Reviews for Harry Potter and the Ashes of Chaos
Nass chapter 80 . 8/2
Aaaa, I love it! Thank you for my sleepless night! Can’t wait for more already. I’m a lucky one, just find your novel , I’ve got 80 chapters in one piece. Maybe ilm an idiot, but I still hope For twins bonding
Celexs Draconia chapter 80 . 7/11
This story is rather intense, and there are parts that hurt my brain trying to figure out. But i greatly enjoy it and look forward to seeing it continued.

Heiress Tigris chapter 35 . 7/3
being a decent HUMAN is hard. I'd rather be a decent tiger
Heiress Tigris chapter 31 . 7/2
Noooooooooo John dead because of his dream job... he is hardly mentioned at all but 2nd saddest death after Lily's.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/27
This entire story just screams "I really wanted to rip off Prince of Slytherin, but I just don't have the writing skills to pull it off."
Guest chapter 2 . 6/27
Your prose is terrible. This is just painful to read.
GreenTea4062 chapter 80 . 6/24
Please don't kill Sirius, he's too interesting.
Sayanka Betal chapter 35 . 6/19
So much unnecessary stuff and interactions. It's like you are not even sure who the mc is with pointless conversations here and there. So far this is very confusing unnecessarily. Pick a side too you try to show details about the supporting cast as well. Nearly 40 chaps and not even 2nd year is done the pace is damn boring.
Guest chapter 80 . 6/13
When will you update?
Wicked.A chapter 80 . 6/10
Very nice chapter
Guest chapter 54 . 6/7
I have to leave a review here... this "resolution" was so disappointing I'm not sure I have words. I was really excited about this story. Even the last two chapters where you completely off railed the plot, were good and interesting back story. But this! This is such a shitty ending I'm almost speechless.
Guest chapter 52 . 6/7
Despite how entertaining it is, the placement of this back story is awful. We had just reached the finale of Chamber, the Great Reveal, an epic battle that we waited hundreds of thousandsofwords for. You're almost pulling a Tolkien and going back to the Shire after the fucking ring is gone.

Also, I am shockingly disappointed with how useless Harry has been.
Guest chapter 40 . 6/7
Your AN in this chapter brings the accusation from Charlus into question even further. If Dumbledore can break memory charms, how could he not have found the ones on Charlus? This all occurring after he had resolved to help repaire their relationship mere months previous.

Thus far, you have not gone the route in PoS and said "it's FATE!" So why the inconsistencies where comes to how Harry is treated so suspiciously?
Guest chapter 39 . 6/7
The scene with Dumbledore does not make sense. Just because Charlus says something doesn't mean it's true. Beyond that why is Harry getting railroaded while Charlus obviously cast several "dark" spells infront of dozens of witnesses.

My disbelief can't be suspended on this particular aspect, and now, Harry owes James...even though he really doesn't because he didn't do anything wrong. He reacted to the book, but that's not proof it is from him or that he has a copy...IDK, seems really forced.
h001 chapter 54 . 6/8
Honestly the story was going great until the part with lockheart going on a flashback in a middle of a fight that spans 2 chapters, that was really unsatisfying
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