Reviews for Where Stars Come to Die
JamesTKent chapter 28 . 7/30
Well, that was an inevitable, if painful ending. It was a great tale, though. You handled the characters well, and consistently.
29Pieces chapter 28 . 5/10
This whole series punched so many holes through my heart! (gross sobbing) But so beautiful. Wonderfully written, and I know that they of course go on to band together again with a family to love and support them. Thank you so much for sharing this heart breaking set of history!
29Pieces chapter 27 . 5/3
Sobbing, omg :( Thank heavens for the holos... and of course Raffi didn't know what would happen or who he was, but she needs some hugs. I wish she wouldn't leave, but the problem with prequels is that I KNEW she would eventually, I just didn't know how or why and now that I do it's like noooooo! :'( At least I therefore also know they band up again later!
Heartbreaking, thank you ever so.
pallysAramisRios chapter 28 . 4/22
Nooooo! It can’t be over sobbing! ... hope you come back soon with more
SnidgetHex chapter 28 . 4/22
3 Thanks for this beautiful set of stories! (And good news, they are busy filming season 2 )
pallysAramisRios chapter 27 . 4/16
YYiikkess that was tooo close glad Rios was able to call Emmet
SnidgetHex chapter 27 . 4/16
Oh that ending :'( I think the last chapter (after this one) will prove to be a beautiful ending for this prequel, and a good start for the series. Of course it's bittersweet when such a good set of chapters comes to an end, but I'm very grateful that you wrote/will write 28 (!) chapters. It's more than any of us could've asked for. Thank you!
29Pieces chapter 26 . 4/15
:'( :'( I'm just gonna sit here and cry for a while. It's fine.
Hugs for Rios, Raffi, and writer!
pallysAramisRios chapter 26 . 4/9
how sad Rios and Raffi had such horriable memories.. But the good thing is they had each other to look over matter how hard it was they where there for each other
SnidgetHex chapter 26 . 4/9
This chapter went straight to the heart. Beautiful. I can just picture them doing this (for each other). Really well written and in character. Thanks!
29Pieces chapter 25 . 4/8
:D :D :D Holos to the rescue! Rios, can't you be nice to them for once? That's okay, they know you love them XD This was absolutely adorable, I can never get enough of the Holo Squad, especially when they're acting as the heroic cavalry. Love this chapter!
29Pieces chapter 24 . 4/8
Aww Raffi :'( So much sad. I'm SO GLAD Rios was watching out for her... she would not have liked where that ended up if he hadn't been o.O It's so heartbreaking, the ghosts that won't leave her alone. Raffi deserves better. Sigh...
pallysAramisRios chapter 25 . 4/3
OMMMMMGGGGG! this was a riot! the Halos doing what must be done! saved Rios ass and Raffi's.. Hope u do more halos soon :-)
SnidgetHex chapter 25 . 4/2
Hahahahaha love this chapter and the work of the Holo's!
29Pieces chapter 23 . 4/2
Smooth flying, ace! ;) Though I have to say, my brain would not stop auto-correcting everything to "Azkaban" and I had a momentary early-morning-fog of "wait... I think I clicked the wrong link, I don't remember HP crossovers being on Aini's list..."
Then I slowed down and read more carefully and laughed. Anyway, I love this chapter and have a feeling the "as long as he got paid" may end up NOT always being worth it, heh o.O
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