Reviews for Welcome to the (insane) world of Pokémon
Guest chapter 84 . 10h
binged this story in 2 days and NOOOO froslass
Fuyuki365 chapter 118 . 12h
Will Luna still like chips when she evolves into a gardevoir?
SpecimeN87 chapter 118 . 22h
Honestly I'm still awaiting the return of yandere super froslass!
Gamermisogi chapter 118 . 1/27
A new chapter for the new year! I wonder what s going to happen next
Spades231 chapter 118 . 1/27
Two thumbs up from this reader.
dadg12346 chapter 118 . 1/25
mathdump chapter 118 . 1/25
For all his close brushes with danger, Dust seems remarkably reckless. He should know by now that something that obscures Luna's senses either has a type advantage or is another psychic. You've established that he has a destructive tendency to keep delving into dangerous situations even after identifying danger, but in this case, he outright failed to identify it.
LazyImmortal chapter 118 . 1/24
weapons weapons weapons. always important
Abyssal The Watcher chapter 118 . 1/24
Yet another great chapter! I only recently got to read it because of some personal issues, but it was well worth the wait. Keep up the fantastic work mate!
Dracoog101 chapter 118 . 1/24
Where's the fluff! Poor Greninja
Atomic Morning chapter 118 . 1/24
I liked the fight scene a lot, and Greninja's always awesome, despite being a stupid fucking braindead frog. Not too much plot development in this chapter, but we got a sick fight sequence to make up for that. MC really needs to do his homework, though. He has to study how to use Kirlia optimally if he wants to deal with stronger threats when they arrive. And considering his track record, they'll arrive.

Assuming Ninja-Frog's dead, was this MC's first time outright killing something? I don't recall if he ever straight up murdered anyone before this. And if Greninja is dead, I feel like this is going to be a pretty big character moment for him, with the ramifications of his actions being touched upon in the next chap. Also gotta wonder what's in the box.
azulasimp90 chapter 118 . 1/24
Nice, you incorporated greninja's hidden ability. Good chap with a cool fight scene

why does mc still suck at battling? dark type would have been my first guess

u should work on making your paragraphs longer. your sentences r getting better but you still have a lot of one sentence paragraphs.

and i hope my frog bae isnt dead
dhunis chapter 118 . 1/23
Luna straight up told him that her powers felt muted, and he never thought of a Dark type? That should be the first thing that should pop up for anyone who's not mentally challenged. I dunno, 118 chapters in and his competence being lacking is kinda disappointing.
2Victori chapter 118 . 1/23
This chapter turned very grim. I can't say what was inside that red box but something tells new it had a huge part in why Darkrai massacred the first victim and maybe the pokemon in the underground cellar being a dark type isn't a coincidence
Hunter of Entities chapter 118 . 1/23
Regarding Ash retirement: I always thought they would go the easy route of using a game protagonist replacement since Ash was kinda a stand in for Red given Yellow's naming options. I guess we'll all have to see how this goes. Ash has introduced us to new regions time and again, it'll be odd not following him to the new regions
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