Reviews for Melancholia
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 16 . 10/28
Deep emotions here.
bruins35 chapter 2 . 10/27
Thumbs up! (really have nothing to say, but i will say your author note is 100% right ))
GunBlade2020 chapter 16 . 10/21
Hi there

I see that Iruka is also wondering about what happened to Naruto, which means that Naruto did not say anything even to him...

Keep up the great writing and stay safe!
Jorge Luis Arias Arcentales chapter 16 . 10/20
I just could read the new chapters because my cell phone was damaged again TTnTT

Anyway, I'm excited just thinking about how Tsunade will react when she is alone and can drop her stoic face. I liked her attitude in the previous chapter, because even though she is a person close to Naruto, in the first place, she is the Hokage and a medic ninja, just like she acted when Naruto found out that Jiraiya had died, she acted strong but when she was left alone she was able to drop her act and cry as she brought out how she really felt.
Seriously great job with tsunade, I liked it.

I'm also excited for ino to get involved, but I wonder what his relationship with sakura will be like, I don't remember much how it was in the anime.

I really, really, really look forward to the next chapter.
zachosg7 chapter 16 . 10/19
not a bad chapter

only real complaint is that it was a short one, but it does set up the next chapter so all in all not that bad
Shippingshoujo chapter 15 . 10/19
This chapter was good to read! Really hope you continue the story!
GunBlade2020 chapter 15 . 10/5
Hi there

Naruto really vented in this chapter, but I think it was for the best to do it in front of Tsunade.

Keep up the great writing and stay safe!
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 15 . 10/3
Man, the sheer scope of pain I can feel for Naruto here is extreme to unreal levels.
zachosg7 chapter 15 . 10/3
considering the context of this fic, the reactions shown in this chapter were reasonable and with in character

I eagerly await to see Iruka's reaction to all this
Gen. Malaise chapter 14 . 9/28
Don't respond to the flame comments. Especially the ones about pairing choice. Just let them scream into the void. Keep up the good work, enjoy the positive comments and take the genuine critique under consideration.
GunBlade2020 chapter 14 . 9/26
Hi there

It seems that Sakura is taking a back foot for now, concerning her issues, I hope it does not go too dark, since we already have that with the other team members...

Keep up the great writing and stay safe!
Lineheart chapter 14 . 9/25
I love the book and concept. Your doing it very well. Wheree it feels real yet not cringe. It's to early for me to say anything about it story wise. And I don't want to step o. Toe's I do think it would really serve the story to slow done once in the village. While by no means fast. Honestly pretty slow in getting to the leaf. It really feels like once there your story is going to open up. And there are so many things that could be done out side of team 7. While they are the main focus and rightfully so. Interaction with other side characters we know would go along way.
As I said way to early for any of this to matter. The story is coming off it intro. So really excited to see where it goes. Alot I would like to see out of it. But where your going now is a fairly unique and exiting place.
zachosg7 chapter 14 . 9/25
not a bad chapter all in all it was a good chapter, nothing too mind blowing
MoonLightSkies16 chapter 14 . 9/25
I feel really bad for Kakashi, having to see his student like that. He doesn’t want a repeat of what his father did. And I also get where Naruto is coming from and why he won’t stop. It feels nice sometimes, having something for your mind to focus on, a different kind of pain. I like thus chapter too, and how Izumi can relate to Naruto and little.
britb4 chapter 6 . 9/20
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