Reviews for The Blue Rose Sword Hero
SxS chapter 19 . 12/1
New sword series.

Cockatrice series

Cockatrice Meat Sword
Base attack: 23
Equip bonus: cooking skill 3
Level Require: 15

Cockatrice Comb Sword
Base Attack: 10
Equip bonus: Petrification resistance (small)
Level Require: 15

Cockatrice Leather Sword
Base Attack: 15
Equip bonus: defence 3
Level Require: 15

Cockatrice Viper Sword
Base Attack: 24
Equip bonus: poison resistance (medium), antidote compounding 1
Level Require: 15

Cockatrice Wing Sword
Base Attack: 10
Equip bonus: magic 7
Level Require: 15

Cockatrice Talon Sword
Base Attack: 10
Equip bonus: agility 6
Skill: Tri-Slash
Level Require: 15
Tri-Slash: the user swings their sword creating a triple slash.

Scissor Sword
Base Attack: 5
Equip bonus: Sowing skill 1
Skill: Silver Cross
Level Require: 6
Absorb: Scissors
Silver Cross: The user swings a cross diagonal sending a white energy cross blade.
NOTE: I know what you thinking: why scissors and how exactly does it give a skill? Well, how exactly does a rope give Air Strike skills, that made no sense.
danila.fedakov.02 chapter 19 . 11/29
Waiting for more.
Dcraus chapter 6 . 11/29
Naofumi will gain Weapons Copy
and learned Enchance Armament abilty.
Naofumi Enchance Armament and Release Recollection
Cardinal Shield power will be similiar to Leondias Noble Phantasm and it power like Eugeo
Naofumi Brawler Shield it can attack and defend his enemines
Naofumi Lanther shield
SxS chapter 10 . 11/27
In canon, Naofumi has more Chimera shields which is follow by;
Chimera Meat Shield
Equip bonus: cooking skill plus 1

Chimera Bone Shield
Equip bonus: darkness resistance (medium)

Chimera Leather Shield
Equip bonus: defence plus 10
Dcraus chapter 10 . 11/27
Other female party members for Naofumi and part of a harem pairing.
Such as Amber from Genshin Impact
Akame from Akame ga kill
Ryu from Danmachi
Fate Okita Souji from Fate Grand Order
Fate Medusa from Fate Stay Night
Aishela from Record of Grancrest War
AhAl0R1A chapter 19 . 11/27
So that’s what Guinny’s outfit based on?
But we haven’t seen what Arthur look like.
Protector for all chapter 19 . 11/26
I can finally see the image, so Guinevere looks dresses up like one of Genshin Impact's main characters, Lumine.
KiritoIRL chapter 19 . 11/25
Good chapter as always.


1) Motoyasu's mess in Lerno village. Since Rino was originally in his party, I think it would disillusion Rino about Motoyasu and make her glad she got out of his party and into Naofumi's party. Knowing what happens to her in canon, she deserves at least that.

2) Definitely yes. But I have to wonder: the Three Heroes Church would be watching Eugeo's moves. As much as I want to see Eugeo and Naofumi interact together more, how is Eugeo going to work with Naofumi to fix Itsuki's mess without alerting the church of the two heroes' secret alliance? I'm eager to find out how you'll make that happen!

3) I think they should be added somewhere between when Naofumi is framed for kidnapping Melty and the battle between the heroes and the Pope. That way, after the battle, Yamai and Kurumi can testify against Malty as well during her trial.

And how would Yamai and Kurumi react when they meet Eugeo, I wonder? Eugeo and Shido do share the same voice actor after all... I have a suggestion: if you plan to have the two meet Eugeo, maybe you can have them get a bit flirty with Eugeo since he reminds them of Shido, much to his embarrassment and his party's annoyance - especially Alice?

Eager to see the next chapter for Eugeo's 'talk' with his girls and finding out the 2 stooge heroes' mess.
SIAUFUNGYIN chapter 19 . 11/20
Good chapter.

1) Rino Village from Motoyasu's mess but her parent are from Northern territories

2) Yes for Northern territories arc

3) The DAL character can catch be during the Northern territores arc before Zeltoble or maybe split between before and after
fafnir1404 chapter 19 . 11/18
For 1, I wish it to be Itsuki's town, since if it's Motoyasu it might make some kind of deep enmity between Rino and Motoyasu. For 2, I vote yes. For 3... Not sure really. Would be fun if Kurumi eventually joined Itsuki's team though I think.
Glacyeel chapter 19 . 11/17
I vote Rino's home village should be the one Motoyasu screwed over.

I vote yes for Eugeo and Naofumi helping fix Itsuki's Screw up.
NightHawk The Warrior chapter 19 . 11/17
Personally I dislike Itsuki more than Motoyasu for the whole Rishia ordeal, but I think that if Motoyasu messed up Rino's home village then it could help with Motoyasu's character development as well as hers. He does care for his companions after all, and Fino would realize that the heroes she idolized are not as perfect as she was taught to believe.
Dcraus chapter 4 . 11/17
Naofuumi harem pairings
GenShepard chapter 19 . 11/17
1) It is dependent on which choice wins on the second poll. If the Northern Territories are going to be fixed, then Rino should be from there, but if not, then she should be from Lerno village.
2) I feel that Naofumi should have chosen to do so originally so my choice is yes.
3) During the visit to Cal Mira would probably be the most organic, unless I missed that they are still slaves. In which case, when Naofumi makes his way to the Northern Territories he should catch a glimpse of them at a minimum.
DragoonSensei chapter 19 . 11/17
This was a pretty fun chapter.
I loved every second of it.
I think you should start whit the plant problem then meet up whit Eugeo then solve the ruined kingdom properly.
I think the ruined kingdom needs true help.
I think you should save the girls at the same time when you save the demi-humans from the evil noble.
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