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jobananasan chapter 12 . 2h
Rukia is such a sweetheart. I love her. I've no doubt the twins will welcome her. They were already impressed with how she handled Senna. Plus they saw her wearing Ichigo's sweater so they already think maybe there's something going on between them. Yup, they're gonna welcome her home. Besides, I think Isshin will make SURE she stays with them just to protect her and Ichigo.

Can't wait for the countryside weekend. I'm expecting Urahara and Yoruichi to tease Ichigo and Rukia, but mostly Ichigo just to get a reaction out of him. Are the Kurosakis the only family invited?

I know you put the warnings at the beginning and it's appreciated because it preps me. But by the time I get to that part I just wanna fight someone! XD Reading about the abuse Rukia had to suffer makes my blood boil 100x over. Oh my god my poor baby! It makes me wanna cry but more so it makes me so angry. She was a little girl when they started abusing her! I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it. And for her to still come out of that place to be so innocent and pure just makes me love her more. I really hope to fucking god all those people at the convent, the staff and those fucking girls, receives retribution. I don't care if it's divine or via the Kuchikis. Both would be preferable. Knowing Rukia she probably wouldn't want to exact revenge...but fuck that! She's suffered so much and those people need to pay the consequences of their actions.

Isshin is a good father.

For someone who's so innocent Rukia is VERY comfortable with all the touchy-feely she's getting from Ichigo. I guess she trusts him so much not to do anything inappropriate. *shrug* Although I've questioned her reasons at times...

"That was for stealing ten per cent of my virginity last night...Now I have to go to the nearest confessionary!"-LMAO! And Ichigo sleeping through it all is hilarious! That's god's way of telling him "Nope!"

Oh my gosh...I hope getting into social media won't come back and bite her in the butt. They better have her account on private and location disabled. And no, Rukia! No Insta! It's owned by evil Facebook. She definitely doesn't need that. I can't imagine Byakuya checking social media but then again I feel like he won't leave any stone unturned when it comes to finding her. I just hope she's very very careful.

"God is punishing me for giving the novice a hickey..."-LOL! Yes. Yes he is! That's too funny. I honestly want Grimm to succeed, have a good high school experience, and not get into any trouble with anyone. Sitting next to Ulquiorra is already making me nervous. And then there's Ashido. God, he needs a damn slap. Please tell me he redeems himself. Maybe Rukia can work her magic on him and he decides to be a good boy and this becomes an IchiRukiGrimmAshi. *chuckles* IchiRuki wins in the end though.

I don't much care for Loly and Menoly and I'm not a big fan of Nel. Having said that I hope Nel isn't a bitch here just because she's friends with Senna. I actually hope she disapproves of Senna's unhealthy obsession of Ichigo. And speaking of Senna there's definitely something wrong with her in the brain. What made her become obsessed with him anyway? I imagine he was picking up the twins at school or something like that and she saw him and it was "love at first sight" or something juvenile like that. For Isshin to press charges on her for stalking, whatever she did had to have been so awful. Damn, she gives me the creeps. Anyways, I can't wait until they find out Rukia's "last name" is Kurosaki. Bet Senna will throw a fit and confront the twins and demand an explanation. And whoever at the hospital leaks that very personal and private info I hope they get found out and get fired.

This fic has me on edge. It's hilarious but it's also making anxious for the upcoming chapters. I love Ginrei but I'm hoping they don't find Rukia for a very long time. I just can't understand why they neglected her for YEARS! No visits, no letters, nothing! How the hell you're gonna treat your only daughter like that? Maybe Isshin or someone can come up with a plan to let at least Ginrei know that Rukia is fine and that she was abused while she was at the convent without anyone suspecting anything. *shrug* There's also the Grimmjow thing. There's no way Grimm/Ichigo/Rukia won't cross paths. Will their past become known? I hope not because it's no one's business but theirs. I can't wait for Grimm to meet Kenpachi. That'll be a riot. Anyways, thank you for the update and looking forward to the next one! :)
Vick Greystark chapter 12 . 3h
Ichigo is so stupid! He was irritated by "not remembering one of the best moments of his life" and comes to say that they are just friends? Fool me that I like, rotten strawberry. Oh my Grimmy, what a hot man. I kind of wish the hickey he gave Rukia was still there *sighs* But, do what? I hope that soon he starts with his part of watching Rukia very closely, if you know what I mean haha I like to see the rotten strawberry jealous.
Haru000 chapter 12 . 5h
I still can't believe the abuse Rukia experienced, Thank goodness she escaped. With their luck, I expected Grimmjow to be their classmate haha looking forward to their interactions. Senna finding out Rukia's last name, will it be a blessing or a disaster?
achalida chapter 12 . 6h
Goddd! Ichigo you’re madly in love with my Rukia and you have a gut to deny it? I love the bed scene(?) in thos chapter so much. Thank you for updating.
RukiYuki chapter 12 . 7/1
Kyaaaaa grimmy at the same class with her to oh my goodness kyaasssss , hnmmm byakubo you have to wait little longer okay dear man hehehe , hnmmm this Senna chick going to hang up against rukia gezzz hope rukia will had back up gang soon hehe , thanks for the update love you muah muah
Natsumivat chapter 12 . 6/30
Moshi-moshi. Disculpa mí ausencia en el otro capítulo. De verdad lo leí en ese momento porque moría de ganas por saber, pero no disponía de tiempo para comentar, y además tenía algo de cansancio acumulado. Pero de veras que me morí de enojo por todo lo que pasó Rukia, y me reí de la expresión distraída de Ichigo haciéndose el tonto por el chupón de Rukia cuando Isshin pregunto.
Ichigo y Rukia comparten madrina, cama y sueño, que se casen y ya, jaja.
Por dios la mejor escena del mundo en este capítulo, fue cuando Rukia le reclamo a Ichigo que le agarro la teta y no se acordaba. Juro que morí de risa en voz alta como una loca y por un rato.
Y la gracia que me causa que Ichigo piense que paga con cada encuentro con Grimmjow el aprovecharse de la inocencia de Rukia, jaja 20% de su virginidad, yo quiero que vaya por el 100%, jaja, es que el Ichiruki saca lo pervertida de mí.
Cuando Senna descubra que el apellido de Rukia en el hospital es Kurosaki en serio colapsará.
Me encanta tu fic, sigue así.
Saludos y hasta pronto.
Ichirukitrash4ever chapter 12 . 6/30
Yey! Thank you for the update! And don't pressure yourself too much! We'll always be here waiting for your update to your other stories. I'm really glad that you won't abandon it.
Grimmjow is finally there , and the awkwardness between him and Ichigo is unnerving. I dunno, it's just that they had a romantic past. Anyway, I can't wait on what will happen at school.
I like how you made Rukia hesitant on accepting Isshin's offer. It shows how humble and unassuming she is. She's also selfless and sensitive, that is why she really deserves all the love and happiness, and those bitchy nuns should get really punished!
Senna is so desparate! I can't wait for her reaction when she knew what Rukia's last name is, or I bet she'll get more delusional.
Damn, we also want to know how Ichigo had touched Rukia hahahaha!
Ichigo is oblivious but boys will be boys LOL
I can't wait for your next update! Your stories makes me happy, and I bet I'm not the only one who feels this way.
Vick Greystark chapter 11 . 6/19
I can't wait for Grimm to start watching RUKIA hehe I know I look more excited by Grimmruki than Ichiruki, but it's because Grimmruki has almost no fanfics. So I try to enjoy great haha but Ichiruki is still my supreme OTP
Bleach power chapter 11 . 6/19
Poor Rukia. Coudn't she have a moment of peace after Byakuya left her there. I hope Byakuya gets gray hair from all the stres, he sure deserve it(he's fury after he find out about Rukias live after he left her will, I hope, be all consuming). Isshin should maybe prescribe himself something that prevents heart attack. It would be a good investment it the future.
jobananasan chapter 11 . 6/17
"Seriously, if you want to make everyone aware that you have your eyes set on the new girl just have lunch with her. There's no need to make her go around wearing your name."-Oof!

"...And here I was thinking he wasn't interested in girls, damn I was wrong."'re not completely wrong...

"...Rukia decided that the sweater was the safest option..."-Ohhh noooo...*face palm*

"...there was a girl that everyone treated as the leader."-Are you fucking kidding me? Even in that convent there was a fucking queen bee? Oh my fucking god...That pisses me off! I HOPE Rukia's family finds out about all the bullying and abuse she received and they do something about it. I'm a vindictive bitter bitch and I hope every single one of those girls AND the rest of the staff gets what's coming to them. I'm willing to bet all those nuns knew about the bullying. Let divine retribution or something, anything!, rain down on them. I just hate the thought of bullies getting away with their shit. Nothing short of death should be their punishment! Make it happen please! XP

And she was in there for 3 years?! Three fucking years and her family hardly visited?! *glares* Byakuya doesn't deserve to have her back yet. In fact he should suffer as long as she suffered: 3 years! She should hide out for 3 years! That's sounds fair. *nodding*

I thought Rukia was going to tell him her last name! O_O

"What kind of sick bastard abandons his twelve year old daughter in a convent?!"-You tell 'em, Isshin! God, this makes me sick. My heart breaks for Rukia.

"I don't like Facebook that much,"-Facebook is evil. Zuckerberg is evil. Keep Rukia away from FB.

Oooohhhh...So Yoruichi is her godmother...Nice. Urahara is so shady but I love it. But holy shit! Ichigo is also their godchild? LOL. Oh man...I can see UraYoru causing a lot of mischief for IchiRuki. I can't wait!

I really like Rukia's friendship with Riruka. Thank goodness they've got Momo and Ran too now.

I've got a feeling Ashido's not quite done with Grimmjow yet...

Hmmm...I remember Ichigo saying that at some point he started to enjoy the attention he was getting from the prostitutes. So is it safe to assume that whenever nurses flirted with him in the past that he'd love the attention so he'd flirt back and lead them on and maybe even do more than that? *glares* *I'm judging you Ichigo* Also, he must have a reputation there with the nurses because he would get regular STD testings, right? So the nurses totally know he's sexually active. I'm going to be very honest. A part of me don't want Ichigo "dirtying" Rukia. She's too pure for him.

BWAHAHAHA! I love Isshin's reactions, especially when he kicked Ichigo. Very violent but it's totally understandable. *smirk* I mean, look at the predicament they're in. And as observant as Ichigo has been with Rukia I also can't believe he hasn't connected any dots. Her father is a very important person in the business world, Byakuya happened to have Preptol...These things would've made me suspicious by now.

" come he never gave me this amount of problems when he was younger?"-Ummm...So he doesn't consider running away and going through his Grimmjow phase that much of a problem? Okaayyyy...O_O

"...Isshin felt the need to punch Byakuya on the face and to beat Ichigo unconscious..."-LOL! He really should've punched Byakuya. And those fucking bitches at the convent can all go to hell! What the fuck did they do to Rukia?! Oh my god! I want to cry and punch something at the same time. I hope every single one of those people at the convent get their comeuppance. They deserve punishment for what they've done to her. It would be so awesome if it's Isshin who 'saves the day' instead of Byakuya by getting the authorities to investigate those bitches. Byakuya would feel so totally responsible for Rukia's suffering. Oh my gosh, it'll break Ginrei's heart when he finds out about the abuse.

Man, Isshin's the best! I like how you've portrayed him so far. Very professional but still a little goofy. But the goofiness wasn't excessive. He made Rukia feel at ease and he seems to have a very mature relationship with Ichigo. I'm sure once they get home he'll be more carefree though. And how convenient that he asked Rukia to live with them. I'm actually surprised he didn't out them about her staying in Ichigo's room. But anyways, I like this chapter a lot. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter: Grimm's first day at school and I'm sure he'll end up in the same class as Ichigo, Rukia, and Ashido. What could possibly go wrong. *smirk*; Rukia moving in with the Kurosakis; what does Yoruichi and Urahara have planned; what's going on at the Kuchiki residence. Can't wait! :)
uchihaNaruto247 chapter 11 . 6/16
Jeez I feel even more bad for rukia, all this happened to her in that place because those nuns were most likely jealous. And it seemed I was right about isshin not spilling the bean, and now he’s inviting her to live with the family? Best dad.
Nejes chapter 11 . 6/16
please say yes rukia channn
Haru000 chapter 11 . 6/16
When I read chapter 10, I was doubtful about Grimmjow's intentions, his new place that's near at Ichigo's and his new school is too weird to be a coincidence, but reading chapter 11 I really hope he's true to his words. And that hickey oh god, Rukia's logic is twisted and funny haha.
I knew Isshin would love Rukia, at least they won't be sneaking around the house anymore. Btw, at the end, it's written ' Rukia stared at Ginrei' I know that's just a typo but I was still confused haha. Thanks for the updates!
RukiYuki chapter 11 . 6/15
Awww Love this oh my dear isshin San as always very kind and fatherly meaner love him so much , thanks for the update love you too
Ichirukitrash4ever chapter 11 . 6/15
I love Isshin! And now Rukia will be properly treated and all, not that Ichigo was doing a bad thing on keeping her, but at least now Rukia won't hide anymore. I bet she'll be really happy living in the Kurosaki home coz she just don't have Ichigo with her but the whole Kurosaki squad. I hope we got to see that little excursion that Yoruichi was talking about in this chapter.
You can't really trust anyone, even those people who claim to be religious, those pretentious nuns! How come they've done that! Poor little Rukia have to went through that traumatic experience. She is the Byakuya's daughter, but she was treated like shit! (Though no one deserves that kind of maltreatment regardless of social standing , but you get my point) Then there's Byakuya who is suppose to be powerful but can't even protect her daughter from this! Aside from the nuns, Byakuya should also be accountable for what had Rukia went through. Obviously, he was not there enough by her side to miss this maltreatment. Isshin was right, he need to suffer and feel guilty over Rukia.
Boys in Seiretei high are so petty. Never expected that they'll gossip in social media. Good thing Rukia did not mind those gossips, and Riruka is always the supportive friend.
So Grimmjow is about to start going to their school. I wonder what kind of trouble he'll be in.
Anyway, thank you for the update! And speaking of update, would you still continue your other stories? Those are also my faves.
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