Reviews for Kyrie Eleison
Erebwen chapter 1 . 7/5/2009
Should I just assume that you're never ever going to update?
madamwolf chapter 11 . 12/3/2006
This story is so GOOD! You have to update it, please! I am begging you, I love this so much! Besides I wanna know what's gonna happen to Lance.
felinefairy100 chapter 11 . 8/25/2006
please update!this story is so good!
Mara O chapter 11 . 6/12/2006
Do you have any idea how nice it is to read one of these things that is not only interesting and in character, but also free from disclaimers regarding the use of Babelfish and bizarrely transcribed accents? Thank you, a thousand times thank you.
Chesynic-name chapter 11 . 10/1/2005
ach mein Gott, das war wunderbar. Ich geliebt es. Wow. I loved how you left the ending "..." like that, so you could write another chapter or just leave it. (and I agree with Kurt, english is really hart if es ist nicht ihre erste sprache) Please write another, mein Freulin.
briedee chapter 11 . 6/22/2005
when are you updating?
luccamajere26 chapter 11 . 5/16/2005
Interesting. (Hmm maybe I should have reviewed the rest of the story before reading this chapter) Anyway write more soon! ~Lucca Majere
Lady Irony chapter 11 . 4/17/2005
wicked story. Please update.
DraconWolf88 chapter 11 . 3/5/2005
Hey, great work so far! UPDATE!
Silent Game chapter 11 . 3/4/2005
Wow, I almost had forgotten about this, until I got the e-mail alert. Then I remembered, and I'm very glad to see it up and running again. Hooray! _
Belphegor chapter 11 . 3/3/2005
Oh oh, I think I *can* tell that you're slightly fonder of Lance than some others :D I like Lance enough, mind - he's the epitome of teen angst, the rebel attitude, not unlike Tabby I think. Kind of guy to listen to Bad Religion when he's a little older and a little more open to the world around him. Not "open" as in "in tune", but more like conscious of things. Do I make sense? :P

I like the storyline, and I'm waiting impatiently to see where this story is going; the only request I could place here is that beside Lance and Pietro, we see little of the other members of the Brotherhood; the question is, how did Matthews, knowing who usually hangs around with Alvers, *not* figure out that Todd, for instance, might be a mutant? With a paranoid like him, the smell should have given it away at once :P

Sorry, just kidding :o)

Much of love,

Belphegor :o]
Belphegor chapter 10 . 3/3/2005
I do remember this story, and I'm very glad that you updated - now I'm off to read the 11th chapter!


Belphegor :o]
123456789123 chapter 11 . 3/1/2005
Update soon please!
Sweegy chapter 11 . 2/28/2005
I do recall your story. I hope you enjoyed Germany. This story is great, and you dipict the characters very well. Hopefully no one gets badly hurt soon, but...never can tell in such situations. Danke for a great read!
123456789123 chapter 10 . 2/26/2005
Ooh! I love it! Keep going!
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