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Chapter 44 chapter 44 . 4/28
Awesome fanfic man keep up the good work
Deatybringer3101 chapter 44 . 4/8
Awww I hate that I finished this!️️ rip jaune
UnityorUnkit chapter 44 . 4/6
i really enjoyed, thanks for the binge read
Guest chapter 1 . 3/14
You're a terrible writer.
NotASlithyTove chapter 6 . 3/7
At chapter 6, and Jesus Christ this is bleak.
Loopy Thought Process chapter 20 . 2/24
I like how everyone is so scared of fighting without Aura and Semblances because that’s what we do an they have crazy cool weapons. I think to them it would be like if we lost a limb.
MosesArk Reborn2000 chapter 44 . 2/23
I’m going to say it now, this is going to be a long review as its my take on the entire story.

Firstly, the idea that semblances would be targeted in such a manner isn’t out of nowhere and while the show doesn’t make anything of it, I could totally see them releasing a book which has a similar premise where the MC or someone they’re close to is hunted and/or captured for their semblance. The Arc family having the misfortune of having one that can suppress the auras and semblances of others reminds me of Aizawa’s quirk from MHA as much like here, Aizawa’s power allowed him to suppress the quirks of others with just a glance. There AFO went after hundreds of people with powers he wanted, stole them and then killed them. Why he doesn’t try and steal Erasure for a Nomu or something was an odd choice but I don’t read the manga so maybe it’s been explained already. The fact that he already happened to the Schnee family shows that they have been at this for years.

When you brought up the rest of team JNPR, not gonna lie, I really thought that they’ll make appearances as well as no-one can deny that Pyrrha’s power is broken as hell as she was basically a female Magneto. Ren’s power may not be the most powerful, but against the Grimm it would invaluable as it makes the user and those in their very close proximity invisible to them, we saw that when a power booster like Jaune is around, that range can drastically increase. Nora’s power is a physical power-up, and as long as she or a teammate pack electric dust, she as a source to recharge herself. As we saw in V8, she can use her power to steal energy from things such as security systems.

Jaune’s POV of the White Fang may be with coloured lenses, but Adam and the rest of them were careful to be frank with him from the get-go, so while Blake may be right in that he’s seen them only helping them-he knew that they were violent terrorists who kill and maim people, even helping them do that. Adam himself is pretty well done as while we see things from his POV, we can still buy him as an antagonist as I never understood why modern media always does it’s best to make the antagonist this unredeemable piece of crap, RWBY being guilty of it as I wasn’t a Adam fan before they took his writing and throw it in the dumpster and I wasn’t a hater after the fact as it just seemed forced, like the writers didn’t want the audience to be able to make their own choice. Same with Ironwood. Here, you didn’t do that, I can see thy reason for their actions and I can see why people both in universe and outside of it could not like them.

Jaune’s descent into…I don’t want to call it madness as he wasn’t insane, let’s just call it descent is also a tragic one, but also a believable one as I believe there was a Far Cry game that tackled a similar thing when the MC was just some normal guy who is put through some messed up shit, forced to make choices that no-one should and as the game plays out, the MC changes into a completely different person with even their friends showing concern for it as yes, he did what he had to, but there are only so many lines you can cross before you can’t go back for one reason or another, and one of those reasons is often is that you don’t WANT to go back.

Have to agree that at times, team RWBY plot armour was crazy strong as we get it, they’re the main characters but it gets kinda…well, boring when you know that they’ll came out of any situation not thanks to their own skill, teamwork or intelligence, but because the plot will bend to make that so by either having allies just show up, the villains act like complete idiots or some other outta nowhere thing happening. I think V5 has the best example as Cinder walks PAST an unconscious and defenceless Ruby to throw her spear through Wiess just to mess with Jaune. Cinder who at that point has a hate boner for Ruby the size of Crescent Rose, ignores her for the sake of plot. Hell, even her spearing Weiss was more shock then any else as no-one brought for a second that they’ll kill one of the four main girls.

Here, they may not die-but they do face consequences for their choices as one by one, they all do something dumb and have to pay for it. Blake running from the White Fang directly put her friends in the line of fire as while she has the right to leave, the way she did it was just a bitch move as she never even talked about it, she instead betrayed them at the worst moment, abandoned her friend and lover, and tricked and trapped Jaune in a city where she knew he would be all be killed or captured-forcing him to abandon parts of the very humanity she wanted him to hold onto to survive. The fact that this plot point is never really finished makes me wish for a sequel, but I’ll talk about that later.

Yang has to pay the price of her hot headedness and arrogance as while she’s repeatably told to avoid fighting Jaune, that he’s dangerous and that he’s killed better fighters then she-she doesn’t listen and instead charges in despite the guy trying to just leave. When his mother is killed by Chivalric Arms(indirectly by Penny) he losses it and stops holding back, leading to her being scarred for life and forced to watch as her baby sister is nearly crippled by him just to get back her for her role in the death of his family member. That time, I really thought that Ruby would perish as nor or her team are the MC and as a result, were just as much on the chopping block as anyone else.

Weiss is a similar thing as she was told to remain at Beacon because there was a dangerous killer on the loose with ties to a terrorist group who seems to what the entire Schnee family dead, and while she at first listen and stayed in the city just to hang out-getting into a fight with him was a terrible…terrible idea which she paid for with the fact she’s going to live with the scars of it for the rest of her life. Ruby came out relatively least beat up as while nearly killed, she’s fully mobile and only has to worry about he two bullet scars on her front and back.

Again, not hating on them, but you gotta respect a writer that doesn’t hold back when their characters make mistakes.

Ironwood and Winter were also fantastic characters as we get an actual good reason as to why James doesn’t use his power, but also shows us that he can make those harsh calls without it while also highlighting why Ozpin sought him out for his inner circle. This is the kind of person that people need in office as while he sees the flaws in a democratic system, he’s still willing to work within it and make improvements to it to better it. He doesn’t just see people as cogs in a greater machine but as people, hence why he spent so long trying to both investigate into whoever was running these secret labs, and trying to help Jaune-which is the reason I think he won the guy over in the end as he could see he’s one of the good ones, not perfect but trying his absolute best and regrets his failures.

Winter proves that she’s every bit the sister that Weiss thinks she is as he never acts like she doesn’t care, nor does she let her emotions control her. Not always in perfect control but stoic enough more often than not to make the best judgement call she can. Even after hearing that her sister was caught up in this madness, while she’s understandable worried for her, she doesn’t just jump to hating the guy as she has information that her sister doesn’t and understand that if anything, neither party are at fault as Jaune’s only doing this because he can’t trust them or the system(which is fair, even before they knew a name, they knew they were compromised) and her sister was only put in danger thanks to said shadowy organisation hacking into Penny and forcing her to do that horrible action.

Speaking of, Penny…I felt for her. She’s just about the same she is in the show, which makes her fate all the more tragic as she had just made some new friends, got to explore outside and just have a dun time. Then she blacks out as she’s hawked and subsequently ‘killed’ by Jaune. When she comes to, she has no idea what happened as her memory files are either deleted or compromised. Her father is now help as he’s jumped the gun by not informing James that she may be a risk thanks to her components as while a father is allowed to worry, I honestly can’t see James destroying her if he knew-only having her remain in Atlas as at least there, CA wouldn’t try anything. Even when she pieced herself back together and was able to account for parts of what she had done the day she was ‘killed’, she had no idea that she was responsible for the deaths of so many people, including the innocent mother of Jaune which served as the trigger for his bloody rampage that night, which might have been a mercy as she would have hated herself for it, regardless or not if she was control of herself at the time. With her dad being locked up either in a mental home or prison, there is no return for her. So her death this time around is permanent.

When it came to Jaune’s faked death, I can see that besides himself, James and Neo that: Winter along with Sienna, Ghira, Kali, Ilia, Adam and lastly, his family knowing the truth as while Neo is a wanted criminal, her notoriety is much lower-so she could travel to and from Menagerie every now and then to spend time with her new sisters and to maybe pass off letter between then and Jaune who for obvious reasons, can’t visit.

When it came to Ozpin, can’t say that I wouldn’t make the same choice if I was a 3,000 year old immortal forced to fight an immortal witch hellbent on destroying the planet but at the same time, its clear he didn’t have a plan or as James puts it, took the easy way as if he approached the Arc family, or had remained on their side then he could have convinced them to side with him against a greater evil. Hell, even his plan to first trick Amber into fighting against Salem would backfire if she ever learned he was full of shit, which is likely if she ever learned that Jaune sided with the White Fang and Salem therefore giving her no reason to have him killed. His follow-up wasn’t much better as if she useful against Salem, that includes him and with his own allies leaving him for his cruel actions…yeah, it was doomed to fail. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t given the easy way out and wakes up in Oscar’s mind.

With the end, I would say that we could have sequel come out, maybe one based 3 years in the future with team RWBY full huntresses but they finding out that Jaune is still alive and in fact, working for Ironwood as a kind of Black-ops operative but there is one issue I can’t really think my way out of. Salem.

Salem would no doubt be interested in the research that CA and those like them conducted as they proved that semblance’s could in fact, rival magic and even deny the power of the Gods, meaning that she use this for her own ends now that the Fall Maiden and thus, the relics are lost to her forever(even though in theory she could find a semblance that could give her another route to the relic). It could see team RWBY being brought into the fold to both search for these labs, and stop Salem which means they would be working(or at least on the same time) as Jaune and Neo which could have great character moments for them as they tackle trying to work together, learning more on what the other has been up to and seeing how they’ve grown in that time.

Adam and Ilia could be an item as while both were known more for their interest in Blake, it would be interesting to read how they first opened up to the idea of dating again, maybe got past the idea the they were only with the other as a rebound and finally settled into that space where they are together in a healthy, functional relationship. It would be great for Blake development as I doubt, she would have kept tabs on either of them in the time after she left Beacon, nor would her folks see fit to tell her about them if she kept in contact with them. Maybe she, who in how in a healthy relationship of her with Yang-meets with them and they finally just talk things out and at least start the process of dealing with all their collective baggage. Since Adam never chopped off Yang’s arm, there is little reason for too much bad blood between them as he has no beef with her, nor does she with him as she would have given a proper story about his and Blake’s relationship and time in the White Fang.

Maybe the fact that Lionheart is a traitor working for Salem would play into things as it means that a large chunk of the story takes place in Mistral because of it as Salem would use him to set up bases for their research, which would be a fun way to introduce Ren and Nora into the story as its their native land. Maybe even having a part of the story where Jaune’s survival is made public and James and him have to explain that, which wouldn’t be too hard as James would have tones of evidence stating that the justice system, at least in Atlas, was compromised and they’ve been spending these three years cleaning things up, arguing that he’s working off his debt to society through a public service.

If Ozpin does reincarnate into Oscar’s head, that could be a thing as he losses himself to this hope of victory at long last and his pursuit of ‘the girl that can kill Salem’, becoming a monster just as dangerous as her in his quest to take down Salem and die. Hell, near the end-Jaune was close to what Salem is, having a one-track mind and too apathetic to really give a damn about the people they hurt to get what they want. If Ozpin fell into that madness, that would be intriguing as he may be just a big a threat as Salem himself, forcing the heroes to work to fight against him which could mean some moments of emotions from Qrow, James, Glynda and even Raven who might have her own opinions on her old master finally losing it.

BUT! But…at the same time, most of this rides on Salem being the next antagonist, which there lay the problem. What would she want? In show, Opzin believes she wants to collect all four relics, summon the Gods and destroy the world so that she may finally die, but that is…very dumb. The Gods are shown to be, among other things, giant pricks-so why would they give her the one thing they know she wants when it’s clear she didn’t learn the lesson they cursed her with immortality for? They could just as easily shove her into a pocket dimension or just wipe the planet again, leaving her alone till humans rise again, and just for shits and giggles-a third race to spice things up.

World domination? Maybe, but she wouldn’t need the relics for that seeing how she’s an immortal magic wielder. She could have just as easily started her own kingdom or control one from the shadows, but with how the show is written, Ozma may have been disgusted by them fighting wars and absorbing lands and people under them when they were building a nation together(which is normal as that’s how nations built themselves), but he would have no issues with wiping out a kingdom that she built as she’s bad, so everyone and everything there is bad(don’t think about it).
iChaos chapter 27 . 2/11
Really? If you're going to write something so horrible, at least have the stones to commit to it. This would have made for a much better fallout if Ruby and Weiss were both killed, Yang was traumatized beyond any possibility of recovery and Blake disappeared entirely, never to be seen again. RWBY would be totally neutralized and this story would bear no resemblance to anything other than the blatant tragedy that it is. Ironwood is utterly wrong about Blake, this is entirely her fault. You know what though? I just realized that I do not care anymore because this story is obviously not something I want to read.
iChaos chapter 27 . 2/11
Nope. Absolutely not. Blake can fuck right off. This is all on her and I hope Adam kills her dead while Juan watches. Say what you will about Adam, but at least he is a man of conviction who takes responsibility for his actions.
iChaos chapter 26 . 2/11
Fucking hell. I cannot believe you just did that. Meaningless fanfiction or not, a line was crossed.
XDBOI chapter 1 . 2/10
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if
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This is a copypasta, right?
Seraphim209 chapter 44 . 1/26
I can't describe just how much I despise you in this chapter man, it was goddamn brilliant!
Metre chapter 44 . 12/18/2021
I'm glad I finally got around to finish reading this. It was a great fic
Metre chapter 6 . 12/18/2021
As sad as everything has been going. I love seeing your fics that have Jaune interacting with his family. The way the family has been portrayed over the years has always been a highlight for me.
Metre chapter 6 . 12/18/2021
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