Reviews for Reincarnated Into the World of Bleach
EMSreader chapter 19 . 6h
Update please
Spirit Of The Black Wolf chapter 62 . 23h
Hopefully you will come back to this story someday. It a great story.
1210justinp chapter 34 . 3/14
Ch 34 saying goodbye.

How apt, I'd be dropping this Fic for now. I just don't have any interest left for this novel, I just got bored. The dialogue has some hits but mostly misses, it's like we're not reading about characters who are at least a hundred years old and the author feast upon our eyes cringey and repetitive lines. RukiaMC's interactions were cute at first but it was ruined when the author decided to revolve it around the MC getting laid.
The Rabbit God chapter 62 . 2/21
Amazing work.
MoinLeute chapter 34 . 1/26
is he playing stupid or does he rly dont know?
MoinLeute chapter 33 . 1/25
dont tell me Aizen will have some reality altering bullshit...
kamenriderzio218 chapter 62 . 1/6
When's the next chapter?
Slimereader11 chapter 62 . 12/16/2022
Great story
Chronosign chapter 1 . 12/4/2022
WARNING: To those that chose to read this story based on the amount of Review; I am sorry to say that the only reason that it has so many is due to complaints on the writing found in earlier chapters.
To make up for this: Look up Ichigo Awakens as well as the sequel stories that came from it, it shows how the Soul Society could've prevented the amount of damage made by Central 46 and Urahara's negligence.
albertocervantes598 chapter 52 . 12/4/2022
love the fic but rereading this chapter still has me wondering will kishin get a hollow power up like ichigos cause this still seems bullshit on just how powerful ichigo gets. form 6th Espada level to atleast 1st Espada level. that's some bullshit. anyways love the fic
CompuBob chapter 62 . 11/29/2022
Too much plot lmao. Did you try to combine 3-4 arcs into one arc? The way you went about it was ok, but given your anime-like writing style, I don't think it would've worked out as you intended. Everything is so mysterious and I think you explored maybe a bit too much into the theory crafting of Bleach history. At least remove some of the filler material if you're going to include even more stuff. I know you like having more characters, not going to complain there, but the reference list at the end of every chapter is what I'm complaining about. There's no need for specifics of these things if you described them in the actual story.
Invictus602 chapter 2 . 11/28/2022
This bad dialogue writing and I can’t even force my self to read any more than 2ch. The mc is just the worst with his I know what’s happening but I’m not gonna say but the captain thinks he’s a one in million genius and I’m a self aware asshole
JustSomeGirl chapter 1 . 11/25/2022
How the heck is this absolute garbagetruck of a story in the same aisle as walk two lifetimes, this isnt even the regular self aware trash on this site but the work of some hack who thinks he's writing.
EMSreader chapter 55 . 11/24/2022
It would be cool if he had the power of makima from chainsawman.
ramirog354 chapter 26 . 11/16/2022
8 years and haven't done anything yet?
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