Reviews for After the Revelation
HanabiHikari chapter 1 . 6/21
Your fic was really interesting. Kachi being aware of what she was and expressing remorse may be a subject of debate. But this Kachi showing remorse would prove she has become more human (well we don't really know other aliens so we cant measure if they have human-like emotions) and some sort of "redemption arc" would be great in a sequel.

I think the so-called "creators" are just a bunch of powerful guys at the first earth, or something like that.

I think that the main difference in translation was changing the gods for creators and G5 for nebulox (as it would imply some real life countries? lol) but yes, I wonder how else changed between versions.

Great fic, thanks for this.
Oddnetwork chapter 1 . 3/2
This fanfiction is truly great. The characters' personalities and dialogue were clear, and I could easily imagine both Isa and Kachi acting that way in-game.
The setting and the atmosphere of the final cutscene were described nicely, and it matched the storyline that followed very well. I also liked how you used the Ship of Theseus thought experiment to explain the differences between Achi and Kachi, and how they are basically different people now. The story progressed smoothly through dialogue and actions, and I liked how you wrote the internal conflicts of both of the characters.

I’ve always wondered what Isa and Kachi’s plans for the future would be after the end of the game, and destroying the Creators with help from Outer Space/finally achieving peace sounds like an interesting plot for Sin and Punishment 3.