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rej070453 chapter 39 . 3/5
Not sure how you plot your story lines, but a comical love scene between Sarah and Lucas along the lines of Chuck and Sarah's conversation could be fantastic. just a thought!
SarahWBfan chapter 39 . 3/5
This just gets better and better! Leave it to Carina….
I was wondering how does Chuck have time to go to the ser every day? Doesn’t he have a job to get to?
Anyway, this has been VERY entertaining. Thank you.
slider chapter 39 . 3/5
Delighted to see you continue this story and cant wait for more.
Marc Vun Kannon chapter 39 . 3/5
Wild guess time (since this has actually happened): They film the scenes with Chuck standing in for Lucas and Carina standing in for Sarah.
So glad to see another chapter.
Frank Suppa chapter 39 . 3/5
WoW! Joe Watkins great chapter finally got read it a what being Chuck and Sarah finally living the same place together then Sarah talking about a new movie a romantic love scene happening a both though how hard it would be for each other talking about help even with what the other was thinking especially with the ugly green monster going through Chuck mind I think being their help both also helped with Sarah thoughts on why it wasn't good until they talked about it Carina being help to who would have known hopefully the romantic scene happens and both couple are both okay with it. I know it okay now but happens when their that guy who will take no for an answer some super star Sim ball
chainguns chapter 39 . 3/5
SO glad you came back and updated this story, Joe! Now, we know Chuck is insecure but Carina being part of the equation usually means chaos. Please come back to this story because I am not sure how many times, I have read it because of what you shared with us.
phathead01 chapter 39 . 3/5
One of my favorite FFs! Thanks for continuing! Fun chapter!
David Carner chapter 39 . 3/5
While I know Carina holding up her end of that statement is a VERY DIFFERENT fic, I kinda wanna see it. Sir, I know life has been rough, and while I love your work and hope you can get back to it, you know that I KNOW life comes first. Take care buddy. We love ya, and glad you're still swinging. Thanks Joe, it was marvelous.
craspon chapter 39 . 3/5
Welcome back. It always makes my day to see a new chapter from you. I hope you're able to start writing more regularly again.
shortpinoyguy chapter 39 . 3/5
Awesome chapter and glad it's back. Now that Sarah and Chuck are in a relationship, they're experiencing the difficulties in navigating the complexities of a movie love scene, especially for Sarah. What was a surprising, was Carina's reaction since she's in a relationship with Sarah's co-star Lucas. Fortunately, in Chuck's own nerdy way, he was able to help in hopes of setting both their minds, as well as hearts at ease. Looking forward to the next chapter!
klipdoctor chapter 39 . 3/5
Great to see this story back and really enjoyed the chapter with a difficult hurdle for our friends but one they managed to jump over by talking to one another and being true to their relationship. Hope this means that you're back... Thanks for sharing.
Chuck up North chapter 39 . 3/5
Wow, what a nice surprise to see another chapter in your story, Joe! And I mean that in the best way possible. I've loved reading it but I understand when motivation drops it's hard to keep going. We've already covered lots of ground here but lots of stories are never completed. Having said that, each chapter is a gift on its own so I'm be looking forward to more coming soon! Best, Chuck
MicroGirl1225 chapter 39 . 3/5
The best part of waking up…an update in my inbox! Love this story and all its sweetness. Don’t even need sugar in my tea now. Thanks for the update and glad to see you writing, even in little bits and pieces.
arthurfla chapter 39 . 3/5
wait... what? another chapter of matchmaker? i can't believe this! it's so good to have you back jwatkins! great chapter as usual. thank you
Ancientgamer chapter 39 . 3/5
Welcome back, Joe! I can certainly empathize with your challenges returning to this story. And what a return it is!

Chuck and Sarah lounging on the couch in their new home after their housewarming party. In their home and together. Alone. But a potential issue raises its head immediately. Sarah has a new movie, a rom-com. Just what she'd been hoping would come out of her participating Off-Screen Romance. Chuck's ecstatic for her. That's when she breaks the news that there will be a love scene in the movie. A fairly intense love scene. They talk and Chuck vows to support her even though she is still worried about how it will affect their relationship. She suggests that he come to the set to watch the filming of the movie. It seems like she wants him there for the entire shoot and not just the love scene. They're both concerned about the other person. Great stuff. It helps that they begin to tease about having "nerd babies" or, at least, practicing having "nerd babies." Those two. I'm surprised that they can ever manage to finish a conversation. lol.

Having Chuck doing research about filming movie love scenes and discussing his concerns with his therapist makes a lot of sense. He knows he can't heap all of that on Sarah's shoulders. Especially given that she has her own set of worries.

Turns out Sarah's co-star is Carina's new love interest. That means Carina will be around and that adds to the awkwardness Chuck and Sarah are already feeling. The love scene shoot doesn't go well. Sarah is most likely correct that her concern for Chuck and their relationship is dominating her thoughts and causing her to lose focus. You don't state it quite as plainly but there are strong hints that Lucas and Carina are having the same issue. Chuck offers Sarah a suggestion on how she might approach the scene. And, after some teasing, she agrees with him. They've come a long way. Chuck most of all. And it's a good thing because Carina stepping in to solve the problem would, most likely, only cause more problems. lol.

Looking forward to the next chapter, but you already knew that. Thanks for sharing, Joe.

PS - The Emmy award for Best Guest Star in a Comedic Role goes to Chuck's Chapstick. Always good for some laughs. Thumbs up!
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