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GideonBlackthorn chapter 44 . 4/4
this fic was brilliant start to finish.
Penny-damn dude. pretty much textbook innocent victim and bang dead. even had a redemption arc. dont get me wrong i love the fic snd your work is immaculate but that cut me in the feels.
maskedkeeper chapter 39 . 3/2
Blake "i wonder what happened to him"completely ignores he is like this because of her .

he was broken before, but he was twisted from being desperate a second time in vale
maskedkeeper chapter 16 . 2/29
Damn, no matter how many yimes i read this i cant sympathize with blake for this. You made me hate blake as a character in every other fic because of this story man
ATJS chapter 41 . 2/21
If ironwoods if ironwoods cybernetics run on dust how was he able to get near amber at all
FatedWait chapter 44 . 2/20
Одна из лучших работ, что я читал. То, каким стал Жон Арк из этого фаныика, меня просто поразило. Настолько обоснованно жестокого персонажа в RWBY я ещё не видел. Уровень драмы здесь просто запредельный. Спасибо за всю вашу тяжёлую работу.

One of the best works I've read. I was amazed at what Jaune Arc became from this fic. I've never seen such a reasonably violent character in RWBY. The level of drama here is simply off the charts. Thank you for all your hard work.
KosmonautKong chapter 39 . 12/26/2023
About halfway through this, it became so ridiculous that I'm just here to watch the trainwreck, and this chapter definitely delivered. It's like watching the author de-age into his edgy tween years paragraph by paragraph. I hope by the end of the fic, Jaune is called the Nullvenger.
Logar3 chapter 44 . 11/19/2023
Wow, this one was good! A bit darker than the ones I’ve read from you so far, but no less well written! Thank you for the story! Looking forward to reading the others of yours I haven’t yet!
Carborund23 chapter 44 . 10/22/2023
After reading this story to the end, I realized that its plot reminds me of the plot of trepang, albeit with significant differences. Thank you for this story. I hope someday we will see its continuation
Gojira Supreme chapter 44 . 10/18/2023
Honestly, for the first time reading one of your fics, I have come away from this with a sense of dissatisfaction. On top of that, my feelings towards plenty of this fics content is mixed. And that applies to all aspects of it.

For the first half, I actually expected something to change with the White Fang. Said change being Blake not leaving. Adam here is receptive to her issues, unlike in canon, and hears her out and even attempts to comply with them. The butterfly effect of Jaune joining seemed to be something of a grounding agent for Adam which aided in this. And in staying she could have acted as the angel on Jaune's shoulder that could have helped him keep some semblance of his humanity. For me, Blake's leaving of the White Fang comes of as something that is perceived as needing to happen so that the characters are involved with the main plot involving Cinder, despite the fact that Cinder would contact the White Fang anyway, thereby pulling them into the main plot.

But the second half is where many of my conflicted issues and feelings began to crop up. Many of the characters of the cast are right and wrong in their own ways. Eventually, I found it rather difficult to root for many of the characters. The biggest offender being Jaune himself. The turning point for me was the dock incident. This was for me, probably one of the most difficult parts to read through and it greatly colored how I viewed Jaune as a character from then on. I came away from those chapters with a large amount of sympathy for Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Penny. Penny especially due to the fact that she was not in control of her own actions throughout that incident. On the flip side, my sympathies for Jaune began to dwindle. By killing Penny, he has killed someone who is innocent, the absolute one thing his mother told him not to do. And the maiming of two seventeen year olds as well as a fifteen year old really who are operating on false information doesn't help either. (Never mind the fact that they should have been fully informed considering that Blake is on their team.) In the end, I for sure wanted Jaune's family to come out of everything safe and sound. But for Jaune himself, I actually wanted to see him die in the end.

I have stated in a prior review that I do not really like bittersweet endings. I fully expected one here given how dark this fic was. Surprisingly I wanted one here as well, which is a new feeling for me. And that is exactly what was given.

Jaune fakes his death with help from Ironwood and becomes the generals secret weapon against Chivalry Arms and anyone else who wishes to abuse the laws for their own benefit, as well as a stop gap for Mettle. And Jaune's family is kept with falsified records to better aid in keeping them safe.

This ending absolutely solves the problem of Chivalry Arms and the corrupt members of the council of Atlas getting away with everything. Their days are essentially numbered. This is the one aspect of the ending I actually have a sense of satisfaction for. Everything else, like I stated above, carries this sense of dissatisfaction and mixed feelings that is difficult for me to truly put into words. However, I do not regret reading this despite that. But will I be coming back to this in the future? Probably not. And if I were to be asked by someone for a recommendation of a darker RWBY fic, I would gladly direct them to this. They will more than likely feel differently than I.

Regardless I must move on to the next fic on my to read list, Arcanum.

Best wishes and happy writing.
HaziX WeeK chapter 1 . 10/10/2023
read all of this in 3 days , I have to say it has definitely a drak tone similar to NTTF and jaune is always suffering is just Canon like how jaune killed penny and died twice ,also good thing rwby went to shade instead of haven for obvious reasons, and I definitely want to see neo jaune and ironwood cleaning up atlas and then go to see salem, amber will definitely play a part in this and I do want to see jaune meet his sisters again
Parapraxis A51 chapter 44 . 10/2/2023
A dark end to a dark story. enjoyed it immensely
plebston323 chapter 44 . 9/21/2023
perfect ending
Aetheryna chapter 44 . 8/29/2023
Well… I was right, at least. Binging definitely helped make this story easier to digest because, as some other reviewer put it, I felt muted with the occasional spikes of fury towards Blake, Ozpin, whoever it was making the situations worse and worse.

I can’t say I enjoyed this story like I have with the others, both initially and during this reread, but I suppose this story isn’t really meant to be “enjoyed” in that same sense. Between the moments of indignation and rage, I either felt a muted horror or, near the end, grim satisfaction. The kind of “enjoyment” of a tragedy, where it’s emotionally fulfilling but not in a positive way. Catharsis, maybe? That term gets bandied around a lot when it comes to the revenge fic category, which I suppose this falls under, though drawing any connection between this story and some of the more questionable stories on this site leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

If there’s anything to really mention here, I suppose it would be that it never really felt like there was any hope throughout the fic, which makes sense but also kind of dampens the emotional impact. Considering that this is felt like more of a story of Jaune’s descent than anything else, he kept getting beat down over and over at the beginning to the point that the successes never really felt like successes. Even when I didn’t know what was going to happen to his family, I could never really muster up any satisfaction at their rescues because nothing ever went right before, so why would it now. I suppose it mirrored Jaune’s descent to an extent, with the initial shock, rage, and hope slowly draining away into nothing more than apathy and cold purpose.

Definitely some mixed feelings, but moreso as a result of the narrative content than concerns about the story quality. I think the relative lack of author’s notes also really helped prevent any jarring tone shifts or immersion breaks. Good quality, as always, but man I definitely think it’s time to go find a nice and comfy fluff story and tuck in for the night. My initial note was only about 8 hours ago, so I definitely need some time to recuperate before I dive into anything else.

Aetheryna chapter 1 . 8/29/2023
Fuck. This is just a pre-emptive message since I forgot about this story being next. I read it as it came out, and while you mentioned in the top AN that it’s not much worse in terms of death and gloom than OGT or ItKS, I definitely remember the weekly updates just being gut punch after gut punch, especially since I had read the similar prompt in the Writing Games and was thus constantly stressed reading each week. Also doesn’t help that the narrative and themes of this story touch on very uncomfortable and sensitive spots for me, but god damnit I’ll make it through this again.

I’m still going to read it, and hopefully being able to do it in one big binge will ease the stress, but I think I’ll definitely be putting my first reading of Stress Relief off till I finish the next comedy story, because I really don’t need those kinds of emotions right after this story.

I’ll see you all soon.
sanjiv121606 chapter 32 . 8/21/2023
NGL I can see Salem and her cabal just sitting at a meeting just eating popcorn watching the world burn by absolutely doing nothing
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