Reviews for Far From Home
Abhin Manoharan chapter 27 . 9/11
ugh.. why the fuck is hinata even included into this .. i was getting quite interested in this fic but the moment you made hinata one of them i dropped this shittfck
Reem519 chapter 7 . 9/10
Lol glad to know Naruto and Sasuke know their place when they here they Name. Sasuke talking like O gang is not an clan. Lol They Massey have all their posts an their arms but this gang took Kurama life and Sasuke Rinn.
Guest chapter 27 . 8/14
Damn, that was AWESOME!
thank god chapter 27 . 8/13
An author that won't drag out a story and let it rest.
serpentacodex chapter 27 . 8/15
Congratulations on completing your story. it was a fun read
darkangelflame chapter 27 . 8/15
it a weird feeling reading a story from start to finish I'm not ready for it to end but all story come to a end can't wait for the last good luck on it and all future endeavors
austinpowers97 chapter 27 . 8/14
I can't believe after all this time it finally came to an end. the ups and downs that this story has gone through. the love triangles and fights. it's all finished. what a story it's been. thank you so much for your work and I hope you continue to write amazing things
codywhite162 chapter 27 . 8/14
I am sad that this story has come to an end for I truly enjoyed reading it. Thank you for all of your hard work on writing this tale. I don't know if you will start another project once the epilogue is posted but if you do I shall enjoy reading your work once more.
Kiyoshi Fox chapter 27 . 8/14
I can't say this enough I thoroughly enjoyed this story and will definitely read it again
R-king 93 chapter 27 . 8/14
Awesome chapter
Dasgun chapter 27 . 8/14
Saif Omar chapter 27 . 8/14
Man, I don't think I've ever come across someone as salty as you over Rebecca's death in Edgerunners. You were so salty that you turned Naruto AND Sasuke into Gods, had them break the multiverse during their fight because they were too strong and then had Naruto LITERALLY punch Adam Smasher's head off before he could kill Rebecca. Props to you though, he deserved nothing less. You also win the Award for Best Cathartic Adam Smasher Death in History.
HurZysn chapter 27 . 8/13
thanks for the final chapter. looking forward to the epilogue
Srsvsil chapter 27 . 8/13
thank you for the chapter. congrats on being one the few rwby fics that has the balls to treat salem as a threat. in most rwby fics salem get "redeemed" dispite her laundry list of crimes. also this fic gets bonus points for not nerfing sasuke and naruto. In almost every rwby crossover both of them get nerfed to hell unlike this one. altho it is shame that naruo and sasuke couldn't revive tai. im waiting for the epilogue now.
austinpowers97 chapter 27 . 8/13
loved the chapter and can't wait to see what happens next. As for your next story I would love a naruto and demon slayer crossover. I think that could be such a great and interesting story especially if you get deeper into the demon slayer story and even branch out from it some
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