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snow in the darkness chapter 4 . 1/24
I really like how creative and resourceful you are in creating hero skill, not getting stuck entirely in Shield hero universe. After all that's the essence of fanfiction, you also not stuck in canon to much. Carry on mate
Gawain chapter 27 . 1/18
Even if Eugeo tells Motoyasu and Itsuki about perfect weapon control, those two most likely won't be able to use it since they see the world as a game and see the people of that world as NPCs. Obviously they would not have a true link with their weapons, especially due to their rejection of the reality in which they find themselves.

Delta chapter 27 . 1/13
I vote for the Golden Wolflord and for Alice to make an appearance on BRSH: canon Cast reaction
djinn chapter 27 . 1/11
interesting new chapter. I think it would be nice if knight Alice got to see what happened to Eugeo. Corrupted Spirit of the Forest sounds interesting.
AnimeFan13579 chapter 27 . 1/11
Nice update.

On the matter of the loophole though I haven't had much luck in working it out. There's two methods I can see though one I wouldn't bother with since it's contradictory. That being the other two don't know about series completion weapons. However flaw in that is it would mean the weapons are weaker and it would go against the gaming concept attributed to set bonuses. Which is in a lot of games more heavily related to armor but in some it can involve accessories or weapons.

I did come up with a reasonable answer though that makes their gamer knowledge and belief work against them. Naofumi is established as not being big on games so it wouldn't mean anything to him. And Eugeo is from an older styled world copper silver and gold would basically have been the only currency types he'd consider. However platinum coins have appeared in some games as either just a more valuable regular currency or a special currency needed for purchasing specific special items or bonuses. This is sometimes the currency that appears as special rewards or compensation but usually is needed to be bought with real money.

Since the spear and bow hero would have been big on games it could be assumed they've encountered that type of currency somewhere or maybe the games they played like this world had that currency as well. To keep from immersion breaking it could have been more for getting special aesthetic items mounts, pets, special effects. Basically little extra stuff that has no impact to make your character actually stronger. The belief that the currency exists though could block them from achieving the series completion since they'd think they need to find a platinum coin in order to unlock the next level. Which would be something that doesn't actually exist in that world.

This way they can get the appraisal 3 from gold coins which isn't the issue unlike the alignment appraisal at platinum. It's a bit of a cop out but it does present a reasonable excuse to deny the platinum version until they break past the mental hangups that it's not a game so those special platinum coins used simply for cool aesthetic items don't exist. It's probably the best way to gloss over them not knowing or having access to the alignment appraisal. Far as I can figure the gold version just lets them know more details about possible strengths and weaknesses not to far off from Scan in FF. Only the alignment appraisal would have actually interfered with things.

Overall I'd say the second choice is probably the only reasonable method of closing the loophole. The first breaks gamer logic about sets but the second would punish those going off of it without hampering those who don't even know about it.
shade4390 chapter 27 . 1/8
Great chapter as always, as for the polls for the first one I'll have to go with Kaijin though if this poll ends in a tie again might I suggest having Kaijin as an apprentice to Hephaistos, of course you don't have to use my suggestion and I don't want to sound pushy, as for the second one I'll vote for Golden Wolflord, for the third I'll vote for the hot-springs and finally for the fourth I shall vote for yes for including Knight Alice.
Pharamine chapter 27 . 1/6
Why does FFN has notifications if it doesn't send them to me?

Anyway great chapter as always. The first half with Agnes backstory honestly came out of nowhere and while it's good, feels a bit unnecessary. Unless you planning on her joining the harem as well but this seems to be a bit to many girls.

Another thought that suddenly hit me. Eugeo is using his magic just fine but full armament control arts a.k.a. enchance armament and release recollection moves works under the same principle. Have you thought about giving Eugeo an access to them as well? Legendary weapons can be classified as divine objects no problem and while a lot of weapon forms has some sort of weapon skill to them there are also those that don't. Plus Naofumi can certainly use any edge he can get and Eugeo will be all too happy to help him. If it's overpowering you're worried about then well, legendary weapons by themself eventually get OP so it won't make too much of a difference in a long run.

A swords ideas that came up in my head. A key-sword (you can look up Kingdom Heart's keyblades for the inspiration for design). Acquisition: absorbing a key into the sword. Signature ability: unlocking any non-magical lock.

An umbrella-sword (just literally an umbrella. If Naofumi can have things like book-shield then why can't others have similarly ridiculous forms?). Acquisition: absorbing an umbrella (he could likely find them in Faubrey, the country should be pretty advanced to have them). Signature ability: literally just an umbrella but an unbreakable one (use your imagination and you'll come up with quite a few ways to use it).

And now the Poll;) whooooosh:

1) Don't know any of them so skip.
2) Let's go with the spirit. One dragon from the canon show is enough thank you very much.
3) Hotspring. There's never such a thing as to many hotspring episodes.
4) Yep Alice into the cast, the more the better.

Thank you for this chapter and I'll see you next time. Probably in the reaction fic if you do upload it next.
Arementi Revnant chapter 27 . 1/5
Sorry that it took me longer than expected for getting the Christmas special & chapter 26 done.

Excited for the next chapter though.


1. Hephaistos. Although, as I suggested before, how about you have Hephaistos be a male instead of female, like the Hephaistos from the actual Greek mythology? Just so that we don't have this version of Hephaistos be a copy and paste of Danmachi's Hephaistos?

2. No preference.

3. Northern Territories. I'm guessing that Anna's special night with Eugeo's going to come right after the conclusion of the fight with the Northern Territory's new king?

4. Please, include Knight Alice! Alice S30 has only known Alice Zuberg by name only - she never had the chance to meet her original counterpart, and this is the closest that she'll be able to see Alice Zuberg in action.
starwing1995 chapter 27 . 1/4
Kamen rider is a Japanese TV show similar to power rangers you can find Kamen Rider Saber episode 1 & 2 on youtube but you have to set the english subtitles manually to understand what the show is saying
DragoonSensei chapter 27 . 1/4
Very nice chapter and very great fight scenes.
And bonus points for inculding one of my big weaknes, badass maidens.
1.A 2.A 3.C 4.A
Nightshadegirl chapter 27 . 1/3
i love this agnes character, is she gonna be part of eugeo's harem or even naofumi's? hephaistos, golden wolflord(waiting for the game to hit the switch), royal castle, and knight alice in the order of the polls.
Black Rose Sword chapter 27 . 1/3
I wonder if Agnes will have an important role to play in this Arc,

here are the responses from the new survey:

1) Hephaestus.

2) Golden Wolflord (Geshin Impact).
I think it would be interesting for Golden Wolflord to have the ability to corrode weapons that come in contact with it, the only weapons that would be immune to that ability would be legendary weapons or high quality weapons.

3) royal castle of the northern territories.

4) Yes, include Alice Knight in BRSH
farrel ananda pratama chapter 27 . 1/3
kaijin ; golden wolflord ; hotspring ; yes
SxS chapter 27 . 1/3
Thank you bloodyredrose, yes, I did posted three Wave Boss ideas with Djinn, Khaos Kong and Basilisk. Does that mean you won’t use any of them?



Asuna and Yui
Guest chapter 27 . 1/2
Happy to see the series back. And I can see how the twins makes more sense, and I am curious to see where Agnes will end up.
As for the polls:
-Hephaestus because we need a redhead in the series that isn't an evil conniving b***h
-I think the wolf would be interesting due to its corrosive nature as well as what might drop
-the royal castle, only because I want Eugeo to do something bada** enough that she has trouble holding back until the moment they're alone
-yes include knight Alice. Due to her demeanor her reactions would be amusing towards all the saucy stuff XD
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