistaking Harry for an ally. I've re-read so many of my favorite ff's over the years that when I unexpectedly stumble across a great story like this, it is a real treat! Thank you for sharing your talents and your time writing this story and sharing it with your readers.
JuleKiwi chapter 13 . 5/8
Awesome! What a fabulous fic!
Dark Archer chapter 13 . 5/5
This was a fantastic tale! I really thought you were setting up hermione to be the master of death in this world.
cameron1812 chapter 13 . 4/23
This is one of the best stories I have read in a long while. Thank you. Priceless from beginning to end!
kimjo2 chapter 13 . 4/19
What a terrific redo of GOF! Great stuff. Thanks so much
Stille und regen chapter 13 . 4/19
oh, I haven't had so much fun for a while
and you had great explanations and different ideas

I laughed a lot while reading this story and it made me happy.

thank you. it was wonderful
Stille und regen chapter 12 . 4/19
oh, i definitely appreciate humor and poetic justice

i absolutely love it
Stille und regen chapter 8 . 4/18
ah, this story is providing me with a lot of fun. I love the changes you made
Stille und regen chapter 6 . 4/18
great solution for everyone. very good

and fred and george just got free publicity haha

I'm loving this story
Stille und regen chapter 5 . 4/18
well, i also didn't expect the newspaper to exempt pure blood and blame muggle riddle.
but it made a lot of sense

I'm finding the conclusion about moody and crouch very amusing
and i laughed so hard at sirius joking about lily and james

everything else was very interesting
Stille und regen chapter 3 . 4/18
Stille und regen chapter 2 . 4/18
my god, I'm having a laugh with lavender and parvati

i like hermione's worrying moment. definitely something she would do

oh i laughed a lot

I am amused that harry was not chosen

I love it
Stille und regen chapter 1 . 4/18
oh, i never read that concept.
voldemort and peter destroyed by a tournament.
i absolutely love the idea

and I love that they helped the twins or put the others.

I'm imagining the face of cornelius lmao

will be hilarious
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