Reviews for The New World
Siy Simon chapter 27 . 10/11
Super! Can't wait to read the next chapter. It's a incredible history.
OnASnowyDay chapter 27 . 9/25
Ooh, interesting! So last chapter was just a dream. I was wondering how that I was gonna play out lol. Interested to see on what happened to Roman!
OnASnowyDay chapter 26 . 7/27
Something tells me that maybe the text was from qetsiyah? I know she was mentioned earlier but nothing else has really been said. Curious to find out!
OnASnowyDay chapter 25 . 6/13
OH WELL THAT WAS UNEXPECTED. I seriously love your curveballs. They’re always so interesting
OnASnowyDay chapter 24 . 5/15
I think I say this a lot but how interesting! You always throw curve balls with this story and I never know what to expect. Can’t wait for more!
OnASnowyDay chapter 23 . 4/30
So... klaus is secretly the good guy. Interesting turn of events. Seriously I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of hour plot twists
OnASnowyDay chapter 22 . 4/21
Hmm. Your plot twists have always thrown me in for a loop but I don’t think I can really decipher this one. I’m actually clueless. Part of me is a little mad the first thing Rebekah did was blab to klaus that Elena was there but I’m super curious as to what klaus is talking about
OnASnowyDay chapter 21 . 4/15
Well I mean, technically Roman can still have kids since he’s a hybrid and the werewolf side of him can procreate. It’s what happened to klaus, unless that’s now how it works in this universe. If Roman did take the cure, he’d just become a werewolf again and I honestly don’t think he’d want that
OnASnowyDay chapter 20 . 4/11
Ooh! Bonnie’s pregnant! How exciting yet unfortunate for the situation. Can’t wait to this how this goes over with everyone else
Guest chapter 18 . 4/3
Elena has to go back to her world
OnASnowyDay chapter 18 . 4/2
Ahh, Elijah! Yes! I’m glad the other originals are making appearances!
OnASnowyDay chapter 17 . 3/28
Ah, so they found a way to send Elena back! Interested to see what Roman is up to
IntrovertedxxMusings chapter 17 . 3/28
I wonder what he's planning. And never thought I'd see a character that broods more than Stefan lol.
OnASnowyDay chapter 16 . 3/22
Ooh Roman and Elena! It’ll be fun to see Stefan and Bonnie poke fun. Also, I feel a bit bad for Roman about Rebekah, so it’s good Elena found a way to comfort him
OnASnowyDay chapter 15 . 3/19
Ooh Rebekah! I thought that maybe the blonde was Lexi but this is even better
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