Reviews for Hand Holding, Damnation of a Bloodline, and Other Splendid Pastimes
sidwid851 chapter 11 . 3/27
Monkey, boar ,dog ,rat UPDATE NO JUTSU!
Mr. Nine chapter 11 . 3/21
Oh my fucking God you need to continue this story please update soon
Guest420 chapter 11 . 12/17/2021
Nice Stuff here :)
snowbythewood chapter 11 . 11/25/2021
DreamSlytherin17710 chapter 11 . 11/23/2021
Adorable! I love this.
Satyam7166 chapter 11 . 11/2/2021
Wow, such as sweet romance. Can anyone recommend some fics like this where there is no love triangle, angst, etc, and instead just pure Love.
gohanmomoryoma chapter 11 . 10/20/2021
Still waiting for an update. Have read this story many times since the last one.
lazyguy90 chapter 11 . 10/17/2021
This is just a delight.

The love between Naruto and Sasuke.

The madness of two godlike Shinobi randomly rampaging around the Warring Clans era and creating a new peaceful home through incredible strength.

The suffering of Tobirama and Madara, and the bemusement of Izuna and Hashirama.

Keep up the good work.
burkeleah1992 chapter 11 . 10/11/2021
I love this story so much! this is the 6th time I've read it, I really hope you continue it!
Uday Sra chapter 11 . 10/10/2021
LuluM10 chapter 1 . 9/21/2021
This story made me laugh. I hope you continue to work in it. I love it.
Mukuro234 chapter 11 . 9/20/2021
World-Explorer chapter 3 . 9/12/2021
this is hilarious. love it. keep writing this story TsumeYukiiiii
HorusRa chapter 10 . 8/19/2021
Please update
aurelialeeigyn chapter 11 . 8/19/2021
waiting for next chapter
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