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rurousha chapter 5 . 11/26/2006
Your stories are so much fun to read. I can't wait to see Misao's reaction to all this.

I did find one error in this chapter, though. The documents that Enishi reads would probably be signed by Lt. Fujita Goro, not Saitou Hajime.
kokoronagomu chapter 20 . 9/7/2006
i have seen misao with aoshi

i have seen misao with soujiro

i have seen misao with kenshin

i have seen misao with enishi

i have seen misao with saitou

the weirdest yet;

i have seen misao with hiko

...girl gets around.

nice to see a sane enishi, good story, exciting scenes, believable characterizations.

thank you,

scorpion05 chapter 20 . 4/17/2004
gosh this was so cute *grin*
but it was kinda cruel that enishi said, that he knew that the gang was coming *pout*
thank you for writing such a great story!
i hope you'll write a story as good as this one again *grin*
JML chapter 20 . 4/17/2004
\V anytime! bit abrupt ending but it came out quite nicely here. love that little bit where Enishi is arguing with his past-self. and a shame we won't be seeing anytime with their baby. *grins* guess we'll have to leave that to other folks out there (artists AND writers alike). kudos to ya! (and ganbare!)
Maeko-Nohara chapter 20 . 4/16/2004
*wails* NOO! It can't be over! It can't be! I'm sorry to say I haven't followed from the beginning (I checked- 6th chapter isn't so bad, is it?) but I've adored this and you know it. I can't give you a quirky review this time because I'm too sad. *bawls and clings to Katsu* (Alright, it'll get a little abnormal, is that better? Here you go.)
Katsu: Mae-chan, write the review. Go on, you can do it. Just finish the damn thing. (Would he swear? I dunno...*ponders ala Chii-chan)
Me: *blubbering* But it's over...and I can't describe how sad I am or how wonderful I think this is, and it makes me more sad on top of everything that happened today. (I had a VERY bad day. Thanks to a certain boy, but I won't elaborate).
Katsu: You can't describe things anyway...
Me: *whaps him* THANKS A LOT! T.T
Katsu: I think she's drowning...
Chikako: Alright, I'm back, for this last chappie. We're all crying over here, trust me. Maybe not Katsu, but that's just Katsu, you know.
1) His birthday is in May...? Oh! We haven't missed it. We'll just celebrate it on the last day of May if we can't find out the exact date.
2) I'm an incarnation...? ...Cool...
3) Mae's glad you thought these reviews were quirky. Other people just call her weird and make her feel very sad.
4) ENI-KUN'S CLUELESS! So he wouldn't know about pregnancies (we all knew 'Sao got knocked up though), but still. ...Alright, I'll cut the guy some slack considering how he grew up but- didn't Kaoru-chan go through all that? Did he know? (Mae's too lazy to check back through Nine Months...or even go back to her bookmark page, the worthless- yeah, you know.) 'Sao needs to knock some sense into him, really.
5) Struggling with the subconcious...I suppose he'd *like* to be a schizo, neh? At least he did until Tomoe left. Oh, and what was wrong with the poor guy? Stress? (I'm clueless too. *hangs head*)
6) 'Nishi. Oo, I'm gonna call him that now, because Eni-kun's too long! (Just in emails, don't worry...I don't post anything I write!
Cat H chapter 19 . 4/12/2004
Okay, I wasn't really expecting details of the wedding like kimonos, the actual ceremony etc...though I was taken aback that its now Mrs. Misao Yukishiro to you...ehem I mean me...
Sano being there is a nice touch. I found Enishi's and Sano's encounter funny...simple but funny.
I'm glad that Enishi has decided on going back to his homeland. Although I for one can see him fitting in another country, its sweet and heartwarming to see him consider Misao's feelings in the matter.
Looking forward to the epilogue!
scorpion05 chapter 19 . 4/11/2004
*gg* enishi sweatdroping must be so cute *grin*
sano was there? hes cute too *grin*
i wanna go to paris again for holidays! (it's a beautiful city *dream*...)
Sabbie chapter 19 . 4/10/2004
Oh my God! I love your desriptions! Have you ever been to Paris at all?
JML chapter 19 . 4/10/2004
anou... traditional Japanese brides wore white, to symbolize their purity and willingness to take their husband's colors (true with rich families, although more accurately the wife would be taking up the mon or family crest). red would be more with Chinese (for some weddings, the white gown and then a red dress at the reception nowadays).
*laughs* Enishi sweatdropping? man! would i pay to see Watsuki-sensei draw that! that definitely fetch a good price amongst the Enishi fans (Firuze-san 'specially).
Maeko-Nohara chapter 19 . 4/10/2004
*wails* UWAA! SANO-KUN! *glomp*
Sano- ...-.-;;
Gomen ne...*backs off*
Sano- Er, I understand you being glad to see me but I couldn't breathe there for a second...
*cries* Do you HATE me? *gets the Wailing Kaoru face from one of the Megumi episodes*
Sano- ...
Sano- *eep* Okay okay I don't!
Sano- This woman is insane...okay, all women are insane but it does NOT get worse than this. I know you're all saying it could, but this is one time where it won't...
*pouts in a corner*
Nanami- Yep, back again. This time it's to save you from more of that conversation, you know.
1) WHAT? Eni-kun *sweatdropping*? Okay, you never said he actually did but- well, maybe. Actually, it's really easy to imagine that (thank you fanart). *shrugs*
2) Paris? Err...okay, I suppose so... I feel so sorry for Misao-chan. Dressed up in all those cruddy clothes (pain in the butt- if this were the 1830's the clothes might not be so bad, but it's not! .), not speaking the language, having people stare at her (like people do when I'm in Malaysia...*hangs head* Waa I'm too white), not having lots of hashi! (Oh the horrors! But I understand.) Yes, I'm feeling sorry for see, the person (actually, one of many) that I *really* wouldn't feel sorry for would be Megumi...when I was reading the 3rd volume of the manga I said, "Eh, saw this on TV and it makes no difference, she's still a dumb bizitch." Okay, getting off topic.
3) Hee, liked the telegraph scene. Don't ask why.
4) The sukiyaki scene was good too. So Sano. He can be a sweetie, huh.
5) Something dreadfully wrong...C'mon EK-san, there's ALWAYS been something dreadfully wrong with Eni-kun. We all's the obsession with his sister, then the obsession with Kenshin, then this 'Misao 3-times', then the sweatdropping...what's next for my tora?
Well...I know that wasn't much of a review. *wails* This is almost over? BUT IT'S TOO PRETTY! *begs and cries Kaoru-style* Ohh...Big finale next chapter, neh? Make it long, but don't make everybody wait for a really really long time, okay EK-san? *bow bow*
Ja mata ne,
jbramx2 chapter 18 . 3/28/2004
Wow. Let me congratulate you on the awesome chapter. After I finished reading chapter 17, I felt that the E/M relationship, tho fun, still needed some development. He gave me the impression that he's awkward with her. This chapter seemed to agree with me. He loves her, but is it enough? Should they get married right away? I truly enjoyed reading his and her thoughts on their situation. For a moment I was afraid Misao would continue to be annoyingly optimistic/in denial, but I'm glad to see her having doubts. It makes her more human. Not to mention it's very endearing on her. Review! great way of bringing the marraige issue to attention with Kenji asking. Bringing up the practical matters in his thoughts was good too. "It was not about money! It was not about bastard children! Pardieu!" lmao! Also love Misao's comments on his persona when she finally sees him. XD but aw, I like how he's nice enough to bring her to eat and talk. Again, kudos on Misao's doubting. Funny, how she can be angry and then grinning the next minute. XD *snickers at Enishi's plan for next time he gets hit over the head* XD but eek...poor misao. heh, love how he ends his story with "You have finally met Yukishiro Enishi." Squee! Brilliant chapter! I enjoyed every word of it. :D I love this couple and I love that you brought up everyone's doubts about it. Shows you're not afraid of revealing this couple's weaknesses. E/M all the way! woot! oh, there's a new E/M fanfic out, tis by Shimizu Hitomi. E and M's first encounter there reminded me of when Enishi caught Misao spying on Kenshin and Kaoru's shopping trip. XD;; Angry sheepish Misao and annoyed Enishi always makes me giggle. Yay! I'm happy you liked my picture. Thanks! and again, tis no problem, I just wish I had reviewed sooner, lol. Great work! I can't wait to see what happens next.
jbramx2 chapter 17 . 3/28/2004
Squee! you updated! oh twas my pleasure, I love your stories! :D REVIEW! mwa, love Enishi's mastery of accents and language. X3 lol, seriously dumb doorman. Waai! what a sad, desperate but cute reunion between Kenji and Enishi. Eni-chan! I can so hear that. How terribly cute. Still, I'm a bit skeptical Enishi would just let himself get hurt, but I guess he really is worried for Kenji. Sque! Misao's entrance was wicked cool! Oh yes, she is woman, hear her roar! *giggling* And Misao IS elite stupid WU! or sorta...XD Squee! I so love the scene that follows. I can just picture it too! *cheering like a hopeless fangirl* Go Enishi! Nice action! lmao! she slapped him. XD but still sweet, she tried carrying him. "Besides, didn't he have a good guardian angel in his sister?" aw! how sweet! wha? wu escaped? or no...lmao! "...You wouldn't last a day in my world, sword skiills or not." HOW funny. Go Enishi. XD lol, Enishi is cocky when it comes to smarts. XD but aww, he felt embarrased. *giggles* Great chappie EK! Loved the action here. :D Oh, I already started working on your western clothed Enishi. XD
Sabbie chapter 18 . 3/19/2004
Hello. I finished my art test about two weeks ago.
I dunno if I'm gonna be in this year. I wish you luck on your med studies EK. I haven't got any more ideas to write a fanfiction
scorpion05 chapter 18 . 3/17/2004
*gg* the last sentences was sweet! i hope silly enishi won't change his mind! he must see that his little weasel really loves him!
Cat H chapter 18 . 3/17/2004
Thanks for making Misao just her usual self in dealing with Enishi's fears. Liked that last line. Simple and circling back to the title of your fic. 'Course some people would probably demand a black-and-white honest to goodness statement that Enishi married Misao and they lived happily ever after while having these lovely adventures, but I like that feeling of danger between them.
Yeah, I know Enishi was still in China at that time. I was just commenting and agreeing with the American's opinion about him. He would be the type of fit in USA, not that he was physically in the USA at that time.
I still enjoy the image of Misao toting (sort of) Enishi on her back...I can imagine her dragging him with her strength of will alone, and without Aoshi's help, and doing a great a job. Is it any wonder I love her character and those Misao-heavy (though in your case its more on Enishi, but I'm not complaining) stories?
P.S. on the animal kingdon. Personally I don't think tigers can be tamed. People can try to tame the big cat, but it just can't be wholly done. The feline species just have this wildness bred in them, which no amount of training, whip-waving or even hand-feeding etc. will take out. However, Enishi is a special kind of tiger, and I think Misao would enjoy him being the way he is.
Good fic. Enjoyed it immensely (inspite of being on tenterhooks for some of the chapters) *grin*. Till next time then...
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