Reviews for Aftershocks
iwewia chapter 4 . 2/2/2020
Jean is always a sweetheart! I also have not been a 12 year old boy nor have I been around them, but, I think Jean's character is very interesting. What I get from his appearances in your works is that he admires King very much and he has all the reasons to feel this way. He comes across as a sassy and shy boy enjoying his sister's company, trying to bridge their age gap with sincere friendship which usually produces some funny lines.

These siblings share so many difficulties in life... In the rare chapters where Jean is present, King relaxes naturally. And here Yuri was trying meditative breaths in the last one. Tsk tsk. If only Ryo had the "zen mode" that Jean has...

My guess is that Terry will get involved. Mary will probably be super tense when they meet after fighting Ryo and he is the good samaritan of yore so he'd have a few thoughts of his own to share about the drama.
iwewia chapter 3 . 1/31/2020
Thankfully Yuri wasn't out for blood - just needed to talk to her bestie about the whole Pao Pao drama. For how laidback she is, I thought she would be doing something due to how angry she was in the last chapter.

I love how I could tell from the start where Yuri was due to Mai's iconic taste in music. I am a lowkey fangirl of Mai myself. I mean... she's the whole package. Gorgeous! Badass! Fun! Iconic! It's good to see her again.

It seems like the queens are planning something and a sleepover for Kingy seems like a fun time. Things haven't been smooth for these three but they're still friends. Yuri even noticed King's quirk of pressing her lips in a VERY thin line, haha. I think she could understand King's point of view this time and, if anything happens, Miss Mai will be there to save the day.
jojoDO chapter 3 . 1/31/2020
And this tale that is doing stuff to me continues...

Soo... what to say about this one. Well for one thing, I found it a little jarring how quickly Yuri went from "You won't believe what Mary did to my brother, she's crazy" to "Oooh let's have a sleepover with King!" And I especially don't like how quickly her feelings changed on the matter. She went from sympathetic towards her brother to... well... the opposite. That second to last line for example, where "she'd probably kick Ryo's ass herself". I mean... hasn't the guy been through enough?! Can we please remember that SHE TASED HIM AND BROKE HIS FINGERS?! No matter what heinous thing he said that might have been blown out of proportion, let's not forget that Ryo is not an enemy, he's still a friend and loved one, and sometimes things get complicated and dicey between those. A friend and loved one certainly doesn't deserve physical harm, no matter what they're going through. For Yuri to just... cast that aside so EASILY... it's her brother!

Welp, let's keep going. Until next time.
RobertCop3 chapter 3 . 1/31/2020
Safe haven, indeed. Mai was definitely a nice, calming presence after the brutality of last chapter, which is what you expect from Mai. And it's nice to see another writer not afraid to take Mai off her sex symbol pedestal. Between the two of us, you and I just keep breaking her down into an actual human. Not only does Mai Shiranui fart, she bleeds from her vag! AND she has a psyche disorder. I've always liked that headcanon of yours. It would explain a lot.

It's also nice to see another writer pay tribute to Mai's personality quirks: her love of metal, her dressmaking talents. I've hinted at those too, but not as much as I would have liked.

And Mai handles the current situation the way you would expect a social butterfly to: sympathetic to Yuri and Ryo, but at the same time seeing Mary's perspective (because the two will probably be in-laws someday). But she also doesn't lose sight of the fact that the focal point is King. And in true Mai fashion, she comes up with a morale-booster.

If this is why you were picking my brain about Mai in DM discussion a few weeks ago, then I'm happy I could help you. You achieved a wonderful balance on the many facets of her personality. THIS, if anything, is the reason you should put her in your fics more often, not simply because others might think she's not in them enough. ( ;

So, they have a plan. Can't wait to see where it leads...
Akaikounoichi chapter 2 . 1/30/2020
Well, I don't like Mary carachter...she seems Jesus Christ on the Earth! She know everything, she always know what to do, she's the best, she's invincible, she's bla bla bla...where is Mai anyway?
jojoDO chapter 2 . 1/28/2020
I don't have anything nice to say about this sooo...I'll keep this brief. Mary's a self righteous piece of... she went too far. Too far. That was totally uncalled for. Ryo has never laid a hand on King or said anything with malicious intent against her, so there was absolutely no call to assault him in public like that.

She was wrong. Totally wrong in doing that.
iwewia chapter 2 . 1/28/2020
Out of all the chapters you've written with Mary, I feel like she shines in this one so much it's like poetry! All the shades of her personality, all the things she's able to do both in a fight and emotionally went to an extreme that really is only paralleled by a competitive match of KOF! With the pace of this chapter you can truly visualize it: intro, Mary and Ryo 1 on 1 rounds, win pose, and the crowd goes wild!

However... I'm interested to see if this impacts Ryo emotionally or just physically. Mary quenched her thirst but was the message understood? Either way I am loving the extended version of the "Ryo Situation" cause I'm a messy bitch who lives for drama.
RobertCop3 chapter 2 . 1/28/2020
Hail Mary, full of (I assume) red meat, Matilda is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst asskickers!

So, a part of me wants to say Mary went too far. But then the part of me that adores her character thought that this whole chapter read like a violent wet dream! Sorry, but that's the best way I can describe it. I mean that lovingly, though!

Her dialogue was a joy to read, we get an excellent look inside her head to see why she's having such a strong reaction, and she keeps her promise to King. She doesn't shoot anyBODY. Still, it got pretty intense. I hope Mary's not looking at another suspension for this. I mean, even Yuri, who was already angry at Ryo, wanted a piece of her in the end. And I loved that moment where Mary paused in her work to go: "Oh, hey, Yuri, talk to King yet?" Like this was all routine for her.

So thank you. You made this Mary fanboy's day.

So each of these chapters appears to center around a character. Can't wait to see who else we've got in the works...
RobertCop3 chapter 1 . 1/28/2020
Dang. I couldn't review this before you got the next chapter up. Though I am glad we didn't have to wait.

So far, I love the way these characters are being written. Ryo and Robert are brothers, but that doesn't mean Robert won't call him on his bullshit when they disagree. And poor dense Ryo... he has a lot to learn.

Also, I noticed that Yuri uses a lot of "PG-rated" cuss-words. I think that's an awesome character quirk, and if I missed it in your earlier fics, I apologize.

And Robert needing glasses... it's not a headcanon I would ever have, but I'm glad you're running with what you like. Though, honestly, in my own ficverse, some of the characters need them as they get older. In that one fic I have planned that takes place when Andy and Mai are in their 40s (you know the one), Andy has reading glasses at that point.

And I already know what Yuri and Robert saw, but I'm glad that mine and Mantis's guess was correct. Oh, this is gonna be sweet!
jojoDO chapter 1 . 1/27/2020
Okay, so... yeah... they are going after my boi hard : /

Alright. Look. I will be non-petty and admit... I don't agree with Ryo's mindset about "too many men". Especially because men look at it as a form of merit to sleep with many chicks, and I personally would give away the lottery just to sleep with one damn woman so... ehehe... he's being an ass. Who cares how many people you've been with? It's a big world. People wanna have fun. Let a playa play.

But here's where I still think there's a misunderstanding about this whole ordeal... I STILL don't think Ryo is looking at King the way King thinks he's looking at her. Her whole deal is "he'll think I'm a whore if I tell him I was raped" but I mean... COME ON. Ryo would have to be truly, TRULY dense not to understand the nuances of this whole situation and still wholeheartedly believe King is "sleeping around with 100,000 guys and is a total whore c**dumpster etc etc". I don't think he does! Because rape is non consensual, and he knows good and well she didn't have a say in that. Now, whatever he thinks about her recreational life is on him... but cmon people. He's not looking or calling King a whore because she was raped. That was still just a product of words getting twisted, misunderstandings abound, because she was drunk as fuck that night and backed him into a corner and forced him to say stuff before he had a chance to even think about the words.

It's all just a big ball of... misconception. And somehow, because people naturally sympathize with King, it just keeps perpetuating to Ryo's misfortune. I'm sorry, but I REFUSE to believe that Ryo is truly doing anything malicious to King here. It's all the way she expects him to be, and it causes it to manifest in her eyes even if it's not the truth, and it's somehow just... bounced onto everyone else too. Probably because she's talked to them about her fear so much.

Ah well... still your vision lol. It's gonna go the way you say it goes. but I still have a right to disagree ; ) I sure hope that mysterious intruder isn't MARY WITH A GUN!
iwewia chapter 1 . 1/26/2020
My bet is that Mary is the one they saw. Yuri must know how tight King and Mary are, and for King to text her with that kind of burn then Mary would be aware of all the details of what happened. Also, you kind of forecasted Mary doing something? That's my guess.

Yeah, um, Ryo is not the brightest now, is he? For Robert to have to spell it out for him how hurtful that phrase could be to a rape victim... Oof. He's just not connecting that he basically told her she's damaged goods. Be puritanical or whatever but have the decency to understand that it was not HER fault, especially since YOU know Big ordered this and YOU wanted to send a message to him. It's so hypocritical.

I hope Ryo can redeem himself though. His character at the moment is of someone who doesn't think things through nor has the experience to empathize beyond a hug. When he opens his mouth it's just... Ugh.
Brochan chapter 1 . 1/25/2020
I have mixed feelings about this situation because everything seems very very tense but I feel a little like that in "Hurt" and become one of muy favorites, so I have pretty much interest in what will happen. I find Ryo's reactions when she was in the appartment with King like he was acting just a little idiot because everything was a little weird but now he is being pretty insensitive. Good that Robbie and Yuri are here to kick his ass a bit.

I think that what they saw is something related to Big. Ugh, but I dunno, maybe is because the guy have been around and I feel like he would be planning something.

I will keep watching for the updates, thanks for the read.
SteveElOtaku chapter 1 . 1/25/2020
Honestly this was the perfect follow-up to the last one. Yuri needs more love than she gets and her reaction was perfect here.
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