Reviews for Choices: The Sequel to Weathering With You
surrealwonder chapter 15 . 6/14
this story was painful to read at times, but i pulled through. glad to see a marriage at the ending. i thought "hodaka you are the biggest and most horrible person if you fucked a chick and left her and ur baby". good fanfic btw
C4C chapter 15 . 4/24
Really enjoyed the story. There may be a fews things about the story and how the events lead to the ending that I didnt like personally but overall it's a great story. This is by far one of the famfics that I enjoyed the most.
randomthrowaway101 chapter 1 . 3/29
A son would never call his father "Otousan". San is roughly the Japanese of Equivalant of "Mr." Do you call your father by "Mr Jones?" (or whatever your last name is)

Senpai means upperclassman, it would never be used to refer to a teacher or a principle.
Vee chapter 6 . 3/9
THAT ENDING THOOO NOOOOO ! Oh boi I wonder what happens next qwq
Vee chapter 5 . 3/6
Oh! This is a wonderful fanfiction! I cannot express enough words on how much I appreciate this fic. I love WWY and I'm liking your pacing, and also Hina! I'm looking forward to the future chapters ;)))
guss5556 chapter 1 . 3/1
Wow, it's so well written, nothing to do with mine xD I'll follow this closely, thanks for sharing it!