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Surfsupbra chapter 14 . 11h
Great chapter Joe. In this AU, I’ve liked what you e done with some of the chart. Casey primarily. But I do like what you did with Jeff and Lester. That was hilarious! The subway coupe and the “chosen” one was really funny. I have to admit though, it took me a minute pick up on the introduction of Lester. The changes to their character threw me for a loop at first, but it ended up being entirely comical. Well done.
Surfsupbra chapter 10 . 17h
I forgot to mention last chapter. I found the description of Mark as a “Douchebag Mirepoix “ to be freaking hilarious! And apropos.
Surfsupbra chapter 8 . 19h
I’m not ashamed to admit, as an old dude, the Kailey portion of this chapter brought tears to my eyes in three different instances. That was a good one my friend. Well done.
JohnnyRayChandlett chapter 37 . 6/4
I can't believe it took me months to review the current chapter, and I want to point out thst it doesn't have zo do with the story - it's a lousy 2022 that serves me one nasty blow after another that keeps me from enjoying the Chuck stories as I'd like to. That out of the way, and back ti the story: What a masterpiece! Joe's closing A/N mentions that there wasn't a lot of momentum in this chapter, but the sweet thing is that "Matchmaker" never lost that certain amount of momentum that makes me want to drop out. Once more I emphasize that the revisiting of "Off Screen Romance" through watching the final cut is a stroke of genius. It's not a cheap rehash. It's looking at the events from a different point of view at a different point in time, allowing the author to emphasize the romance and love that grew as the show proceeded.
The opening didn't scare me. I didn't know where it was leading, but I wasn't worried about the young couple.
The last few lines were perfect in delivering closure to that part of their lifes. If Joe would never write another chapter, this one would serve as a fitting finale.
Thankfully, he already set us at ease, and I'm truly looking forward to read more about the movie star and the nerd, and I'll be back to review.
Chuck fan chapter 37 . 5/27
Did you mean for Meghan to be Davis in this chapter and Page in Ch 1? I'm assuming there aren't two Meghans working on the show.
phathead01 chapter 37 . 4/16
I just recently found this story and read it in a day to this point which is why I didn't review each chapter. i also didn't want to take up a whole page of reviews as i caught up. I can only recall one other story were I shed as many tears as I have reading this one. You write beautifully. I almost didn't read it based on the description as I don't like most reality TV. This is extremely well done and kept my interest throughout. I'm also reading the stories that you seem to be updating regularly and will be diving into your older entries as well. Thank you for playing the CHUCK U, I'm very glad you're here.
Chuck fan chapter 30 . 4/12
I had to comment that I absolutely love the fact that this chapter closes with Scott Bakula's line from Quantum Leap. I don't know if it was intentional (I'm going to assume it was); but it was genius to call back that line from that show in the Chuck-verse. Such an artful way of closing the loop, an homage to a classic show with obvious ties to Chuck, and furthering the story of Charah with the perfect tie in/call back to "remember the roots" of Chuck, Sarah, and Stephen. Now PLEASE keep this story going with more chapters! I need to see (read) at least to where they move in together and hopefully get engaged. While I am really enjoying your latest story(ies) "Out of the Darkness" and "Finding Serenity" I truly hope it doesn't mean that you're through with this one.
Chuck fan chapter 33 . 4/11
A beyond fantastic end to this chapter. PLEASE keep them coming! I've reread this fanfic too many times to not have a conclusion! Please update as soon as the muse descends.
mistopher chapter 37 . 3/27
I really hope you finish this. It's really great so far. That sounds generic bit not great with words I really loved this fic!
Ancientgamer chapter 37 . 3/23
Great, great chapter. Wonderful to be able to finally do a review. The whole post-finale wrap-up show hit all the right notes. Zondra trying to get Chuck to see things from Sarah's perspective in an attempt to help him get over (get past) his baked in insecurities was a nice touch. They're still there as evidenced by Chuck's conversation with Will at the end of the chapter. Sarah will have her work cut out for her to help him deal with those issues. Never easy, but maybe more necessary than in a non-celebrity relationship (and tougher to deal with, too), given the fact they're trying to carve out a private life while living in the public eye. Will Chuck have groupies now? And how will Sarah deal with them if he does? Her concerns about love scenes is well founded, if our reality is anything to go by. They're in love and the world now knows it. They have a bright future ahead, but there could be (will be) real challenges. Looking forward to seeing where you take them (and us) next. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

P.S. Welcome back by the way. I certainly appreciate how real life intrudes on our fun time writing and reading Chuck stories, now more than ever. Sitting at my PC for the first time in 5 weeks is a joyous event.
mistopher chapter 3 . 3/22
Loving the set up so far. Hanving Zondra around will definitely come in handy.
michael broadhurst chapter 37 . 3/20
Damn Chuck and your insecurities. That will be a problem in his relationship with Sarah if he doesn't stop it or at least minimize it. What is he going to do if she has to do a love scene? Great job, great chapter and thanks.
ysgard chapter 37 . 3/20
Great chapter. When it comes to the problem of nudity, you can easily refer to the real life of Yvonne Strahovski. (Dexter, Manhattan Nights). In this story, Chuck became involved with the actress and everything that goes with it. I don't think he wants to limit her in any way.
Richard76310 chapter 37 . 3/6
Reading your beginning was heartbreaking. Then when I learned it was a script reading I was relieved and mad at you. Zondra talking him up before his entrance seems as though they are on their way to being best friends. Just where does his insecurities put him with Sarah? Read some reviews and wonder when it will come out that he is better off than Sarah financially and the groupies start following Chuck.
GavinN chapter 37 . 3/5
Every time... Every single damn time...every time I read this story I just get overwhelmed with the emotions you provoke so well in your writing.
The only change I would have liked to see was if Chuck had got down on one knee and proposed during the final show.
I can only hope that you keep this story going for quite a while.
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