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E.T. 2000 chapter 27 . 1/2
you and Arementi Revnant did a great job on these chapters.

The fights of chapter 27 were really entertaining, the scene of Kirin fighting against those bandits, without a doubt it is the same scene of Yuuki fighting against the players who wanted to fight against the boss of the 27th floor, which makes sense because Kirin is the reincarnation of Yuuki.

in the light novel, during the time that Naofumi and her group had been falsely accused of "kidnapping" Melty. In order not to be found by his enemies, Filo was able to transform himself into a Filolial so as not to attract people's attention.

Changing the subject, your comment about Mald is more than correct, it's true that Itsuki had his own flaws. But the fact that someone like Mald, who was only a bad influence on Itsuki, didn't help at all.

let me tell you a few things about mald:
"Mald has always had a stuck up attitude, which most likely came from his status as a noble. He has the trait of being self-righteous and has a dictatorial mindset despite taking objectively wrong action." According to L'Arc, Mald's behavior makes him look like some kind of criminal "

"He has an intimidating personality that always pressures anyone around him. As is typical of most noble people in Melromarc, Mald hated both Demi-Humans and the Shield Hero figure."

"In light novel volume 5 (arc of cal mira), L'Arc believed Mald to be the Shield Hero for the rumor circulating about Shield Hero to be fitting him, such as fiend, extort, fraud, and kill anyone in his way . L'Arc cautioned Naofumi about Mald. As noted by Naofumi, he has a way of deluding himself into believing his justice, which can be simplified as him simply calling people he dislikes and opposes "evil." Filo, like L'Arc, also judges Mald's character poorly. "

"While he is not poor at planning and strategy, he is certainly prone to underestimating his opponents of him. Naofumi suspects that Mald's reason for joining Itsuki was to fuel his own sense of superiority. He bossed everyone in his party to show his authority de he."

"Despite his tirades of" good "and" evil ", these are not objective terms to Mald. To Mald, something evil is anything that goes against his benefit from him. He often loudly complains when he is not treated the utmost best compared those around him. "

"In the Light Novel, Mald tends to use an ax while in the anime Mald uses a sword."

Changing the subject again, the reason why L'Arc believed that Mald was the hero of the shield, is because L'Arc is a good judge of character, just by looking at someone, that's why L'Arc realized Mald's bad personality

Filo is also a good judge of character and that he can see through anyone, which is shown many times such as when she refuses to let Raphtalia have Naofumi (knowing Raphtalia's feelings for him), Naofumi's strange or rude thoughts, Motoyasu's intention and Itsuki's personality. This also includes the lies and evil intentions of people like Mald, Malty.

it is this trait of Filo that convinces Naofumi to trust Melty as Filo completely trusts her. She’s been reserved as of late, but from the start, she’s been overly intrusive. She can see through lies and has exposed many. Naofumi uses her to verify the credibility of the truth told by people.

Anyway, I think I said a lot of information, I'm not sure if this is considered a spoiler.

Here are my answers to the chapter poll:

1). Hephaestus, in a previous poll I chose Kaijin but changed my mind about who would be the blacksmith.

2). Golden Wolflord, has a very interesting design, also the minor monsters of that wave would be the Rifthounds and geo specters.

3).the royal castle of the northern territories.

4).Yes, adding Alice Synthesis Thirty would be good, also I think she would be happy that Alice Zuberg is happy with Eugeo
bloodyredrose1994 chapter 27 . 1/2
Nice work, though in all honesty I was expect to see Eugeo and party to arrive at the territory and diverge a plan to take down the king, but this fells like showing a potential allly.

Now for the votes.

1: A

2:... actually, what about those boss idea in a review?
And I don't know much about those three.

3: C

4: Don't really care.

To answer your question about Kamen Rider, it is a Tokusatsu show, like Power Rangers (All the fight scenes and mecha fusion and fights originally came from a Japanese version of Power Rangers known as Super Sentai). The franchise features masked super heroes riding on motocycles, hence the name Kamen (mask in Japanese) Rider for riding Motorcylces. Each season tells a different story with motifs, themes and meanings, like Power Rangers/Super Sentai.
Recently, there's a season that just ended a few months ago, that involves books and Swords, known as Kamen Rider Saber. So the person who suggest it is due to the season's weapon/gimmick known as Seiken (Holy Swords), each possess power of elements.

Oh, and as for Wizard, the season tells about a mage who saves people from monsters who tries to make them fall in despair.
ViktornovaMk2 chapter 27 . 1/2
1: Heiphaistos
2:Golden wolflord
4: Asuna and Yui only
TheTurf chapter 26 . 1/2
my votes
1 Hephaistos (even if not the actual God, the ability to SEE a weapon's qualities).
2 corrupted spirit (harem's response to Dryad cleavage should be ammusing).
3 royal castle (copy the Prince of Wales dammit).
4 Asuna/Yui only (already have Alice, it will get confusing)
D3lph0xL0v3r chapter 27 . 1/2






4. Yes Please include Knight Alice
PieMan1994 chapter 27 . 1/2
1. Hephaistos is the better option as the drawfs don't exist in the world of the shield hero
2. Golden Wolflord
3. hotspring in springvale
4. add Alice so that she may have closure about the fate of her friend

Thanks for the chapters and have a happy new year
Zideny chapter 27 . 1/2
1. Kaijin (Slime).
2. Golden Wolflord (Genshin Impact).
3. Hotspring in Springvale.
4. Yes, Integrity Knight Alice should be in the reaction fanfic.
Zideny chapter 27 . 1/2
The power of Heatpat compels you!.
Master0z chapter 26 . 1/2
Looks like team Eugeo (Kirito in this case right now) manage to beat the bandits and get some information that, this is the only the beginning of the revolution. As always, keep up the good work Gadget and Arementi and stay safe!
Vote :
1. Kaijin (Tensura)
2. Corrupted Spirit Of The Forest (Danmachi)
3. I would say the Hotspring in Springvale for Anna special night.
4. Yes, Integrity Knight Alice should be in the reaction fanfic to see her other 'true' self been doing for Eugeo.
danila.fedakov.02 chapter 27 . 1/2
Chapter 25.

A good Chapter and a Good New Cover personifies Love and the Main Characters of the Story of Eugeo and Alice, I did not understand about the Characters of Date A Live, but if they are here but under other Names and their Abilities are somehow presented differently in this Story, then it's Good that I'll say about the Harem, it's good that Eugeo is so Popular because I think he is Much Better and a Hero than other Heroes, even Naofumi, because thanks to his Character and Kirito, Eugeo Understands what it means to be a Real Hero and I would like Eugeo to have many more Girls, but it's up to the Author himself to decide.

I Feel Deprived.

1 - Hephaestus.

2 - The Cry of Death.

3 - The Royal Castle of the Northern Territories.

4 - Yes, Please Include Knight Alice.
Divine Blizzard chapter 27 . 1/2
Great chapter as always. For the voting, I can only go to poll 1 which would be Hephaestus in my pick since the other 3 polls I either want to stay neutral or I just don't know anything about the choices at all.
CrazyPets chapter 27 . 1/2
Which character appearance can be associated with Agnes?
SkyChaser17 chapter 26 . 1/2
Sheeesh... Intense chapter for first release in 2022? Really Bro? I know this is M, but holy crap that's kind of dark knowing Bandits literally being scumbags, but this is dark.

At least it was, kind of obvious from your writing when the warning was thrown around, no offense. The content is as expected, but this is well written of panic and helplessness situation before the savior came in to save the day trope after the victim enduring such humiliation and cruel bodily harm.

I have no issue with that trope(just no gore, please?), and how well done this is (ignoring the obvious barbaric assertion coming from bad people) certainly an engaging chapter to read.

New characters that might or not be important to future release or purely for this chapter to emphasize on point what this arc tension going to be, the horror of undergoing losing momentum and subjection to terrible deed humanity have as it's dark side to others who simply being wronged, the descriptive words and narrative that pretty much disgusting (again, sorry) telling but not in your face pushing of event was well written.

And of course,

The Creative use of already established skill set and dialogue, combined with system of established world.

This, this is what made people so interesting when they have idea that paid off in term of incorporating it to the linear reveal of story telling.

I liked liberty to do stuff that might seen as lackluster or just making things up, but well thought-out.

it felt it was something been done the right way instead being in your face. Eugeo was established as Kirito disciple, and it shown. This growth and development of his skill wasn't as forced for making him grow faster even if this fic had power system of gamer abilities.

Anyway, just continue and don't paid attention to my ramble. I'm just gushing how this goes and one cruel cliffhanger have to wait for another months.

For poll uuuuh... let's see...

1) I think Hephaestus? at least close to that, can't have a god just suddenly pop up and ruin the whole role of progress or direness of certain situation shall we?

2)I'm more biased on spicy puppy snake, but the ghost one would be good(ghost buster please). Though I'm leaning on second, cause it's that annoying if you don't have Ningguang to homing attack and spam minigun stones, so I'm curious how you would handle that fight.

3) Frankly speaking, I don't know so let it flow in your mind which would be better to take. Having no girlfriend sucks...

4) Adding Knight Alice is kinda necessary because she technically have to know what her real self did after, well... Dying with Eugeo.

Especially when Kirito is there and grumble how Eugeo suddenly become a light novel protagonist-write that down! write that down-! add the rest of Kouhais plus the integrity knight would be perfect-!(I recommend great react fic so you can get the gist which intro or preparation so the dialogue would be smooth, but eh. I guess you know what you're doing when already planning to do this).
CrazyPets chapter 26 . 1/2
1 Hephaistos
2 golden wolf lord or corrupted spirit
3 hotspring
4 yes
Nerdpacalypse chapter 27 . 1/1
1) Hephaistos

2) Screaming Death so we can get dragon girl Alice

3) Royal Castle having sex in the kings bed seems like something Anna would do

4) Yes to Knight Alice
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