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Steppe14 chapter 24 . 7/24/2021
Just finished binge-reading this and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Now as for the poll:
1. Illya's Hair/Wire Manipulation
2. Both. Both is good.
3. During the battle with the Pope.
4. Twitter maybe?
Pharamine chapter 24 . 7/19/2021
Yay you're alive and well, I was scared quite a bit when there's no uploads for a long time.

Nothing is as dangerous as an angry woman and with 4 of them... well that boar didn't have a single chance.

The break is over and it's time for action once again.

And the poll time once again:
1) Not my fandom for fanficton so proceed as you wish.
2) My left half of the brain: both?
My right half of the brain: both.
Me: Both! Both is good.
Or to be more specific a classic stealth mission gets compromised and MC has to brute-force his way through.
3) Damn you got me to think on this one. During the pope battle. Would be nice to have pope call Nao the shield demon and right at this moment Mash pops up and like "F #$ you!"
4) Yes I would very like it and please do it on Twitter.

After looking at the results of the previous poll: I love democracy.

Feels nice to finally leave a proper review with my own account. See you next time Gadget.
RedBurningDragon chapter 24 . 7/18/2021
UBW is enough
Mix of both
During the pope maybe with Naofumi using the NP
Guest chapter 24 . 7/17/2021
Time alter or hair wire would work
Djinn chapter 24 . 7/17/2021
Great new chapter
star king chapter 24 . 7/17/2021
a chapter, where the characters relax, I think it was good that they had a quiet moment considering that they are going to have a lot of fights or difficult situations in the next chapters.

Eugeo, he didn't want anyone to know that he was willing to have a harem, but with the rumors beginning to reach everyone's ears, Kirin and Rifana are likely to feel guilty because they indirectly didn't realize that someone was listening to them.

Anyway, one of the things that I hope will happen would be the battle against the Pope.

I can imagine in a possible scene

I think eugeo would give the pope the opportunity to surrender in peace, eugeo would start giving him arguments as to why the plan and the beliefs of his religion of the latter would not improve the world situation if they did not make it worse, even with those logical arguments it is likely that The Pope started laughing like crazy at Eugeo's arguments, after laughing he told him that those arguments are "fools", tell Eugeo that he is a fake hero just for fraternizing with Naofumi and showing kindness to the demihumans.

1) hair manipulation.
2) mix of both scenarios.
3) I think after the battle against glass.
4) it's fine for me how are you doing things
deltalupus11 chapter 24 . 7/17/2021
unlimited blade work is a ability you cant ever Trulli master, because even if you have learned to perfectly wield every weapon thats in it, you will just copy more that you have to learn
AnimeFan13579 chapter 24 . 7/16/2021
You know I'm somewhat wondering about one detail after rereading the story. If Naofumi and Eugeo discovered the appraisal with silver and copper coins and Myne saw it. And you just know she had to have reported it and probably told Motoyasu. And maybe Itsuki was told about it as well since they were still around the town. If they were told and they knew copper and silver gave different bonuses logically wouldn't they want to see what gold coins unlock? I mean I doubt Myne would know about the series and Platinum versions ability. Which the alignment view would red flag her immediately no matter how nice she tries to appear.

Motoyasu might be able to be persuaded the skill could be broken if a girl said it. But Itsuki would definitely have seen it as a tool to help his pursuit of justice. I just don't see how the two wouldn't have had that ability if the silver and copper bit was told to them after Myne's betrayal. At the time it would have only appeared as a way to know an enemies power and about items which likely wouldn't have appeared as a potential threat to her goal. And it's not like it would have taken them long to get a gold coin after that as well.
aa2070064 chapter 24 . 7/16/2021
love the fic and chapter so far, keep up the good work. I was thinking that since Eugeo and Naofumi are good friends and their weapons spirit are friends as well, you could add a feature to unlock a secondary weapon slot like a sword with shield build or vice versa and sych their weapons due to their bond
N-Sight chapter 24 . 7/16/2021
Great chapter here! I liked seeing the evolution of this sub-plot since Guinevere is not looking to make Naofumi love her, since she sees him as her papa, and instead enjoys Arthur's company enough to attempt getting him a nice present. It also makes sense that every member would try to help each other in their endeavors one way or another.
Now for my votes:
1) I feel that adding in the wire/hair manipulation would make for an interesting read moreso than the time altering abilities. Time usually becomes broken when manipulated, but with the wire/hair ability, you're given a few barriers to work with that seem fairly sturdy and non-modifiable, but can easily be warped to fit several criteria. EX: Lubbock was able to string his wires together to create weapons, set traps, or simply tie up opponents. I vote for the wire/hair manipulation.
2) I feel that you're missing the original issue at hand in the main story. Naofumi proposes to Itsuki later on that he could've used his status to pressure the prior leader into letting up on the expensive taxes and tarrifs. I feel that making Eugeo tend to the poverty-stricken people, then meeting with the former resistance/now new leaders to try and pressure them to ease up on their actions would be better off overall. Once that is set in place, a subplot for finding the new characters enslaved by one of the leaders could force Eugeo to either duel for their freedom or outright buy it. Just an idea that might work better.
3) Mash's appearance would be better off coming right after the battle with Glass. It would end up pushing Naofumi to his limits, meaning Mash could have a lot of points that could be allocated to her materialization pretty soon. As an added bonus, Naofumi's meeting with Aultcray after the battle with Glass could have a new twist, should Mash make her appearance with Naofumi at said meeting.
4) I feel that what you're doing right now is fine. It's better than my track record. Trust me, you're still posting new chapters for your active stories while I'm bogged down by not being able to complete the story arc I'm on, but writing patches/chapters/whole arcs for later on in the same story. As someone who has a fulltime job that takes over my evenings, that's hard to do while balancing your normal life. Being able to manage your story in this fashion is awesome, but changing it because you are afraid of leaving people in the dark might prove to do just that: leave some people without a voice in the polls you post for your reviewers. Don't change it unless you have to, but keep on working at the pace that you can. Remember, this is your hobby. We love reading what you write, but it's up to you to bring your vision to life.
As always, it's a pleasure being able to read more. I've had this chapter open for a little bit, but I'm glad that I just now got to finish off the latest update. I'm looking forward to the next chapter and, hopefully, the next lemon.
laggykid chapter 24 . 7/15/2021
1) hair manipulation

2)formal approach

3)during the battle with pope
Guest chapter 24 . 7/15/2021
Been enjoying the series so far man! Though we getting an update anytime soon or we looking at uncertain hiatus?
JtBlack-Hawk3198 chapter 24 . 7/15/2021
Honestly at this point in time I only have an answer for the question about Emilya's Magecraft.

Yes Emilya should get more Magecraft and It should be the Hair/Wire manipulation as I think it's the more interesting option and it has the most potential.

The reason why I think it has the most potential is because I think it would work well together with Shirou/Emilya's Tracing. The main reason for this belief is that if Shirou/Emilya trains their Alteration and Wire Manipulation enough they may advance to point where they are capable of making different types of Wire Familiars that are imbued with the different magical properties that the different traced weapons would have.
E.T. 2000 chapter 24 . 7/14/2021
I almost forgot to answer your questions, these are my answers.

, UBW is more than enough.

2. Make it a stealth mission, since Eugeo doesn't want anyone to know that he is the hero of the sword, of course Eugeo will have to use his hero authority sooner or later in the northern territories.
That was the mistake itsuki made by not using his hero authority, of course there was also the fact that Itsuki saw the world as a video game.

3. After the battle of glass, by that time Naofumi would have enough points to be able to make Mash appear.

4 .For me it is fine how she is doing things
E.T. 2000 chapter 24 . 7/13/2021
It's good to have you back, I understand that you couldn't post chapter for some time after all, you have responsibilities in real life.

Interesting things from the chapter were seen, among them Eugeo using the magic of another world for the first time and having an intimate moment with Anna, Raphtalia approves that Rifana is with Eugeo.

I can't wait for the reaction of Naofumi and his team when they hear the rumors about Eugeo being open to having multiple lovers and poor Eugeo will have a lot of trouble in the future because of those rumors, especially if those rumors reach the wrong people, like King. , Malty and the Church of the Three Heroes.

Speaking of other things, please do not make Eugeo have many women in his harem, because it would be too much to spend time with each one, I think it should be between 7 to 9, so far there are 5 confirmed, if kurumi and yamai will appear that only one of them falls in love with eugeo, if that's your intention.

Since I mentioned yamai, I ask you what will the personality of yamai in your story be as yuzuru or as kaguya.

Finally, I know that you have mentioned several times that you have not read the light novel but I think that this information will not affect you knowing it.

be mentioned the church of 3 heroes were the ones who stole itsuki's money, but in the most recent volume it was revealed that it was Mald and the rest of itsuki's corrupt colleagues who stole the money, they spent it all in the bar
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