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ShadowFanFlame chapter 31 . 35m
The fallout is only beginning, this is going down fast. There is too much craziness going on for Cinder to not use this all in her speech. I can imagine it now.
"Branding a faunus and putting a collar to his neck, what an Atlas thing to do. I wonder how used to this they are to have a choker on hand?"
"Beacon proves that if you just beat down your opponent, you will stand down tall above the supposed 'weaklings' who dare question your authority. And those weaklings happen to be innocent faunus most of the time. Is that what Ozpin is teaching?"
Just terrible. Free ammunition for what? Is James forgetting Grimm are attracted to negative emotions and seeing a Faunus in a choker might breed some of those even if it is the right course of action? Smh, only some humans will be comforted by this, and some Faunus I guess. Adam is gonna be harassed about that in school as well. Can't wait to see it all go down. Not surprised by anything Ironwood said though, it's very in character. Glynda though, at least try to pretend those students are annoying a dragon in its own home for no reason. Don't blame the Dragon for lashing out when you were baiting it to do so.
Yang's part is a little different. When I was reading it I was like "YESSS TELL THEM ABOUT THEMSELVES. " But when you look back at it, it's kinda wild. Basically called Velvet a pet and Coco someone with a "Human" savior complex. Which is still funny as shit, but that's gonna get taken out of context most likely. The context might not make it better, but without context, it might straight-up look racist. And after Yang beats the dog shit out of Coco(I don't believe Coco is that strong hand to hand) and possibly others if they jump in, I imagine this whole situation is gonna be used against Beacon.
Now I feel like people have forgotten that Faunus were slaves from even when we first saw them in the past were Ozpin first reincarnated, that was the earliest in the past we've seen them and they were already in cages. And after that, is it stated CENTURIES past by. He spent some lifetimes mourning and MANY lifetimes trying to forget about everything. What I'm tryna get across is Faunus have been enslaved for such a long ass time, and you expect them to be peaceful? Are you insane or simply uncaring? I just had to say this because I saw some absolutely trash comparisons for the situation. Adam had a purpose for his madness, even if it went overboard. And thinking someone who was previously chained up would just freely go back to those chains if they weren't planning something is such a dick move. And he cannot even refuse to do so without being assumed he's evil, what a world.
Victorules chapter 31 . 50m
The 'is Goodwitch racist?' question is what really does it for me. How every word or action could be coming from either standpoint, but I always assume she is in the wrong because it's the hero she might be discriminating. Such a complex subject, and such a good portrayal.
FF8cerberus chapter 31 . 51m
Ugh. What a way for me to be left at. I won't be around for the update. This is going to be a real pain. The fact that neither of those two feel any remorse about what their actions imply is simply insane. They are truly one dimensional in their thinking. Even with how history has shown man treat each other due violence the worst ones seem to come from believing they're doing for the good of all. Perfect excuse to dissuade oneself of their own corrupt and cruel hearts and soul. To go to such an extreme that pushes the boundaries of what was actually committed. There are things worse than death and this may come be one of them when the others imagine themselves in Adam's shoes once he is shown in his collar with chains and all. Truly a disgusting sight from humans who have far advanced compared to our own society and technology. Not gonna say that there aren't worse cases out there but I don't actually 'know' of them like this one to such an extent.

Oh well. Let chaos reign supreme. What's that saying? The road to hell is lead by good intentions. I don't remember the exact phrase but it was something like this.

It'll be some time until I see this again but maybe I'll be lucky. Until next time.
BlackDragonDevilGod chapter 31 . 2h
Okay, i can understand WHY Ironwood is acting like he is and while it's completely understandable, the way he's going about is beyond stupid and is, oh how do i say this? Well, if anyone has watched Boondocks, this reminds me of how Colonel H. Stinkmeaner would basically sum up how this situation would end in:
Cinder should take notes
Unsung Senpai chapter 31 . 2h
It's been a while since i left one of these reviews, just anna say the writing up to this point is AGRIVATING!
In a good way!
As usual i really appreciate the detail and work you put into Coeur!
Really love the chemistry between Weiss/Adam/Yang.
radomeperson chapter 31 . 2h
Adam should have raveled the brand as soon as winter stepped near him with the collar.

But this will not go well they gave cinder ammunition to use.
jakobzachariasen chapter 31 . 3h
Man, i wanna see what happens when winter see’s the schnee brand he has on his eye. See that the schnee company actually *is* that bad
taking it easy chapter 31 . 5h
Wow. Intense.
BOW-B-4-ME chapter 31 . 6h
Pyrrha! where are you? Adam need you!
cj1of4 chapter 31 . 7h
So, how badly will the Schnee name be damaged if/when the Heir, Weiss, publicly denounces her family name? Because with this, I could see Weiss's goal changing from repairing the family name, to denying being a part of the family anymore.
TypicalPlayer chapter 1 . 8h
Honestly think this might end up as a Frostbite ship. Yang still somewhat cares about Adam as a friend, but I don’t think she will be able to rekindle her relationship with him after she found out about his past in that way.

Meanwhile, Weiss is the one who found out about his past the first and had a civil discussion with him about it, has the best chemistry/dynamic, and is about to be estranged from the last real family member in her life because she genuinely cares her for Adam. This might be wishful thinking since they both just she’s each other as close friends.

Coeur has always stuck to one ship in each of his stories (the ones I’ve read anyway) so it would be interesting if he did a bait-and-switch this time. Either way, I’m fine with anyone on Team RYST to be with Adam.
TheDukeOfStupid chapter 31 . 8h
And with each chapter I end up praying this story switches from Adam/Yang to Adam/Weiss (and isn't that a wild sentence to think about). While I did like Adam/Yang, I think it would be fine for them to have tried for a relationship and it fall apart like in real life, yet still remain friends.

Even without romance, Weiss and Adam is probably my favourite relationship you've written in one of your fics, and the geuine heartbreak Weiss most be going through, seeing that even when Winter 'escaped' from her family she's still doing things that shame the Schnee name most be gut wrenching.

I can't wait for the chapter where Adam publically shows off his scar, that would be a powerful image for the media wouldn't it, the chained, collared, branded faunus in the hands of a Schnee will probably garner a reaction.
DragoonSensei chapter 31 . 9h
Winter I think you just lost any respect Weiss had toward you.
Waltony chapter 31 . 10h
Poor Adam...
TheDragon2000 chapter 31 . 12h
PLEASE tell me you are killing off ironwood! The guy was always irritating to me, but your version achieved a new level of assholery.
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