Reviews for A Song of Fate and Blood
Omnibro chapter 8 . 3/22/2021
the chapter was great specially with myriell and tyrion parts. hope next chapter won't take too long to update.
SomePervyGuy chapter 8 . 3/21/2021
Oooo that was hella good chapter. So this will indear Jamie and Tirion to Gerald. Hmmm will have to wait for the 2 years to pass for Gerald to go into a tourney. What a beast he will be in that time. Also did Myrielle see his scars when he was getting measured? That would make for a story to tell them.
"a watchful eye keeping its gaze on him while the rest of the castle slept" Well... It could mean the moon, or it could mean that someone (money on Tywin) wants to keep an eye on him.

Thanks for this amazing story. Keep up the good work and see you next time. Until then have a great time.
p6lishb6kser chapter 8 . 3/21/2021
It was a very good chapter. I can't say more than that, so I'll just jump to the next part.
It's still hard for me to completely accept how much his personality changed, but I like it anyway. Also I wonder what other items/characters from berserk will show up in this fic the fever the better, because I hate when authors push as much characters as they can and then they don't know how to progress with the story (especially in story that already has so much characters)
It's like it was in Spiderman 3
It supposed to have only Sandman as a Villan, and introduce at the end the Goblin and I'm sure it would be great. But others forced director to add Venom and you know how it ended.
betmen123 chapter 8 . 3/21/2021
very nice chapter, love how you depict the dynamic of lannisters. very slow at the beginning but the end made it worth it.
UselessKhan69 chapter 8 . 3/21/2021
Niceu chapter
betmen123 chapter 8 . 3/21/2021
Emma Thompson for Genna is poor choice, Genna in the books is depicted very busty MILF
Tom2011 chapter 8 . 3/21/2021
Didn't thought I will see new update but I am very thankful for it. Congratulations on your graduation and hope I will see another update soon.
AnimeA55Kicker chapter 8 . 3/21/2021
Geralt left quite the impression on Tyrion. May have even made a friend.
thepkrmgc chapter 8 . 3/21/2021
Props to Geralt for taking the time to mentor Tyrion: his words were quite insightful in their way, and I can't wait to see how their friendship develops in the future. Myrielle is proving to be a surprisingly interesting character as well. I suspect that the lannister glimpsed at the end was Jaime, as he's the only one whos attitude towards Geralt would be noticeably affected by it, though I look forward to seeing exactly how that bit of kindness and a book changes their interactions going forward.
Cubicbox chapter 8 . 3/21/2021
Nice chapter. Looking forward to more.
p6lishb6kser chapter 7 . 2/2/2021
Looks interesting, I'll follow
p6lishb6kser chapter 1 . 2/2/2021
Holy shit... I cried
Guest chapter 7 . 1/12/2021
This is a damn good story. I like the nuance you've given each of the Starks and I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

Have you considered posting this on Space Sufficient Velocity? You'd probably get a lot more readers if you did.
Dorben chapter 3 . 12/28/2020
The dialogue is so frustrating to read. It really, really grinds my gear. Like could you make dialogue MORE annoying to read? I don't think so.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/20/2020
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