Reviews for The Bloodstained Hero
Yo Do1 chapter 5 . 12/22/2021
W8. Hold up. Tooru was born invisible in this? How does a medical team handle an invisible baby coming out of its mother's womb?
Nevyts chapter 21 . 12/16/2021
This story is pretty cool. I can't wait too see what's goin too happen next.
Someone chapter 21 . 12/6/2021
Really good stuff.
MrBigBottoms chapter 19 . 11/20/2021
Scuffed-Morals chapter 21 . 11/16/2021
Amazing story don’t let it die out so much potential I will wait with baited breath until the update
Guest chapter 21 . 11/9/2021
Is this going to continue? I'd like it to as it's quite hard to find one of this quality
DRACDRAKO chapter 1 . 11/5/2021
Esta mierda está buenisima
An enthusiastic reader.98 chapter 21 . 11/4/2021
Hello Author! I'm terrible at writing comments, so I'll just say that I really liked this job!

I can't wait to read more details about Izuku's life/suffering in Yarnam, to see the development of his relationship with the Doll and, of course, to find out how further events will develop.

Thank you! Good luck and inspiration!
TheCarcassKing chapter 21 . 11/1/2021
Awwww, just when it was getting good. Your story's enthralling, you know? I hope your situation gets better, for I personally understand it. Very much so. Being wracked with GAD and the Big Sad can do "wonders" to one's mind in enclosed spaces, especially with haunting regrets (on my part)...

So I hoped you can get through this, you're making this fiasco of a situation more bearable for people. The magic of a story well told, I'd say.
Zaneninjacat chapter 21 . 10/31/2021
this is good and i cant wait for doll to be outside of the dream really love this fic
TyTylerBarela100 chapter 16 . 10/30/2021
I love this so much and this is why we need more crossover like this
Xanderal chapter 21 . 10/30/2021
Wicked good story, couldn't put it down once I picked it up. Can't wait to see more
Sable Dawn chapter 21 . 10/7/2021
I would have thought that Kyoka would be a near perfect counter to Todoroki, least when he is only using his ice since she can shatter it with her sound no?, anyhow I am enjoying the story so far and looking forward to the next chapter.
Sable Dawn chapter 1 . 10/6/2021
so its a bloodborne version of the shinobi prosthetic from Sekiro, very neat slots in very well.
Fachi chapter 4 . 9/22/2021
Cool, always avoided these cause I thought it would be mediocre but this is fun, and despite the word count takes a while to read
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