Reviews for The blonde shinobi in dxd
demigodninja21 chapter 9 . 4/19
Instead of doves how about pigeons?
Kirstinessa chapter 26 . 4/19
Hi there! I just binged your story this week and WOW! It’s one of, if not my favorite FanFiction alonside the sadly unfinished Rebirth of a guardian!

I LOVE that naruto has changed over time and like gave up and wasn’t his usual cheery self he ALWAYS is. Here he’s ruff and like a combo of him, Sasuke and Kakashi. It’s so unique and the way you’ve written it all is fantastic.

I love the dynamics between characters especially ESPECIALLY Naruto and Rossweisse. I was ready to rate in the last chapter that they were being teased and then I thought you squashed them Yasaka and I had to pause. I’m very much enjoying this and I can’t wait for you to finish and continue. I really really hope you continue this and finish it.

Question: what are the odds anyone from Naruto’s reality comes here somehow still like Sasuke or someone there to help him later or are they really all gone now?

I also like the OCs you’ve added as that’s so rarely done well and you’ve done it great!

Second question: will Naruto reveal his whole history to anyone soon like Rossweisse, Any of his house, issei, etc? It seems like he has a lot of justified baggage still he could use help with and I’d love to see the look of SHOCK when everyone learns about it!

P.S. please don’t break up naruto and Rossweisse, super amazing couple in the making!
Guest chapter 26 . 4/17
Merci pour le nouveau chapitre j'ai adoré et j'ai été choquée de ton retour
No Se1 chapter 26 . 4/18
Cant wait for the next chapter. Been waiting for this story to get an update for a while now, im happy it got updated and more chapters will come soon.
ProfesorGoblitz chapter 1 . 4/18
….what the fuck did you to Kurama
Adiputra02 chapter 1 . 4/18
nice chapter bro, wait for the next
kindasortastantheman chapter 26 . 4/17
The smallest currency they have in Japan are 1 yen coins, it doesn't go any smaller. There's no such thing as 0.99 yen. 100 yen is worth less than 1 us dollar, so there would be no point.

Rant aside, thank you for updating.
Marshaltoast72 chapter 26 . 4/17
Thank god your back I really thought you had abbonsed us lucky you hsvnt og here
thor94 chapter 26 . 4/17
really good chapter with touching scenes.
sickboy398 chapter 26 . 4/17
Finally no more pussyfooting and we got romance ,the ship has sailed thanks for the chapter
Monster King chapter 26 . 4/17
You're doing amazing work please continue the story
the esteemed one chapter 26 . 4/17
Omg a new chapter! Thank youuuuuu!
Srecko chapter 26 . 4/17
Love the chap!
Hokoga chapter 26 . 4/17
First of all it's great to see you back Segun-sama, I almost gave up hope.

I'm happy that the whole ordeal with Rossweisse didn't become a long drama filled situation and was resolved quickly.

I'm guessing that Sairaorg having the Beelzebub surname at the beginning of the story was a typo since you corrected it later in the chapter.
K. M. Donovan chapter 14 . 4/17
this chapter needs an overhaul. there were so many doubled words and phrases in parts that it was very hard to read.
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