Reviews for The Queen Does Not Need to Know
Ashes Ascending chapter 44 . 10h
Nice job with this story so far!
CJinn chapter 2 . 10/20
I have avoided "3rd trilogy fics" so far since their characters are mostly annoying. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon lured me into this one and I may actually begin to like Rey. You're giving her a personality.
supernova01 chapter 44 . 10/19
Very interesting premise about force sensitive people from non force sensitive people. Anakin is a creep but his character is being developed well. Padme is in a very bad and tragic situation. Poor Obi-Wan...I hope he finds happiness.
Spica75 chapter 40 . 10/19
Oh my, that was just hilarious.

And really excellent.

Although Padme switching like that felt more than a little bit too much like author fiat, even if i did halfway predict that she was somehow going to end up with Anakin anyway. Other primary guess was that Luke&Leia got Obi as their shiny new daddy.
Spica75 chapter 39 . 10/19
I can only call it awesome...

It's rather funny though, you don't spell Kaminoan the same even twice, yet somehow still always manage to misspell it. The amount of accidental creativity is impressive.
I think "Kimono" was the most amusing variant. :)
Spica75 chapter 36 . 10/19
Amusing reveal that was.
Spica75 chapter 33 . 10/19
Just as a sidenote, as i've seen this come up in other stories as well, "high ground" should not be read literally, it does not refer to being in a physically more raised position. It means having a BETTER position.

It is a derived saying based on warfare in general, because historically, the army that controlled the heights in the times when marching on foot was the normal form of mobility, when the side that managed the most efficient charge often won the battle(and charging downwards gives you extra momentum while charging uphill is a struggle all by itself), when being able to look DOWN and FAR often made the difference between spotting enemies and not, between spotting deceit and ambush or failing to do so, when being high up made it easier to communicate commands to your troops, reaching the heights first,was often truly of paramount importance.

Nowadays it simply refers to the equivalent of that. Having a stronger position. Which in the movie, Obi-Wan did have, as he was on solid ground, not trying to stand on a floating rock in the middle of lava radiating scorching heat.
Spica75 chapter 26 . 10/18

Making Maul into an increasingly decent fellow, oh that's just nice.
First time i see that in a fic even.
cameron1812 chapter 43 . 10/18
Oh. Wow. Sometimes it's hard to tell what's a joke and what's foreshadowing here, but with your universes slightly intertwined, it can be both, lol! Love it!
cameron1812 chapter 42 . 10/18
Wow. Did not expect Anakin to appear like this! Love it!
Marauder no. Five chapter 14 . 10/18
Aww! i wanna hug him and say that it'll all be okay. i really hope you save him. he was never evil, just tortured into insanity.
supernova01 chapter 38 . 10/17
Really enjoying this AU!
Marauder no. Five chapter 7 . 10/17
i'm loving how they play off each other, the teasing and familiarity from yoda through Dooku, Qui-Gon and down to Obi-wan.
and that Rey scienced the Force.
Marauder no. Five chapter 4 . 10/17
Character development is great. Even though it was a slow chapter in regards to action, it wasn't boringly so. i loved your description of meditation. I've never been able to explain it to myself, let alone others but you did it beautifully, I may have to use your example.
MartinDeShade chapter 20 . 10/17
I am pushed out of the story, and just can't get back in. It started off as great story.
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