Reviews for A Dream While I'm Still Awake
ZelgadisGW chapter 1 . 5/18
After watching two seasons of anime I am finally able to appreciate the story immediately and I gotta say that you nailed Nishikata and Takagi here - I don't think they are OOC in this story at all. I could clearly imagine their conversation going like this. They are adorable dorks and you managed to convey that just as well.

Now that these two degenerates were holding hands, they have no choice but to admit how they feel about each other :P

Also, I wouldn't mind seeing more from this fandom
Rinto chapter 1 . 3/16
Yes, I love it. Please write more.
xellos540 chapter 1 . 2/5
Hello there, Author-san. :)

Even though I'm not an avid follower of "Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san", I have to admit that was pretty nice and climatic one-shot and it was enjoyable to read. :)

Man, Nishikata always seems like such a kid. He really should get a poker face sometime. :P

"next time they'd meet, everything would be normal" ...and they'd say hello to the old pal named Status Quo again... or maybe not. :P

It's nice to see that Nishikata won this time around (or did he?). He should do that more often... or se how close he was to winning so many times... Takagi's mask is quite thin and jsut beneath the poker sur(face) (get it? :P) she's not so composed.

I guess this series is the "bad" side of Cassandra's truths: you can confess and the other person won't take it seriously, even if you'd actually want them too.

I'm not sure why Nishikata's won. Were they betting to do date-like things during the festival or something? I guess I have to watch the show to understand it...

...yup, Takagi drove herself into a corner.

Oh, so it's "truth or dare". Or rather just "truth". Though "dare" would be interesting too. You know what? Those two should play "dare" when they're older and dating or married. ;)

*gasps* Nishikata can read Takagi's mind. :D

Oooh, he asked... no pretty much stated that she wanted more. Atta boy! :)

"But not tonight", huh? Gives me Chihiro's "today I want to stay with you forever" vibe. Good job. :)

Oh, she spit it out... and then she did it for him. xD

Ooh, they snuggle already... and she likes his abs. :D

Awww, he likes her eyes :). I wonder if she likes eyes too.

That was a good read. Perhaps you should do more 2000–3000 words one-shots. :)