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CMVreud chapter 17 . 14h
Ooof. That's like the Legili-whatever from Harry Potter, or the Oblivate, or the Imperius... that one was it.
CMVreud chapter 15 . 16h
Yes, I can very well see this being the way the cookie crumbles.
CMVreud chapter 11 . 21h
I was having a harder time wrapping my head around the complete stranger John managed to charm. I glanced at Anakin and we shared incredulous looks. Was it just because they were older that this worked out better for him? Did he just have a lot of practice?

Can't wait till John teaches them some pick-up lines (is it pick up or pick-up?). And Kenobis in scandal frozen frightened face.
CMVreud chapter 10 . 22h
"His student spread the videos to dozens of smaller sites, she has. His teaching cannot be made to disappear. A response we must find and soon, or be left behind we will."

Wait... waitwaitwaitwaitwait, is this a cautionary tale about viral advertisements and rootgrass movements?
And how fast things can get out of hand?
CMVreud chapter 9 . 22h
"I'm flattered, really, but I like girls too." She chirped. "Don't worry though, you can be my wingman!"
She read the Bro Code.

I hadn't seen that coming but at least now I wouldn't need to worry about any drama between the two of them.
Noooooo! My precious teen drama. TAT

Also, funny af. XD XD XD
CMVreud chapter 7 . 23h
"Do you have any openings on your crew my daughter might be able to fill?"
Okay, and now do that sentence with a son and tell me I don't have a dirty mind.

And the teenage drama.
Oh, gods above and below, the drama. Anakin will be more chill with it than Knight Grumpy Beard.
CMVreud chapter 4 . 11/29
CMVreud chapter 2 . 11/29
I was promoting the Force as a pathway to better sex.

Gold. Pure 99.99999% Gold.
CMVreud chapter 1 . 11/29
Seems like BALANCE finally had enough of LIGHTs shit.
intata chapter 17 . 11/26
This is utterly amazing. Hope it’s still active
Guest chapter 17 . 11/19
this chap is so shit I'm done bye
Halo Star Wars X-over fan chapter 17 . 11/16
Regarding Mind tricks you are actually completely wrong. You cannot use a mind trick to make a person go completely different to what they believe in or would normally do. Like rape or any of those bad things. Additionally Mind Tricks absolutely cannot be used on the “strong willed” and only on the weak willed. Any type of mind influencing technique that does however work, works by using force and power which therefore is not a “mind trick” but a completely different technique.

Mind tricks can only be used as a suggestion to do something within the bounds of that persons conscience. Specifically it works by planting a suggestion in a weak willed persons mind. And if that suggestion doesn’t go against that persons general conscience, it has a CHANCE of success.

Like in the new hope with the stormtroopers. “Mind tricks” are generally only used to make others ignore the user, specifically because outside of that mind tricks actually don’t have much of a purpose. In the Show Clone Wars it is seen Jedi masters Obi-Wan, Windu and Anakin trying to use the force or a mind trick to extract information from Cade Bane. However this use of the technique actually destroys the persons mind and cause them to either die or become brain dead. Not to mention it can only be used by those extremely powerful in the force as well.

All in all technically there is no risk in people learning how to do a mind trick because you can’t actually force people to do things against their will. Specifically things that would go against them as a living being. Any attempt to actually make a person go against their conscience, actually has a major risk of causing damage or complete destruction of a persons mind and turn them brain dead even when used by those trained in it.

However if used by those without being “powerful” without “proper guiding and teaching” it is simply impossible for a mind trick to be used for major harm besides going “unnoticed”
Halo Star Wars X-over fan chapter 17 . 11/16
Also just saying the Dark side isn’t actually a “Major part of the totality of the force” basically the way the sith uses the force, or basically the “Dark side” is a “a subversion of the force” George Lucas actually goes into it in a interview I’d recommend to watch it on YouTube. The title is “George Lucas on the Force interview (2010)”

The whole thing about the Dark side is basically taking forceful control of the force itself to your own ends. And as a result is literally “corrupting” the force itself. When you kill a dark side user, you actually “purify or free” the force basically.
Halo Star Wars X-over fan chapter 7 . 11/16
Just saying there has been more then a couple of records of various force users “dragging” celestial objects around. Moons, planets and even stars. It does however take pretty powerful ones to do so though. All done by a singular user.

There has also been force users who “choked” the entire population on a planet (Vader and it is canon) and others who created a technique to “drain” the life out of entire planets and actually the galaxy (the Sith Emperor, though he was thankfully stopped)

And even though Star Killer has been declared non canon. Dragging a Star Destroyer down has been done by other individuals as well. Since in the force “Size matters not”

Just saying anyways.
cameron1812 chapter 17 . 11/1
This just became one of my favourite stories ever. Thank you! If you ever get around to updating, would love it, but even as it stands it is unique and powerful and definitely worth the read! Thank you!
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