Reviews for The Beast of Beacon
Teen Shallot chapter 41 . 9/8
wearedeadpool chapter 5 . 9/8
pretty good.
Arcinae chapter 12 . 8/31
Ive reread beast of beacon a few times, and this whole segment with Adam vs Cassandra’s team always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. None of the characters seem to thinkbaiting” someone ! framing. If Adam pushes people by insulting and goading them, and their reaction is to try and murder “in the heat of the moment,” that’s still their fault! Everyone, especially huntsmen, must be able to control their tempers. If they cannot they should not be state-licensed armed mercenaries who could potentially harm the population, ala the argument made about Yang at the start of NTTF. While Adam holds some blame for baiting the reaction, Weiss and Tsune going on about what a horrid deed he did is just ?
Genesis.Rising.exe chapter 41 . 8/31
This is a fantastic story, Adam's always been one of my favourite villains despite his... cringy dialogue and motives. His fighting style, his outfit, his weapons, even his visual design. I liked that it wasn't some instant attraction thing (I'm a sucker for making the MC of a story suffer) and watching the subtle changes from "Schnee" to "Weiss" were great, when I caught them anyway.

I'd always expected a zealot loyal to the cause constantly having to choose between Blake and the 'Cause'. I was very disappointed with how Adam actually turned out though, its like Monty had different ideas for the character that changed mid volume, or at least some time after the Black Trailer. This Fic kinda scratches that itch and It's a great read! most of your Fic's are!
Aetheryna chapter 41 . 8/30
Man, that was refreshing on so many counts. All hail the noble and mighty Jaune of Arc lest I be burned at the stake, but early story canon-Jaune can be frustrating to read about over and over, even if the exact struggles are always different. I suppose that’s part of what makes him such an easy choice of protagonist.

Enough about Jaune though, we’re here today for Adam. This story was definitely a shock when I first saw it come out, and I’ll freely admit I held some reservations about it but it’s definitely been worth the read and reread. I may have skimmed through this one a bit more than usual, but that’s more on my circumstances than any fault with the story.

Ultimately, I’m just glad that someone properly explored Adam as a character. Between RT’s… questionable narrative decisions and most fanfiction doing little to diverge any villian from that mold, it’s always a surprise to see a story like this manage to do it so well. I love villain redemption fics, but so often it feels like the redemption is contrived or unnatural, forsaking sensible plots and abandoning the core of these characters that make them so appealing in the first place. Adam is angry, Cinder is power hungry, Neo is sadistic, Roman is selfish, Salem is… Salem.

In this story, Adam doesn’t have this massive change of heart that suddenly makes all his previous crimes okay, swept away in the deluge of love confessions, pardons, and tragic backstories coming to light. He hurts and is hurt, he schemes and lies for objectively shitty reasons and justifies it all with self-serving righteousness. But he changes: slowly, gradually, painfully, and with quite the many setbacks. He doesn’t become some paragon of virtue burdened by a misguided youth, he just has a slowly changing set of priorities.

I won’t let this get as long winded as some of my other end reviews (not that this is short either), so I’ll be off to… urk. I loved reading Relic as it came out, but I definitely don’t remember that massive word count. I’ll see you all in a while I suppose.

wearedeadpool chapter 1 . 8/29
pretty good start bro.
Theif Lupin chapter 5 . 7/30
“Hn” ? What is he an uchiha?
Theif Lupin chapter 4 . 7/30
W adam man really does now that you always root for the underdog “GRIMM GRIMM GRIMM!”
Theif Lupin chapter 3 . 7/30
:U.S Government: How dare anyone impersonate anybody else as the conglomerate of the entire united states I condemn this kind if behaviour
Theif Lupin chapter 2 . 7/30
Damn author is really good at portraying Adam but I wonder if that will extend to how he will change? For better or for worse
dogd1693 chapter 41 . 7/23
Amazing story
Gizmo Gear chapter 41 . 6/6
A great story and a fantastic ending for it.
Gizmo Gear chapter 32 . 6/5
And so the pot boils.
This is a fun story. Really going into the prejudices of the characters.
Alexiitz chapter 9 . 5/31
Okey, sino mal recuerdo es la primera vez que vemos transfondo de la bella enfermera no?

Si es asi esto seria canon?

Si es asi creo que me dejo un sabor amargo... a seguir leyendo para conocer mas

Alexiitz chapter 7 . 5/31
Es sorprendente como una historia de Adam me esta atrapando tanto… sinceramente WOW… coeur, nunca dejas de impresionarme, tienes todo mi respeto

Saludos desde Mexico
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